Kimmy Blanco Checks Wendy Williams!!!


Lil Kim vs. Wendy Williams

Pulling A Coke Whores Card?

It looks like Lil Kim ain’t gonna stand for any sh*t from Wendy Williams! That’s because the lady lyricist recently called Williams out for once serving up B.I.G. with a professional, before being told to bounce — For Good! Don’t believe me.. Ask Lil Cease.

The beef broke after Wendy took to social media to post what Kim says was a ‘photoshopped’ picture, making her look like she put on more than a few pounds. That’s when Kim got ballistic, blasting Wendy.

Here’s how the Tweets all went down:

Wendy: “@Lil Kim’s dramatic new look & reveals who she wants to fill @JoyVBehar’s shoes on @theviewtv.”

Kimmy: “Bitch Y didn’t U show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped & U know it. U hating bitch!” “A bad angle will never make me look like that”

“Stop hating on me because you sucked Big’s dick & he didn’t want nothing to do with yo ass after that!”

“It’s time for the world to know the real! I’m no playing with yo ass no more! Let’s get it!”

Is Kimmy being a hypocrite — because she was serving a professional to another rapper on the very day Big died? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Ice T.

Lil Kim vs. Wendy Williams


  1. This just reeks desperation. Nice try Lil Kim….

    Wonder why Wendy didn’t address this on her show yesterday? Maybe because her legal team told Kim to shut up.

    Btw, Wendy and Biggie slept together long before he even heard of Lil Kim and before he met Faith Evans.

  2. I’m so over this NIGGA Wendy. Or should I say Wendell? She’s a fuckin hater, mad because all those surgeries can’t change that she looks like Dwight Howard by the shoulders lol

    • Whoever cant see how bad kims surgeries make her look even in good pictures is just blind she should take Wendy’s advice and blame her plastic surgeon. Maybe get mad at him and direct her anger somewhere useful, then maybe she could get some of here money back and try and fix that mess of a face they left her with. AT LEAST THE NEXT TIME AROUND SHE CANT LOOK ANY WORSE.

  3. Regardless if the pic was/is photoshopped or not,Lil Kim still looks like a disfigured drag queen. There have been literally 100s of unfattering AUTHENTIC photos of this mud duck yet she spazzes out on this one because she looks like a turd a fat man shat out of his poorly cleaned ass? YEAH OK, KIM. #bitchsitdown

    • lil kim isn’t important enough for anyone to photoshop pics of her deformed azz. instead of clapping back @ wendy for publicity she may wanna give up the pork, add more water to her diet, get a makeup consult and hit the gym.
      I’m w/MsYannaBoo #bitchsitdown

  4. LOL Wendy (Or ‘Wendell,’ as some like to call her) had it coming (Especially since she took Nicki’s side in she and Kim’s beef, and her [Wendy’s] gossiping & talking shit about everyone except her husband and his Tranny addiction), though what Kim’s done to her face, well… Anyway, Method Man was one of, if not the first, celeb to put Wendy’s dick-sucking-for-drugs past out there in a response video to Wendy exposing his wife having cancer on her radio show some years back:

    (^It’s near the end of the video)

    • Who is kim to talk about being jealous of her not much to be jealous about. And talking about dick sucking whose dick hasn’t Kim sucked whether it was for attention or a candy bar I mean damn if you probably threw some change at her, her first instinct would be to run over, tackle you to the ground, and just start going to town on your dick.

  5. That’s what Wendell gets, she s jealous of everybody, just like it said on the show this am when Davis Otunnga said “his wife” Wendell made a point to say ” fiancé”. She’s a sad fat transgender reject who has no friends, only the ones in her head, with a partner who wishes it had the surgery. Oh by the way, what happened to the lawsuit with the intern a few years back, involving its partner Kevin sexually harassing her? Wendell hasn’t said anything on hot topics about this……….

  6. Its about time someone brought up wendys husband kevin, people forgot the picture of him on the internet about two years ago having his dick suck, and also when someone on wendys radio show accused kevin of trying to force her to have sex with him, which wendy was aware of. It was also talk about how kevin would kick wendys ass in front of everyone on her job at the radio station.

  7. Wendy needs to shut up and sit that ass down some where. We should be calling her industry pu$$y seeing as how she done had well over 2 hands fulls of wast coast rappers lol!!!! dont believe me ask Eric Sermon got that from Jacky lol!!!!

  8. @sandra lowe-and at the tv show too!!! I heard he has beat that ass in front of her staff several times! As a matter of fact jacky has done stories about her getting mollywhomped by big kev. But she takes those ass whippings cuz kev knows too much and if she dumps him you know he will write a tell all and put all her biz on front street. And queen kong the wig wearing wonder of the world does not want that.

  9. I was watching that episode. Wendy did go in on Kim. I think the first thing that Wendy said was Kim that face or something like that.

    Well Kim you did mess your face up. You only have yourself to blame for that. But, Wendy was a little harsh when talking about Kim’s pic.

  10. Something about Wendy Williams rubs me the wrong way. She needs to take some lessons in solidarity, discretion, and knowing the proper times and places for some of the things she does.
    I understand she makes her living talking about people. Nevertheless, sometimes she should ask herself, ” Do I really need to go there?

  11. @Mres1617:
    Exactly !

    Wendy Williams needs to understand that the black image has been carefully, covertly, and deliberately, constructed so we appear to be the vermin of humanity.
    In view of that, sometimes she just needs to dial it back, or shut it down altogether. Sometimes we as black people just need to close ranks, show some love, and leave the nasty comments alone. I am not saying ALL of the time, just some of the time.

  12. Both these ugly bitches are products of self hate!!!! Lil Kim bleached her skin to hell!! They are both guilty!! Those photos aren’t Photoshoped she actually looks like! Self hating bitches!!