Kola Boof Fuk’ed Up Using 50 Cent’s Name!


    Koala Boof vs. 50 Cent

    Book Of Lies?

    50 Cent’s name is one which Author Kola Boof may have wanted to reconsider listing as one of her “Top 20 Big Celeb Sticks.” Know why? In her own words [from a recently released YouTube video], “The top twenty celebrity men with the biggest penises are from the 80’s and the 90’s.”

    The problem is, Fiddy didn’t land his celebrity status until 2003 — with the release of his debut studio album “Get Rich or Die Tryin.’

    The List — featured in Boof’s 2006 ‘autobiography’ “Diary of a Lost Girl” — “became a controversial bestseller.” That’s according to Publishers Marketplace. That read is now being dubbed “a book of lies.”

    Here’s some of Boof’s most recent spiel:

    “I was part of something called the Alpharetta Secret Sister Society … a group of Black women, socialites and celebrities, some of them are Black actresses that you know. Pebbles knows what I’m talking about, Vivica Fox knows what I’m talking about, Tyra Banks would know what I’m talking about. We knew a lot of men … we all dated famous men, or slept with famous men. So we compiled a list … I don’t think I have personally slept with any of the 20 men on the list.”

    This isn’t the first time Kola Boof has been outed for capitalizing on LIES. She’s the same woman who claimed to be Osama bin Laden’s “sex slave,” once dated Mike Tyson, Gerard Butler and the President of South Africa, “President Zuma” …. AND serving as “a secret agent performing spy missions for the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army.” THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!

    Check out Kola Boof recently runnin’ her mouth:

    If you’re interested, here’s Kola Boof’s “Top 20 Big Celeb Sticks” …

    • Arsenio Hall
    • Actor John Amos
    • Actor James Woods
    • Deceased Actor John Ritter
    • [TIE] Rick Fox & Vin Diesel
    • Michael Jordan
    • Actor Jon-Erik Hexum
    • Jerry Seinfeld
    • Kwesi Mfume
    • Tao Pengiless
    • Deceased Actor Ron O’Neil
    • Marc Anthony
    • Keith Sweat
    • John Salley
    • 50 Cent
    • Mekhi Phifer
    • Patrick Rafter
    • Raphael Saadiq


      • Yeah, I follow her too on Twitter. Its so funny cause she is such a big contradiction! First, she’ll say that she’s about women empowerment, then when a woman tells her the truth she’ll call her “Jealous bitch, BLOCKED” calling another woman a jealous bitch does not empower that woman.

        She cant take criticism. She definitely hates the truth. Cause if you tell her the truth she BLOCKS you.

        She’s a mess.

        • Oh, yeah – she will block you in a New York second!! And she is an entertaining ball of contradiction!

        • Only a fool would allow someone to insult them, calling her “ugly” because she doesn’t look European is NOT the “truth”!!!

          • U highly suspect that you are one of her alter egos, Kola.

            They say you’re ugly not because you lack European look, (this assumption says a lot about YOUR psyche and YOUR indoctrination on white beauty and it also coincide with your accusation that black Americans must “hate” their African motherland beauty as IF your face is THE representative of Africa. It is not.) but perhaps they simply find you unattractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder not everyone will like your looks. Big deal, why do you care, you’re married, anyway.

          • She is ugly as hell. European, Asian, North American, African, Australian or African standards all say she ugly as a dogs behind.

      • She says this is a list compiled by a group of women; these men were not her lovers.
        She also claims to have a delicate vagina that cannot tolerate a large penis so she fears them.

    1. I personally love Kola Boof. Yes she can go overboard sometimes but I believe it is because she is so passionate. Her love of the motherland and all its descendants cannot be denied. She rightfully goes after black men for not loving black women enough. It seems like people can’t handle her mouth and her truths. Also seems like there’s a concerted effort to paint her as crazy.

      • That’s cool but all black is not the same.The american blackwoman and this woman has Zero in common from looks to mindset.

          • BlackAmericans are the descendants of those whom were enslaved in Egypt for 430years.Last time I checked,Kola Boof was a Egyptian.Do you see where I’m going with this?

            • Blacks were not enslaved in Eygpt….slaves did not build the pyramids. Black Americans are actually slaves from West Africans NOT East Africans…

              • Duet 28:68 backs up my statement.If you need me to break it down for you I can.The Ines who think they know everything no absolutely nothing.

