Bimbo-Beef: Kim K Demands Apology From Bey



“Kim thinks Beyoncé’s a fake, and that the real Beyoncé is nothing like the one the public knows.”

Kim Kardashian headed to Jimmy Kimmel whining about Bey… supposedly about some “mishaps at her May 24th wedding.” Apparently, the Carters having skipped her wedding is something she can’t seem to get over.

“The worst was someone canceling last minute. Kim is done playing nice. Beyoncé humiliated her, [she] will never forgive Beyoncé unless she gets a public apology.”

Here’s what a source put out there:

“Fat chance. Beyoncé can’t stand Kim. She thinks Kim got famous from a sex tape, while Beyoncé has worked since she was 5 to get to where she is today. Beyoncé thought that being photographed at Kim’s wedding would have made Kim look good and her look bad.”

Peep both Beyonce and Mrs. Kanye West – who’ve both made historical contributions to the culture, setting shameful examples for our youth.




  1. uhm I would seriously encourage Beyonce to keep paying this entitled hoe in dust, stick to your aunt jemima crew Kimmy Kakes.

        • Oh well she ain’t no different from kim.”Worked hard” Bahahah oh yuh, worked hard at Thrusting her Jaja’s to and fro on stage with her fabolous onsies. She is very lucky in her generation to still bypass her sell-by expiration date. *.*!!


  3. Kim should know first hand what it is to be fake. A fake marriage to Kris Humphries so you can get free gifts and now since your with Kanye you can compete with Beyonce and get magazine covers that you didnt get before. Khloe married and used Lamar just to secure a $10 million life insurance policy and let’s not forget Kourtney using Scott as a sperm donor but wont marry him. The Kardashians have been using the black culture to reach and stay on top.

  4. kim has a energy drink now lol.

    beyonce would have went to the wedding but sasha told her if she went she was gonna strike her with a thunderbolt.

  5. I dont feel sorry for Beyonce but I dont think she owes Kim an apology. I think this is Beyonce’s karma for mistreating the people in her life the original destiny’s members. If Beyonce was a positive and humble individual all this bad energy would be coming her way.

      • @Anonymous MY BAD. I read too fast and though you said that B owes that whore an apology. Thats what happens when you type without coffee. I’m woman enough to call attention to a mistake. You were NOT saying B needs to apologize to K.

          • Really, people need to stop putting beyawnce on this MJ pedestal wrong is wrong. And btw a true “queen” needs not put others down irreguardless of their celebrity. Kim k can be many things but to not show up when expected otherwise just means that U are not only a insecure ass but also a narcissistic pawn that cant stand or Stand next to a woman getting more publicity on her wedding than her failed business arrangement or so called marriage

  6. All the bad energy wouldnt be coming Beyonce’s way had she been humble and treated people with respect. Kim and her family are parasites. Its good to see Beyonce shunning them. Hopefully everybody else will do the same and they go away for good.

  7. Kim wants Beyonce to bow down to her but what she really wants is to be the queen of hip-hop/urban culture just because she’s married to Kanye and her so called influence she thinks she has over young black women. These people have done nothing but parasited off our community. Her and the entire gooky family of hers. Good Beyonce keeps it moving. She doesn’t owe her nothing but the middle finger. Culture Vulture Ho!

  8. Kim is the one leaking info to the press about Bey. She is so jealous. WGs like kim always thank that black women will automatically want to be their friends, NOT. What a pain. Hated when my mom made me play with kids I didn’t like. Can understand the agony.

    • Yes hunty, most think that fact most white females don’t know, we don’t just make friends with someone cause you’re popular or have a certain status is mainly about chemistry.if it’s there it’s not forced, they make me sick when i get questions like, do u have three time’, and got a cellphone, not needing the time but want a conversation and think off that one time short conversation you’ve made a friend,i don’t think so !!! Hell, most of us don’t befriend each other like that, unless there’s chemistry. If there’s white chicks reading this don’t take it personal, it’s just a cultural thing the average off us black females take speaking to strangers very well. And stop asking stereotypical questions about being a black woman, dip weekday too whatever a black man tell you, you’re not gonna a get every black womans answer through 1 black woman.

