Kevin Hart’s No-Show @ Eddie Murphy’s All Boy-Bowling Bash?


Kevin Hart Eddie Murphy Falling Out

In-Crowd Effect?

HSK Exclusive – Kevin Hart’s said shortcomings over the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ project may not really be over his height after all. That’s because insiders say Sony Pictures may have scratched the comedian from the upcoming TV series over his reported refusal to attend Eddie Murphy’s all-boy bowling parties! But, it could be an amicable decision for all parties involved. Know why? Because Hart is said to be done with television, and only wants to stick to future movie deals.

Here’s the drop:

“Kevin was approached by Sony — not only for the Beverly Hills Cop television series — but also a movie script.¬†Kevin didn’t like the roles Sony wanted him to play.

The only reason why Miguel Nunez and Eddie Murphy are mad at Kevin Hart is because he didn’t attend their all male bowling parties.”


  1. Kevin had better know what side those cakes are buttered on, if not he’d be waiting forever for that special script!

  2. eddie & his all male bowling parties. Jamie and his all male midnight b-ball(s)sessions. Shemar Moore and his “never happened” parties…(add on) Hollywood will turn yo ass all the way out.

  3. LOL, I called that one out correctly. When I read the other article I just said that I bet Kevin wouldn’t join the ‘boys club’. Its not a coincidence that Eddie is exec producer and Kevin was passed over. Great for Kevin for saying no!

  4. Dayum…I knew the lil dude was short. But in that picture he barely reaches Eddie’s shoulder, and I am a couple of inches taller than Eddie. He really is almost a midget.

  5. Okay… ain’t nobody gonna say nothing about Eddie and his “pursed lips” in that pic? I can’t… I really can’t look at that pic without LOL

  6. Will K. Hart continue with his BET show? If so,why would he do BET television and not do a show on a major station? Has he been “black balled”? Was he removed from the Beverly Hills TV show because he won’t be a Hollywood Mitch like Eddie,Miquel and Diddy? It seems contradictory to get in bed with/work with the man(I forgot his name) over at BET that wanted T.J.Holms. We all know BET are slick with their contracts. Am I wrong or just confused?

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  8. I like Eddie. He’s always been great to me. I enjoy our conversations. I feel for what he has to bear with. The pressure of keeping up with the name. But on the real, Kevin wouldn’t be right for the role as Axel Foley’s son.

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