Khloe’s BEEN Smashing Game’s Brother Byrd!!!


Khloe Kardashian Caught Cheating

Another Basketball Wife Cashes Out!

HSK Exclusive – Lamar Odom is set to join Kris Humpries in the Kardashian Hall of Shame. Know why? Because we’re told Khloe has officially chosen up … Trap and All! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jayceon ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ ‘Game’ Taylor.

“Khloe’s been tired of Lamar’s trick’in. She’s about run with that NBA money and take off with a real player.”

HSK broke the story first … You’ll recall, back in May we first served you word of Khloe Kardashian using Lamar Odom’s bands to trick off on Game’s younger brother. At the time, we were only hip to dude’s street names, ‘Ivory’ and ‘Church.’ Now, we can confirm the fitness guru is Deandre Morris, who’s being exposed as Khloe’s secret lover for AT LEAST seven-months!

Funny thing is … Morris has been standing in Khloe’s public shadow for some time now — with Game said to be serving as a diversion. Back in March, Khloe was photographed hiking Runyon Canyon with the rapper, as part of his famed ’60 Days of Fitness’ program. Sources tell us not only is Morris responsible for pushing Khloe to follow his get fit lead — like he urged Game to do — he’s now the official HNIC in Khloe’s world! Don’t believe me.. Ask Kris Jenner!!!

Khloe & Game Runyon Canyon

We’re told that’s exactly why Khole and Malika willingly joined Game to pose for cameras, Monday night, while club hopping — from Hollywood’s Supper Club, to Drai’s at the W Hotel.

“I was standing outside of Tru when I saw Khloe leaving with Game’s brother.”

That same night — when Khloe was leaving Drai’s “heading into the W Hotel entrance” — she was far from ready for any photo ops. Know why? Because without her Game on deck, Deandre Morris could have been exposed to the public eye. Hey Harvey, take this! Thanks to TMZ’s cameras, we have a visual timeline of that event.

Check it:

Khloe Cheating w/ Games Brother

Khloe Cheating on Lamar

Games Brother Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom Being Cheated On

khloe Creeping w/ Deandre Morris

Kardashian World Exclusive

Khloe Lamar Cheating Scandal

khloe-cheating-on-lamar 8

khloe 9

Here’s the drop:

“People don’t notice because Game’s been covering for Byrd. Lamar ain’t the only one who’s been cheating.”

Deandre-Morris-kardashian-klan khloe-creeping-w-Deandre-BwsByrd-Morris


  1. Who cares. Kloe is a ugly white hoe who wishes she was black. She married Lamarr after screwing him less than a month, and was the industry jump off b4 that. Screwed yezzy after the video shoot a few days later started bonin Lamarr. Alot of rappers had her and she surrounds herself with gays, lesbians and drug addicts. Anybody can have her, she is no better than poor white trash!

      • Yep!The same way he met her, the same way she gonna go out. Who’s next??? C how Long Kim K. N Kanye last. Killz me when a hoe want 2 be saved. Now she actin proper but she doin her thang N the closet. Got a NBA star goin crazy. Don’t save her Lamarr she don’t wanna B saved she married U 4 publicity like like Kim did Chris. make them Kardashians pay b4 they sell you out!

        • She went from Rashawn Mccants straight to Derrick Ward and dated him for a couple of months. The Slowmar came fell in her lap because he was looking for…….shit I don’t know what he was looking for, he had to be looking for a used piece of ass with the odometer turned over on it. And ladies and gentlemen, he found it. But the price was high… more ways than one. Anyhow the moral of the story is. She went from through three dudes and ended up married in less than 8 months. If she was faithful for 6 months, that’s the longest that stink box ever went with one ding a ling.

        • She is who and what she is, but he married her, and unless he’s slow he had to know her reputation! I don’t feel sorry for none of these Captain save a hoe type fools.. Walking around like they have a prize on their arm, when they know damn well the majority of these chicks wouldn’t give their azzes the time of day if they didn’t have money or a name in the industry.. Not shocked..seems to run in the don’t fall far from the tree..

          • They all come from the hood and as soon as they get fame and two dollars over rent money…they can’t find a good sister from the hood. To share their success and bounty.