              • BTW,go and get you a bible dictionary and look up Ham whom is the progenitor of the Africans and you’ll clearly see that the negroes don’t come from Ham we come from Shem.Have a nice life!

            • Egypt & Sudan are the land of KUSH!! Blacks are the original Egyptians so how are they also slaves of themselves??

        • Black is NOT the same among Black Americans, either. It has been made BLATANTLY clear in the color caste system amongst us.

    2. Koala Bear Boof is straight trash. As a black woman I am shocked that so many women seem to identify with her and the OBVIOUS lies she tells to make herself more interesting and to of course sell books. I also have serious doubts she was born a female. Hard in the face is a gross understatement. And another thing: How is this broad giving d*ck reports on dudes she ADMITTEDLY never slept with. Anyone who makes up so many fanciful tales about their life clearly has mental issues and self esteem issues. For the person who said “they” try to paint her crazy, no one does a better job of making a fool of Koala Bear Boof than she does.

    3. Most of yall need to get lives. yall know too much about other ppls shit. espically if you know anything about this lady u def need to get f*cked more. if yall hoes put as much effort as you do into gossip into a man then black would love yall. but thats y he strays yall too busy in some one elses life.

      • Why you worry about what people think about Koala? You sound just like her crazy ass. She does a search everyday to see what people are saying about her and then attack if its something she doesn’t like. You need to get a life because Koala is nothing but 45 year old trash who puts her business out there for people to discuss! You try to bark, but all you do is whine!

      • “Most of yall need to get lives. yall know too much about other ppls shit. espically if you know anything about this lady u def need to get f*cked more. if yall hoes put as much effort as you do into gossip into a man then black would love yall. but thats y he strays yall too busy in some one elses life.”

        Um, Kola is exposing her personal shit to the public. No one is rummaging through her draw, pulling out her diary, and publicizing it. She and her alter egos (dat be you) need to deal.

    4. she said arsenio hall because now it will boost his shows rating. he must have paid her a pretty penny for her to put him at the top of the list. hollyweird what can you expect of these weirdos smdh !

      • She needs to sell books, a lack of publishers, and so conveniently she mentions famous names with the hope that one or two of them will mention her name. That ride on Bin Laden’s dick juice ran out so she needs to keep herself relevant, and now she’s trying to ride on celebrities dicks for some relevancy. The saddest part is that she exploits the issue, colorism, that exist in the black American community to serve her own agenda, and she’s gaining followers ( the darker skinned sisters, the most hurt members within the community). But I see right through her facade. She doesn’t say it bluntly, but I have been observing her and she definitely has an issue with the African American community as a whole not just with black American males. She thinks herself superior because she isn’t one us, she’s from Africa. Every single time she speaks of her adopted she NEEDS to refer to them as her “BLACK AMERICAN” parents. She does this to distinguish herself from them – “those slaves.”

        She is a mental case.

    5. She seems to be a classic paranoid personality. Reading her self styled Wikipedia page(have you ever heard of anyone writing and publishing their own bio and calling it a Wiki entry?)was like reading a textbook in abnormal psych. She definitely has some issues, and I would not want to have her as an enemy.

      Who the heck refers to themselves as a “Jew Lover”??

    6. Check out this article, “Sudan and the Kola Boof Hoax: “Slavery” Propaganda Exposed”


      “Ms Boof and her claims provide a clear example of how patently false and self-serving lies about Sudan have been accepted at face value and publicised by the anti-Sudan industry. She has sold more of her books as a result of these claims. Ms Boof has deliberately sought publicity, both personal and commercial on the basis of these assertions.

      The pattern is a sad one. Outrageous claims are manufactured and disseminated widely. Eventually allegations are exposed as either exaggerated or utterly groundless, or collapse in the face of their own absurdity and self-contradictions. All but the most bigoted or partisan of their disseminators retreat into a discrete silence – but never have the honesty or integrity to admit their complicity in a hoax, or to publicise the falsity of their previous articles. The miasma of defamatory claims against Sudan is once again added to, and only a short time elapses before yet another hoax or lie is launched and credulously disseminated by a media that never seems to learn the lessons of its previous blunders.”

    7. funny how George Lucas gets married to Melody Hobson then all of a sudden Kola Boof is engaged to a white man, this poor white guy just took a picture with the long faced one Naima Bint Harith and now the poor white guy has he picture posted all over the internet , where are the all the other pictures of him, someone needs to tell her fans aka (dumb west African phenotyped women) to be careful when taking pictures with her they do not know where those photos might end up in 10 years time I know for a fact she uses different internet ‘stock images’ of west african children and passes them off as her own.

