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Kirk Frost Replacing Rasheeda With Bambi?

May 22nd, 2013

Bambi Adiziz & Kirk Frost

Filling Black Santa’s Boots?

HSK Exclusive - Kirk Frost seems to be driving his bus in another direction! That’s because sources say the ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ reality star has plans to put on his manager hat for another woman.

We’re talking about Basketball Wives L.A.’s Bambi Adiziz, whose rap career Kirk Frost may soon be taking on.

We’re told Kirk is suspicious of Rasheeda, and believes she’s committed adultery. That’s why insiders say he’s now moving on with his life and business.

Here’s the drop:

“Rasheeda is guilty as hell. Kirk knows Rasheeda has been cheating on him. Bambi knows Kirk is a trick and she’s gonna make him her new Black Santa.”

Kirk Frost New Girl is Bambi Adiziz

14 Responses to “Kirk Frost Replacing Rasheeda With Bambi?”

  1. Girly... |

    Kirk is a super creep…But Bambi raps just as terrible as Rasheeda..So her career ain’t going too far either…REAL TRUTH


  2. Sher |

    Dang. I forgot all about her since the show. I thinks her 15 minutes are up.


  3. LethaWeaponHobbs |

    FORGET THAT 50 FT Non rapping / cant dress AMAZON !!!!! she needs a life I cant stand heauxs who try and stay in the reality spotlight next we’ll the heaux will try and be on American Top Model FOH !!!!


    Anonymous Reply:

    L.M.B.O. We are throwing so serious shady, aren’t we?


  4. LethaWeaponHobbs |

    we’ll see the heaux will try and typo fasting @ work !!! lol


  5. Ms Reg Says! |



    Cinn Reply:

    Exaaaactly Ms Reg… Who??? I tell you, these people swear they’re doing something big, meanwhile no one remembers you or even knows about you,


    Ms Reg Says! Reply:


    When YOU find out what it is “their doing” other than fussing, fighting, f@#$king, drinking & talking about pointless nonsense…let me know!

    Please keep in mind…
    I’ve only seen this show ONE time & ONLY FOR 15 MINS & I ascertained all that & will never devote another moment of my time to it ever again. Those folks are an embarrassment to life!


  6. Ms. Gemini |

    I think it’s tacky and short-sighted of Kirk to put all of his & his wife’s business out there in the streets like he’s been doing, without even knowing for a fact if that baby is his or not.

    If it turns out the baby isn’t your, then fine, malign her in the public all you want to Kirk, but if it turns out that the baby IS yours, one day that baby will grow up & learn how nasty you were to its’ mother & will most certainly be resentful to you for being so messy prematurely.





  8. Stalae |

    I agree with Girly and Ms.Gemini…also to me Kirk acts like DL man.


  9. Anonymous |

    and I’m still trippin off the fact that this bitch screamed out “team long torso” when she was arguing with that other basketball wife…like she was braggin on a beauty trait..hahaha… never ever ever heard nobody say that..lmao


  10. thePisces |

    kirk is def DL look at his lips n the pic! Bambi is ugly & talent less, i hope he aint leave Georgia Prune for her


  11. baybeK8s |

    Trash boxes sexing for beats. How low can you go?


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