            • Carol,

              Thank you for having said it out loud! What I would add to this is the fact that Lamar HAD been dating a nice looking black girl prior to this fiasco/whore he’s married to now. The issue was EXACTLY what you said. The black girl is a model (paycheck to paycheck trying to make it type) working for Budweiser at the time. Instead of staying with her & helping elevate HER financially by paying for a home, tuition & a business Lamar openly said “why should he get with someone he has to do everything for when he could be with someone who can go half on a million dollar house.” Khloe has never gone half on a damn thing & when she bought Lamar a $450k car as a gift it was with HIS OWN DAMN MONEY!

              Last I knew of him & that pie faced manly looking Kardashian he married per their prenuptial agreement HE pays her $25k shopping allowance per month & this is in addition to other items most people would view as…ridiculous.

              Moving forward to now…
              Khloe was never “in love” so much as it was just novel yet important for her to marry a black athlete since her sister Kim couldn’t pull that feit off no matter how many she slept with. Reggie Bush knew better! Lamar was never “in love” either but married for what he thought was better than love. Now that he’s got it…he’s on drugs & what little image he’s achieved is tarnished. What will be the biggest ending to all this is when the Kardashian’s end up with the bulk his money, he ends up staying on drugs & Khloe continues to screw the next black man in entertainment/sports that will look at her…smdh!

              Just Saying…

          • Listen, while I don’t dislike the family. I do realize that they are creative financially and if they let you in, you have to fall in line to a certain extent. If you watch the show you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I am from Lamar’s hood. While he sees them as being benevolent, he has no real support there. His family background makes him a victim in these circumstances. He is also struggling with his own issues of self acceptance. When you don’t marry someone that looks like you or your mother…I feel there’s some issues there.

    • KHLOÉ IS NOT UGLY!!!!!!! She is beautiful. She is just an abused wife who’s upset and confused by her husband’s cheating and drugs and has to look elsewhere for the affection he won’t give her. F?<@+$ YOU HSK!!!!!!!!

    • You’re right Joshua. Khloe isn’t ugly. She is FUGLY. I wish we could post pics on here. Pull up a pic of Chewbacca from Star Wars and compare it to Khloe and tell me if that bitch don’t look just like Chewbacca in the face.

  2. Give poor Khloé a break will you! We have nothing but the flimsiest circumstantial evidence here. Is it not bad enough her husband betrays their marriage bed, but she has to be accused of the same? SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!! You saw how quick she was to defend him against such “rumors.”

  3. And another one bites the dust…and another one’s down…and another one’s down….hey hey hey….Kartrashian Land of the Hos

  4. Don’t hate the player hate the game. The fools tink its cool to try and turn a hoe into a housewife. But these women are ruining the careers of every man they come in contact with. Reggie was smart, but the rest were dumb.

    • Agreed. Brothas, please wake up!! And to Game’s brother: I hope you didn’t wake up with ‘The Clap’. That’s certified diseased snatch right thurrrr….

  5. What is it about a Kardashian Kunt that keeps these black boys so entranced? Actually I can live without that knowledge.

  6. If Khloe is a hoe then what exactly is Lamar?? He’s a manwhore. Is that any better?

    Even if it’s true how does this make Lamar a victim? Lamar has cheated on her with several women for years now. Lamar has only himself to blame fucking all these women behind Khloe’s back. Eventually your wife will do the same. Lamar is far from husband material.

  7. LMAO You want us to feel sorry for poor Lamar or something?

    Let’s face it! Lamar was using Khloe to be famous. He asked Khloe to marry him after only three months of dating. Lamar is the one that benefited from this marriage. He loved the attention and became a celeb and part of the Kardashian family and he got his own TW show and is constantly in the mainstream media. He loved his new celeb lifestyle there’s no question about that. He’s more famous for being married to Khloe then being a basketball player.

    I dont feel sorry for him whatsoever. He had no respect for his marriage whatsoever and fucked over 50 women on the side. Dude is a trip.

    • Someone gets it right on the money. Lam Lam was thirsty for fame and attention, and damn if he didn’t get it…but it came with a high price.

      He sure is taking up for Kris and the whole KKK family tho–says they are the only family he ever had. That must make his children with that Latina feel great huh?

    • I thought that he was a pro ball player..before meeting her..How did she make him into a celeb? Is she a real celebrity and if so what exactly is she famous or known for? Now I do believe he did the show for attention…don’t know what he expected to come of that, but obviously they shouldn’t have gotten married if they are both creeping outside the relationship with others..stay single.