    8. Jason Applebaum is a figment of Kola Boof’s imagination Walter Mitty and Tania Head got nothing on Kola Boof/ Naima Bint Harith.

      Kola Boof is running Jason Applebaum fake twitter account, she set up that a while back before annoucing her engagement, he is soon to be killed by the CIA and abducted by aliens, that will be her explaination when he magically dissappears.

    9. The reason why Kola Boof’s lies sometimes seem real is the fact she mixes it with truths something effective liars do – tell half-truths i.e. issues of black slavery in arabic nations, the racism black Dinka people face in sudan.
      I do not believe for one second she has met John Garang, Gerald Butler or Osama Bin Laden, this person mad as hell and is out for money,all that book sale money she gets goes back into the somalian community

    10. Kola Boof’s whole identity is built around having supposedly sucked off Osama Bin Laden, a man who, by anyone’s viewpoint, was a pig-headed totalitarian ideologue, her stories have so many holes in them it’s not even funny white America does not believe her, so she has tried peddling her bullshit to us gullible American negroes, whom she obviously sees as “niggerstock”(her words) and with whom she has been trying to present herself as some goddamned “queen”. Kola is totally fake, just as she was never leader of the SPLA or the descendant of the Gisi-Waaqs or ever was Osama’s bitch. The bottom line is that she thinks Afro-Americans are stupid and will swallow her insane lies.

    11. A 1 star Amazon review of Kola Boof lying book
      Diary of a Lost Girl:

      False at its core
      By Philemonon October 13, 2007

      The most essential element of the Kola Boof story is her claim to have been Osama Bin Laden's mistress. Despite relentless self-promotion, her first three books garnered little notice. It was her 2006 autobiography, with its bizarre portrayal of Bin Laden as a sexual predator who digs the B-52s and lusts for Whitney Houston, that propelled Kola Boof's name into the news and onto tens of thousands of websites. The less-than-discriminating decision last year by editors at Harper's magazine to run excerpts from "Diary of a Lost Girl" triggered a spasm of news coverage in the United States and Europe. Media interest in Boof has all but died out now, but without Osama, she never would have had the ride that peaked with cable-news interviews on Fox and MSNBC.

      No one, of course, has been able to interview Bin Ladin to confirm Boof's intimate portrait, and her account of the rest of her life before she launched her Internet career in 2002 is similarly devoid of factual claims that can be verified. In one telling area, however — the alleged Bin Ladin interlude — "Diary" is actually quite explicit about real names, places, and dates. That particular information, it turns out, is surprisingly easy to check…and debunk.

      Boof sets her months-long encounter with Bin Ladin at La Maison Arabe, a very real luxury hotel in Marrakesh. Boof relates how he installed her at the hotel and lived there with her off and on for months. She names the proprietors, Fabrizio Ruspoli and Philippe Cluzel, as "wonderful, friendly people." When her relationship with Bin Ladin was publicized a year after 9-11, Boof writes, Ruspoli saved her from being stripped of her American citizenship by assuring government officials that Bin Ladin had held her against her will. While she was at La Maison Arabe, Boof writes, the managers would tell other guests she was an American celebrity, and so she would overhear her fellow lodgers mistaking her for Whoopi Goldberg, or alternatively, Naomi Campbell. Her stay at La Maison Arabe ended, she says, when Bin Ladin abruptly kicked her out of their suite in June of 1996.

      Those who are intrigued by these specifics might, quite naturally, google La Maison Arabe. And at the hotel's website they would find, on a page dedicated to reviews by the international travel press, that La Maison Arabe did not welcome its first guest until January of 1998.

      For those still having trouble deciding what to make of the Kola Boof story, this is a highly relevant point: she states unequivocably in her "autobiography" that Bin Ladin checked her in to La Maison Arabe almost two years before there was any hotel to check in to.
      It's not a question of a true story and a misremembered year, either. In early 1998, Bin Ladin was hiding out in Afghanistan and issuing his fatwa against America. At the same time, Boof writes, she was traveling the world as a spy for Sudanese anti-government rebels.

      Osama is a double-edged sword for Boof. She succeeded in getting noticed by building her public persona around him, but as simple inquiry reveals, that also makes her story a transparently phony one.


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