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Kevin Hart’s Search for ATL’s Best Amateur Stripper

November 14th, 2012

Kevin Hart Judges Stripper Idol

Stripper Idol @ Diamonds…

HSK Exclusive - Move over Simon Cowell, Kevin Hart’s idol’ing now — Stripper Idol’ing, that is.

The ‘Think Like A Man’ leading man is set to judge a group of amateur strippers in a contest dubbed “The Funniest Amateur Contest You Will Ever See” – Stripper Idol.

It’s all going down tonight at The Peach State’s Diamonds Of Atlanta Gentlemen’s Club. That’s where Kevin Hart will host the competition as contestants compete for the winning $1,000 prize.

Here’s what Kevin Hart had to say about the ATL strip competition:

“We’re calling it ‘Stripper Idol’.┬áThat’s right…we’re getting a bunch of amateurs from all over that’s gonna come and do what they do best — pop that thang on the pole!”

11 Responses to “Kevin Hart’s Search for ATL’s Best Amateur Stripper”

  1. PinkKitty |

    What? Is this kneegrow serious? Strippers from all over the country, for a $1,000 prize?


    Instead of supporting, promoting and providing a platform for up and coming comedians, Kevin Hart prefers to glorify strippers! What a waste. Further dehumanization of the black female, by a very willing black male.

    He didn’t even stress pole dancing, which dare I say is an art form. Check out the international pole dancing competitions on you tube, and you’ll see that there is a big difference between what scrippers do and what pole dancers do.

    Anywhooo, I digress. Kevin is just interviewing new booty for himself and his boys! Stop with the nonsense Kevin! And, show those females some respect and raise the prize money to at least $5,000. Cheap bastard!


  2. anonmyous |

    What a waste indeed. Kevin has no Hart.


  3. Anonymous |

    RIGHT!!!! a stripper can make more than that in an hour.


  4. Anonymous |

    Strippers and midgets in the same show.
    Thats whats up.


  5. Peace |

    Sell out negroe for the all mighty dollar, pathetic and shameful. What is wrong with these Black men, is that all that concerns them is strippers and hoes, and making it rain. Soon Mr. Hart, your time will be up and you will be a typical broke has been BROKE nigga!


    Kris Reply:

    Co-sign! Kevin Hart is on the DL. You can always tell a DL Bi0tch, because they admire pimping, and degrading women.


  6. Love |

    Very disappointed and sad!


  7. Cali2daA |

    These “wonderful” atl strip clubs are really DL hook up spots…sodomites all through out…


    Anonymous Reply:

    I’ve never been to a strip club. I wonder do they smell like ass.


    realtalk718 Reply:

    LOL!!!! no not on the average but the real hood establishments have a stench of ass and under arm funk- b/c you know somebody aint washing they ass right.


  8. Kimmy |

    Tasteless & classless . Kevin do you need a new agent? you can do better than this…..really?


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