      • Well MissK He was an NBA player, but he was not a marquis name. He had a less than storied college career and he was just another slightly better tan average player. Then he meets Khloe and BOOM! He is on a weekly TV show, then he is awarded Sixth Man of the Year, and finally HE GETS HIS OWN eponymous show on E!

        Maybe you don’t see that as a come up professionally, but he sure did and so do I.

        Everyone says that the KKK girls are not celebrities because they didn’t do shit to get where they are. I agree that they are not famous for achieving a dang thing, BUT, if any human beings can multiple their communal net worth from comfortably well off to mega rich in six years, while commanding more online, tabloid and tv gossip than anyone else in the biz… I would say they have accomplished SOMETHING.
        I’m not sure what that something actually IS, but truthfully, many many try to do this very same thing(think about that nasty nasty skank ho who is 19 years old and married to that dude from Lost named Coutrney Stodden)and they fail miserably. Even Paris Hilton could not maintain a high level of interest for more than 8 years. So, as rancid as her actions may be, pimpmama Kris is able to run game as few before her have…and I s’pose she deserves SOME credit for that. lol

  8. so what khloe’s screwing game’s brother.

    another black fool strung out by the white girl phukk both of them.

    she’s gonna cheat on him too.

    holltywood marriages.

    • I always laugh when people say “Hollywood marriages”.

      Marriages like this happen in real life everyday. They just happen to be in the public eye so their business will be out there for anyone to see and judge.

  9. Eric is using a remote neural monitoring device, be careful Jasper. They said, if I write here, he aand his enturage will never leave me alone and you will be next. Eric has a gay lover that likes to hurt kids along with Candice who is the God mother of a preggers female artist, who likes to wreck homes. It is sad, that I never offended the artist yet, she is bringing her own drama.

  10. On another note, I like Lamar, ….I hope their marriage works out. I hate when people talk negatively about him. He is a nice guy, he bothers no one. He is a humble guy, maybe they need space to work things out. They should leave the country away from everybody. If I were rich I would just leave! People are crazy and hate to see marriages thrive and familes. Happy!

    • I agree, he is a nice guy. Either he is too nice or plain dumb. The fact that he got involved with a toss around gold digger makes me think he is a little of both. But just because he is nice does not excuse the fact tha he mave a very poor choice in this woman and he is paying for that stupid mistake.

    • Save your marriage and yourself leave the country… I agree. If it works it works if not you gave your best shot, never have to look back and wonder should I have listened to friends, family, foes or Joe public. Fame is fleeting on the other hand you will always look for love.. that true connection. However ppl don’t realize that to get there you have to put in the work no matter the circumstances. I hope they weather the storm. I like Lamar, I am from Jamacia, Queens. I know what that life was like. I’m rooting for the under dog.

  11. Now this got me thinking, why she couldn’t get pregnant? So many multiple sex partners, kinda got me thinking…..hmmmmmmm, sounds just like the Mama. Ok. Damn, Kris admitted she slept around, hmmmmmmm….just like Khloè. Problem: Kris doesn’t even know who is Khloè’s real daddy is! Damn! Khloè, multiple sex partners and a marriage equals a 50/50 chance of a) Getting pregnant, b) Getting pregnant, but whose the daddy? c) Sterile by having multiple partners, d) On birth control and ain’t tryin to get pregnant but claiming she want a family, or e) Getting caught slipping, ends up pregnant with an STD and wonder who can she pinned this mess on?

  12. I find it quite odd (to say the least) that Khloe hasn’t spoken out on behalf of her husband. This is really mind boggling. Lamar is getting dragged through the media (crackhead??) and not one word of support from her mouth (video interview, IG) for her husband?! Then she drops his last name…yet, still no official statement. It surely makes me question whether she’s ever loved him at all. I would love to know how his baby mother/ex is feeling about all this. I also wonder where’s Lamar chubby sidekick that used to appear on their show. This entire situation is sad. I can’t believe people are saying “oh well…that’s what he gets” I pray he gets help and a divorce. I hope there’s a pre-nup.

    • @Tre, I agree! Not one time did Khloè ever stepped up and defend her husband. Somebody is going to get paid, and it might be Lamar!