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Keyshia Cole Nude Photo Leak

February 28th, 2011

It appears Ms. Cole is not happy about it!

Keyshia Cole Nude Photo Leak

Keyshia Cole made headlines this week when someone close to the singer leaked nude photos to the Hollywood tabloids. They are NSFW, therefore we can not host them here, but if you’re really interested you may find themĀ HERE.

9 Responses to “Keyshia Cole Nude Photo Leak”

  1. Anonymous |

    That was so foolish of keyshia cole because she knw tht the are haters and lovers in da music industry


  2. noyfb |

    What the hell u doing taking pics like that anyway? I would NEVER take any XXX pics or videos of myself and send it to ANYONE esp when its hard to erase this kind of stuff COMPLETELY off the internet. I’m too paranoid lol


  3. travis |

    keysha cole is sexy as helll idc she should love her body it shouldnt matter


  4. Do Your Research |

    1st – That is not Keyshia Cole’s twitter page you have referenced.

    2nd – The person that is actually in the photo has came forward clearing Keyshia Cole.

    3rd – If your purpose is to inform…you should be informed first. If your purpose is to gossip and make false stories based off of one picture…keep doing what you are doing.

    4th – This is a waste of time!


  5. Jacqueline burton |

    It’s all good . Brush that off and keep it movin at least she is gettin paid unlike most of us out here workin for nickels and dime and her new cd is banging women to women . And her reality show is the business too I wish she was my close friend I could sing I’ll probably have some photos too Lol girl stay getting paid don’t let this take u out of ur character smooccches


  6. Garveyish88 |

    Don’t take anymore nude photos. People think it’s for attention and it probably is. You are too good of a singer..please just stay classy. smh


  7. Edword kaso |

    Please someone who loves keyshia should help me send this to her-keyshia you are not on the upward side pls make sure u dont make more mistake.I wish I could teach u de secrects


  8. Edword kaso |

    Keyshia u are getting it all wrong.search me on facebook so I can help u.dont tell me.we both have everything in common.was born on 15.October.


  9. Dave |

    They do this shit on purpose and then act all mad about it because they supposed to smh. Seriously, aint nobody hacking your cellphone, if YOU took nude photos of yourself what are the chances of that shit suddenly surfacing on the internet without your knowledge? The better question is why did you take nude pics of yourself? For what purpose? For your own viewing pleasure or ours? They all do that controversy shit to stay afloat, nude pics and sex tapes, its funny how they always get out, happens too often for it to be a coincidence. All Im saying is just be honest about it. If my nude pics suddenly popped up online I damn aint going to tweet about it so those that don’t know will go looking for it. Shit is so phony these days, she took those pics knowing damn well where they’d end up.


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