      • Oops,i meant we don’t take well to talking to strangers especially white people. And so what to whatever black man say what to you, he may have encounter whatever black female he’s had but he hadn’t been with all the black women in this country to say all black women are whatever way. Stop asking stereotypical questions cause trust there’s allot question we would seemingly like too ask you and it’s not so lovely !!!!

  9. Bey has the beehive, one of the most craziest brigades in the business. Beehive activate and save your queen bee from the kimmy monster.

  10. kim is a typical white women who think’s she better than a black women!!

    kim needs to calm herself down all she’s known for it f*cking in front of a cheap camera in a cheap hotel with a gay for pay
    ray j. she seriously needs to get over herself!!

  11. Is me or is Kim spraying her skin brown, it looks. Boo, there’s nothing that can make a people accept you. I can’t stand culture vultures. Kim k is not accepted on the white mainstream Hollywood like her twin sisters causetheir pretty naturally not her. The jenner twins stand out cause of their dad. Brody if you’re reading this, us sistas are in love with you, what’s up baby!!!

    • Bridge???? He’s handsome but I’m reasonably sure he’s socially smears and can’t f*k worth a Damn, he seems very corny. Also those jenner girls aren’t twins, they are two years apart and spoiled entitles bratty little notches.

  12. Kim is one delusional b*tch. I don’t even like Beyonce but she’s definitely one another level than this wh*re.

  13. I dont feel sorry for none of these narcissistic whores. The only way for them to go away is death!!! Their 15 minutes of fame has been long gone.

  14. Two dizzy broads full of vanity, competing for a spot at “who can deceive the most children into witchcraft” off with their heads already.

  15. I’ve never seen a woman who’s a non rapper or VJ who’s so famous in the Urban community like Kim Kardashian is.I mean,this woman is the talk of the urban blogs on the daily considering she gets dragged in the process.What would the urban blogs be without her since she’s a whore who’s talked about day after day.

  16. Well she is known and famous for a sex tape.. truth hurts! i don’t know Beyonce personally but I can clearly see that her fame is the result of some talent and hard work. Obviously they are not really friends. She needs to accept that and move on! I don’;t think that they would even be seen in same space had it not been for JayZ’s (former/current) friendship or association with Jay Z! Kim K knows that she’s not famous on that same level as many other celebrities..that’s why she aligns herself with people who have that industry association..seeking relevance through others..

      • very true she dated kanye to be closer to beyonce and jayz to put them on the show it failed… her mother probably told her to do it

  17. Kim shouldn’t be calling nobody fake what does Kim do? Is she an actress? Does she sing? Dose she model? Is a she producer? What the hell she do? I always thought you had to do sum to be on top of wate she marries basketball and football players and make porno’s and hook up with a ticking Time bomb rapper’s her and her sisters have been trained to be sleazy trick ass tramps of Hollywood so apparently all u need to do is be a high level prostitute all thanks to her trick trap ass mammy so she shouldn’t call anyone fake her whole life is fake both of them are fake only thing Beyonce dose sing and acts and sold her soul to be famous she put in tons of work I’m not a fan of either of them but ms.carter dose do something Kim don’t do anything but walk around and have fake marriages for that stupid reality show shirts boring as f*ck both these women are fake Beyonce and her set up marriage and baby and Kim who does nothing but does everything to stay relevant both of you are shams so neither of you should be calling anyone fake because both of you are bought and paid for

  18. We all know that Kim is Kanye’s beard! Beyonce is also aware of that, that is why she did not attend their fake wedding!

  19. I didn’t even bother reading this but I hope Beyonce never apologizes to this piece of trash. Never Never Apologize to this garbage. She isn’t on the same level as you. And I am not a fan of Beyonce but I am in her corner before I will be in this trashes corner.

  20. that stripper should apologize to us all for all the silicone fakage and for her wack ass vile garbage music apologize for them funky leotards and them tired funky blonde wigs. that bitchonce is sicking. and for showing us back of her baby’s head cause it looks like her daddy.


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