Kirk Frost Looking @ The Front Door?


Kirk Rasheeda Frost Divorce

HSK Exclusive – Rasheeda Frost could soon be a single mother. That’s because sources say Kirk Frost may have plans to leave her barefoot and pregnant!

We’re getting word that Kirk feels like Rasheeda’s playing him, and he’s tired of her “Boss shit.” Our source tell us Rasheeda — who’s 8-months pregnant – “doesn’t need him because all the couple’s problems are caused by him and his insecurities.”

Here’s the drop:

“Kirk is chasing music, but the money is slow in the music business. Rasheeda is right about her jewelry line and Kirk is hating on her.”


  1. I don’t get how he doesn’t see the logic in her opening a boutique.Clearly the music thing isn’t working out

  2. @Cheerful Cynic XC , CLEARLY!!

    To add to your comment, I sense that he was a savir for her once pon a time. I am unsure of their story, but, I believe he may have been “the man” back in the day. He is no longer that and she is ready to step up. He seems unable to allow her to be the bread winner. Sadly, this is one case where I believe she could do better by herself. I couldn’t imagine telling my HUSBAND we were expecting a baby and HE basically tell me to abort it in so many words. They only have one child together and he has a few others w/ other ppl which is unfair to their relationship. He feels overwhelmed with the obligations, but that isn’t her fault. Boy if I were with the same man from my younger hers, i don’t know where I would be now. K Michele talks alot of ish. Sadly she calls the BS early. PPL get angry w/ her, but at the beginning and end of the day…. SHE’s Right! Kirk may not be gay, but he does act like a BITCH ASS!

    • exactly it’s not like she’s his baby mama.They have been married for over 10 years.Kirk is a pussy for that

      • Not to mention, but they just renewed their vows, reminding and promising an even longer commitment. Where was his mind and heart during that ceremony? I understand the stresses in his life, but he’s being unfair to his wife. I believe he feels that way because he wants out, but out of what when he will still have a financial obligation to them?

  3. Kirk is a child! A man would never tell the woman he loves to abort their baby. If financially Kirk feels that they can’t afford it–then a MAN would go and get a Job or another job. OR focus on Rasheeda’s onlIne store.

    Im starting to believe that maybe Kirk is the type of person to commit the acts that he has been accused of.???

    • By no means do I believe that Kirk is gay. Let K. Michelle tell it, everyone and their father would be homosexual. Kirk, obviously, has a problem with supporting his family and adult children. There is nothing wrong with it, if its financial feasible; but, according to Rasheda’s detests, I don’t think he can…but does it anyway. He’s in that space because he can’t say, “no,” which is now cheating his wife and unborn. How can you not be ready for your wife to bear another child because you’d rather bail your son out of jail? Kirk needs to get his priorities straight.

  4. Hold up, I thought he was threatening to leave cause he was thinkn the baby not his. Heard sumthn bout it might b scrappys.

  5. What the hell did she see in Kirk in the first place? He’s not supportive in her career or the pregnancy….he’s a setback

    • You think so, 2hearts? Apparently, Kirk has a lot to do with Rasheeda’s underground exposure. He supports his wife, and she doesn’t take his role lightly. I like them as a couple, really think they compliment one another, and hope they work this thing out before the baby is born. If he forces her to prove paternity, I can’t see Rasheeda bouncing back from that. In the interim, I wish them the BEST!

  6. I liked Kirk last season, this season, so far at least, I don’t like the man that I’ve seen on the show. He can kick rocks, as far as I’m concerned, and take that loud, ghetto acting K. Michelle with him!

    The show needs to dump her RATCHET ass. And I am PRAYING she doesn’t show up on L&HH-New York. If she does, that will one show that gets deleted from my DVR list.

    • No one works, consistently, well with K. Michelle. She definitely has psychological issues, and boy is she miserable. I’m hoping that she’s replaced next season. The producers are probably afraid that she’ll go postal……

  7. Kirk is weak. He should have never told his wife, the woman he loves basically to abort his child. Yeah I do think Kirk is gay or bi. It’s something going on with him. K Michele does kick it off sometimes but she is right. He does do b*tch sh*t. He breaks the man code. Anyway…Rasheeda is better off by herself if he is gonna continue to act selfish.

    • It is extremely obvious that kirk is a down low fella, his management company’s name is and correct me if im wrong DL entertainment? He is indeed a true to life pussy for suggesting his wife of ten years terminate a pregnancy, and on national tv at that. Shame on you kirk

  8. these shows are only entertainment, these are D rated ppl they have no real chance at a music career, the only money they make are from the show. Again ATL, they film most of these shows there and it just shows black ppl acting likes fools, blacks having no conflict resolution skills, the men oversexd. and u wonder why the world look down on black ppl

    • I don’t know what genre of music you prefer, anam, but I’m certain that they all have music careers. And I’d say that $4,000-$8,000 per segment can pay lots of bills. As you mentioned, “its entertainment;” therefore, conflict resolution, isn’t necessary when the goal is to create ratchet and ridiculous. Not to mention, “ALL” men are oversexed, some just happen to be at an advantage. The world doesn’t look down on black people, you do. You get the same results from the Housewives of OC, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, etc. Its not race, at all, its the make-up of the individual.

  9. It makes no sense how , this woman turned out!!! Sheeda has so much talent as a femcee and highly attractive!! She couldve been a model and a real dope rapper, but her being so hood is what make her unattractive and unappealing to mainstream. Its nothing worse than when a woman can look good but her character,personality and company she keeps( which is also ghetto) can tear her apart ,from being so unclassy & negative!!! To anyone that watch these ghetto trash reality shows, fail to see how much of their own life they’re missing out on, giving time to watching stupidity!!

  10. dammit i used to love that song.. i memorized it in middle school…haha dubbed it myself from STRICKLY HIP HOP AS A BABY GIRLL…. we fight every night, now that’s not kosher, i reminisce with bliss of when we was closer, and wake up to be greeted by an argument again..u act like u ten, so immature i try to concentrate on the cure and keep lookin at the front door.. thinkin if i were to evacuate u prolly be straighter than st8 and wouldn’t have so much hate..cuz u dont’ know the pain when i see u smilin, and when i roll up u start i front like everything is hunky doory, but its a whole different story.. u dont like the fact that im me.. i don’t put on a show when it comes time for u to have company, and ur friends don’t understand ur choice of man.. they speak proper while my speech is from a garbage can.. but regardless things shouldn’t have to be so raw.. I’m lookin at the front door..
    chica woo woww woo..

    • And this is what u like !!! Straight up crap!!! If this is one of her songs, no wonder she didnt get far!!!

      • No I’m looking at the front door is by The Main Source. Real music from the late eighties early nineties. You must be extra young to not recognize this

  11. Kirk is doing the, ‘Man looking for an excuse to leave his woman performance’. He’s complaining about her, he doesn’t want her to have the baby, he doesn’t want to venture into her business plan… Excuses, excuses, excuses.. This negro got another woman or man, whichever way he goes.

    Punk, just say you wanna leave and get the hell on.

  12. Kirk do seem gay. No hate just what it look like. Rasheeda need to smack the taste out that fool mouth when he come with that blood test mess up on the tv. I’da done that Ninja in right there! She can do betta: he looking for a man anyway.