Kevin Hart Shafted Over Part Of Axel Foley’s Son?


Kevin Hart Deemed to Short by Sony

Cut Short In Beverly Hills Cop TV Series?

HSK Exclusive – If Kevin Hart were a little bit taller, Sony execs may have stuck to their original plans of casting him as Axel Foley’s son in the TV series ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. Sources say the comedian’s 5’2″ height is what led execs to cross him off their list. OUCH!!! That’s before we’re told actor Brandon T. Jackson was chosen to fill the role.

Hart’s reported short comings come as insiders reveal production of the television series begins today, March 14th. We’re told Judge Reinhold will be returning as a cast member — with Eddie Murphy heading the project as executive producer.

Here’s what a Sony Picture executive had to say:

“We were thinking of Kevin Hart to play the part of Axel Foley’s son, Aaron, but he’s too short. We all thought about it, but we all came to the decision that Kevin is too much of a clown and he’s too ugly. If you don’t believe me.. Ask Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.”


  1. Maybe he shouldn’t have dressed in drag on Saturday Night Live to play Quvenzhané Wallis, a 9 year old child who doesn’t deserve jokes to be made at her expense. All this kid did was put on an amazing performance in a movie and was nominated for an Oscar.

    Karma is a real bitch, ain’t it Kev?

    • Kev,
      Isn’t that funny! WHo remembers Soul Plane? His acting was GARBAGE! He became an overnight success from somewhere! Not sure cause I have followed his career and dude was not that funny. Not sure how he became so popular! His comedy is very average. OMG the Real Husbands show that airs on BET is STRAIGHT GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They could have done so much more with that show but for some reason it was screwed up as well kinda like SOUL PLANE!

  2. Imma keep it trill, Kevin Hart is NO Katt Williams!! Im glad to see Kevin doing his thing but he….he…..he can go away. “Laugh at my pain” was cool, but I can’t stop laughin’ when I watch anything from Katt Williams! So even though the words were harsh, calling him Ugly. I can agree on the clown comment because have a goofy thing going and it’s not cute ’cause he’s a grown ass man.

  3. BS! Kevin didn’t get pick cus he wasn’t willing to get on his knees, LMFAO!! And ugly… Has anybody seen Eddie Murphy?? He’s been ugly for the last 20 yrs!!

    • So true!! Kevin Hart is not a member of the homo squad while Brandon T. Jackson is. Hollywood loves short little men and so does the music industry. Both industries are full of midgets. Kevin Hart lost that role because he is not a booty bandit. Much respect, Kevin Hart.

      • O really booty bandit! LMAO.. I just don’t see the talent and he is so not funny! Not hatin but he is really average.

  4. Why is ALL Kevin’s house husbands on the EBT SHOW ALL GAY!!


  5. Dude jumped the shark already. It’s one thing to jump when there is talent involved but since he’s not funny, his rise and fall is more extreme.

    Does anybody know if he has an alliance w/Jamie Foxx? That’s another one that was never funny but obviously well-connected. If there is an association, this could explain how Katt Williams was on his way up but came down (though never convicted) and Kevin comes out of nowhere not being funny.

    • Go YouTube kev on the foxhole. Jaimy doesn’t like Kev at all. He actually comes across as jealous. Imo he’s attractive. But i like dark skinned, shirt men. He’s always clean cut, well dressed without being flashy. And he looks like he smells good. Plus, a man that can make you laugh is always a step ahead of the game.. But ijs

  6. Not into Kevin and don’t find him funny but a lot of people do.

    When I think about the concept of Axel Foley’s son, Kevin seems a bit long in the tooth but I see Brandon being able to play young enough for the part.

    Um…I don’t think he’s ugly but he is no Boris. Nothing to do with skin tone but dude is average at best. JMO.

  7. He is only 5’2! LOL!! He not funny and digs black women (especially the dark skin ones) all the time! I do not support black bigots!! Besides, he is not good looking like Eddie and would never be mistaken as his son ever!!

  8. When you think about it, Brandon T. Jackson is a good choice for the role, considering that all he’s done since being in Hollywood is play buck-dancing coon characters (A stereotypical rapper on the DL in ‘Tropic Thunder,’ a damn horse-like creature (A ‘Satyr’) in that ‘Percy Jackson’ movie, and, of course, as Martin’s cross-dressing son-in-law in the last ‘Big Momma’s House’ movie, just to name a few roles), which shows that he’s down for whatever from the powers-that-be. Pathetic, to say the least, but you’ve gotta let a Coon be a Coon, especially a Hollywood/Entertainment Industry Coon, which are the worst of the worst.