King Of Pop’s Ex-Manager Sues African Prince For $5.1M


HSK Exclusive – The entertainment industry is being rocked over allegations exposing African royalty as failing to pay what’s owed to one of the music business’ leading industry figures. Sources say that’s why Qadree El-Amin – former manager for Michael Jackson and Vanessa Williams – has smacked a lawsuit on Teodorin Obiang – son of Equatorial Guinean dictator Teodorin Obiang – suing for more than five-million dollars.

Now, insiders say Obiang only forced his hand into the entertainment industry to reap its benefits – while pulling an America greed fueled con job.

According to an insider, Qadree El-Amin was hired to run Obiang’s record label/entertainment company back in 2009 — he says he hasn’t been paid for two-years. Now that Obiang is in the hot seat, sources say they’ve discovered noted African Prince remains at the center of separate federal investigations against him — revealing this isn’t the first time he’s been caught in a scam.

Here’s what our insider had to say:

“Qadree El-Amin is suing Teodoro for no less than 5.1 million dollars — and is also asking for his Malibu house to be seized.

Teodoro asked Qadree to obtain rights to his favorite song, the classic, ‘A Summer Place.’ Qadree did so and had ‘A Summer Place’ recorded and produced with Ashley Roberts — from The Pussycat Doll’s.

Qadree was able to get a deal with Time Life and have the song submitted for Grammy consideration.
Teodoro never paid Qadree for the record or for the marketing of the record, as promised and agreed upon, causing Qadree to lose considerable funds.”


  1. *rolls eyes* I don’t even know what to say about this foolish shit. Only that someone should of been on top of his game. If you are not getting paid wtf are you working for? Credit?

  2. I second that eye roll. You just know that once this issue is investigated deeper than the top couple of levels, it’s going to sink like shark chum.

    Quadree should have requested the Malibu house(most likely built on the backs of starving, water-needing subjects of the Prince)be turned over to him, lock stock and barrel. They could have called it even, and the prince could have built his next “blood palace” in St. Barth’s or St. Tropez with Quadree off his back. But the old as dirt scam of, “let me just put this……..(fill in the blank) into your name because I’m having tax and banking issues never ends up well.

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    • CrazyChris,

      As obsessed as you are about MJ and the way you go in on him makes me wonder if your do freaky things while looking at his picture. Check that mentality.

      You take all of this way too personally like MJ peed in your Cheerios. Maybe he made your chick feel really good and you can’t handle it.