Kim Kardashian Furthers Her Porn Career


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Kim Kardashian seems to be following in the footsteps of porn stars before her, like Jenna Jameson, by signing off the rights to a life-sized sex doll of herself. Now, perverts across the country can have their way with a blow-up doll reminiscent of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reality star.

Kim recently granted Pipedream Products the rights to create the “Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll”, and I’m once again asking myself what our society has become. This while entities like E Channel and the like have turned this SLUT into a role model for teenage girls. It’s really very sad, because Kim has no talent! If you watched Kim’s appearances on DWTS, you saw that she can’t dance. If you’ve ever checked out her reality show, you’ve probably noticed that she can’t act. Plus, she’s got too much weight on her to be a runway model. Last but not least…if you’ve watched her sex tape, you’ve seen that she’s a boring chic in the bedroom, proving to be not so kinky after all.

Don’t you agree?