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Kevin Hart in Negotiations to Join Cast of Comedy Film “Valet Guys”

May 24th, 2012

Kevin Hart Valet Guys Negotiations

Half-pint comedian, Kevin Hart is in talks to join Kevin James in the comedy film Valet Guys, the Sony Pictures comedy currently in pre-production and is scheduled to film in Miami later this year.

In the script James, and possibly Hart, would play two valet guys at a high end hotel who lose a pricey sports car and have 48 hours to retrieve it. Murder is involved and they have to run for their lives.

Kevin Hart has been a hot commodity within the film industry since “Think Like a Man” has had such overwhelmingly positive results at America’s box-offices.

spotted on Deadline

7 Responses to “Kevin Hart in Negotiations to Join Cast of Comedy Film “Valet Guys””

  1. aries |

    that picture alone is funny.


  2. 2bme |

    that dude needs to invest in a portable footstool


  3. Lea |

    In other words a watered down version of The Hangover. Kevin Hart always looks like he’s grinning for his life.


  4. Pretty Chocolate Kisses |

    That bitter conquered coon is gonna wear a dress in that movie, you watch.


    DICE Reply:

    If he wears “THE DRESS” and he’s already a member of the “Money Team” and he’s already dropped his brownskinned wife who bore him children to swtich to a racially ambiguous woman, then I guess Kevin Hart is one step away from his final initiation…

    If he hasnt already had some type VIDEOTAPED butt sex with the money team, he’s going to have to do it at one of those all male sex parties with Professor Oglevee from Moesha…

    Then he will be admitted to the 15 million a movie club and given an honorary key to Uncle Toms Cabin…

    I hope Katt Williams stays strong and just stays content with his $200,000 or so a year with his standup…


    Mel Ray SeALs Reply:

    I will always root for Katt.Can’t hold a pimp down.No offense Ladies.


  5. Mel Ray SeALs |

    Kevin Hart is chasing Sports Car for 48 Hours -while being chased by some O.G’S. Brothas is getting killed for a sport car in Detroit-on “The” show-48 Hours;Jack Baeur is a crime fighting C.I.A Agent in 24 Hours and knocking em’ off too.But,Eddie Griffin is still:The Unda Cova Brotha fighting THE MAN one day at a Time so forget Samuel L. because only Eddie can go with the Fro and be the Black Pro in this troubling era of wiggy wack movies.Peace.


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