Keyshia Cole Rocked By Janky Oakland Promoters?


Keyshia Cole Sabotaged Over The Weeknd?

Sabotaged Over The Weeknd?

Keyshia Cole says she’s being railroaded by a set of ‘disrespectful’ promoters from her very own backyard, who she says are looking to trash her professional reputation. This after the singer was previously asked to open an Oakland holiday show earlier this week, with The Weeknd headlining the ‘House Of Soul’ concert. Cole turned down the spot after she says she wasn’t brought up to speed with all the details — namely, opening for an out-of-town artist in her hometown.

Now, the Oakland radio station hosting the event – KMEL, on the 106 FM dial – says they were surprised by the ‘The Way It Is’ songstress’ actions before they replaced her spot with Bay Area singer Jeremih.

According to Keyshia, she was the last to know she would serve as an opening act. She says despite her refusal to fall behind a Canadian act in her Bay Area hometown, the station still used her name to promote the concert – threatening to trash her name if she didn’t show up.

Here’s what Keyshia Cole recently Tweeted about the situation:

“EVERY F***ING YEAR I do something major for my city! @KMEL has the nerve to tell me at the last minute they want me to open for the Weeknd.

Then @106kmel tells us last minute if I don’t then there’s no show! Then still uses my name when I refuse! I feel so f***ing disrespected.

And now people in Oakland think I flaked!!! #STRAIGHTBULLSH*T! The only reason I’m speaking, don’t people thinking I flaked.

No disrespect to The Weeknd. Why the hell would @106KMEL ask me to open for him in my home town! Where I give back! Where IM FROM! #NO.”

Here’s what KMEL-FM-106 had to say:

“We were surprised to see Keyshia Cole’s Tweets the night of our show … as she was never scheduled to be the show’s final act.

When we were notified a week before her performance that she planned to cancel, we immediately removed her name from all advertising and promotion and offered refunds to those fans who requested.

R&B singer Jeremih replaced Keyshia when she abandoned ship.”

Did Universal Republic Records buy the headline spot from KMEL with Keyshia Cole unaware of the agreed deal. Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keyshia’s former manager, Manny Halley.


  1. Wow!! I usually blast Keisha for her nasty attitude.. but this time I must agree with her. I wouldn’t have opened the show either for a lesser known act from another country.. the industry aint’ no joke.

  2. People actually pay to listen to her sing and shes picky about the damn details…She should fall down on her knees(a position she knows very well) and thank mighty Jesus and the Thundercats that a sex worker could suck her way far enough up the ladder to get a recording contract.

  3. I have to side with Keisha this time. KMEL out of San Francisco, CA is racist and retarded. They lie without a conscious too.

  4. That ish was blatant disrespect. WTF she look like opening for some damn unknown singer??? I don’t care if it was in Detroit.. don’t nobody know him.

  5. Im just amazed that there are sane adults in this world who would actually spend their hard earned money to listen to Keisha Cole try to sing a song?


  6. I actually agree with her on this!!!! Ain’t No way in hell I’m going to be an opening act to a new artist who is still trying to get ppl to know who they are. She gives back to her hometown all the time.. It was very disrespectful .

  7. An Open Letter To Keyshia Cole: Hmmm i’m not exactly where to start so bear with me if i seem to ramble a bit. First and foremost you are a no talent, non singing slutbucket. If talent was electricity you couldn’t illuminate a christmas light so that said why is there always some sort of drama with you? You should be content-you slutted your way into a recording contract which i know wasn’t easy considering when you sing you you sound like the female version of alfalfa(I’m the barber of seville). I can only imagine the amount of dick you had to suck and punani you gave up for that but kudos to you. You actually are able to get people to pay to see you”sing”even though without all the studio engineering and auto tune you sound like a wounded hyena. You suckered a young stupid basketball player with a fresh multi million dollar contract into not only dating you but impregnating you. So should he leave you will get child support and palimony. Way to go!! You finally sucked somone off who can take care you and is so blinded by those double d’s he was willing to overlook the fact that you’ve been run through more than a tunnel in manhattan. And way to cover your giving some guy head by getting some dumb trollop to take the rap. I know that dented your pockets a bit but hey daniel will believe anything you tell him right? Guess that vajayjay of yours still has a little kung fu grip left huh? Lol!! But i digress-tell me why with all that going for you why you’re not content to raise your child by another man? Cuz we both know that ain’t daniel’s kid the same way nick canon knows mariah’s baby ain’t his. I mean she never wanted black men even in her videos then she marries him? Stupid millionaire black men, where would you be without them right? But in conclusion let me say just raise your kid, spend daniel’s money and lay back! I know you can do the lay back part i mean that’s how you got where you are right? Right. Your friend forever, Vermithrax173. Smooches!!!

    • mariah did plenty of videos with black men.

      guess she was living out her fake white girl fantasies.

      if daniel isn’t the dad of keyshia’s kid that’s him same with nick they wanna support kids that’s not theirs more power to them.

  8. ok Keyshia you are giving YOU to much credit…if it is about giving back then it truly does not matter when you sing in the show ..PLEAZE…entertainers and their MEGA EGOS and the silly people that cater to them…lol..but FM 106 aint buying it