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Kris Jenner Sex Tape Soon To Surface?

March 14th, 2013

Kris Jenner Kardashian Sex Tape

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Kris Jenner may have her late ex-hubby to thank for leaking the news of a sex tape starring the Kardashian Matriarch!

Sources say Robert Kardashian Sr. once told O.J. Simpson about overhearing his then wife telling one of her girls about the RRRatchet video. Insiders say if the secret sex tape leaks, it could destroy her brand — and send Bruce packing!!!

Here’s what a source told National Enquirer:

“Robert said Kris was talking about how liberating it was to be filmed having sex and how it was a turn-on to watch herself with her lover. She said she felt like a porn star.
Robert wasn’t sure what to believe, so he told O.J. about it to see what he thought.

Back in the day, when she was cheating on Robert, Kris was capable of anything. If a Kris Jenner sex tape is released, it could destroy the Kardashian brand and be the final straw for her marriage to Bruce, which is already hanging by a thread.”

Here’s 57-year-old Kris Jenner revealing an affair she had with a soccer player 10-years her junior, in her memoir ‘All Things Kardashian‘:

“Wild, crazy sex all the time, sex on the tennis court, sex in the pool house, sex in the garage, sex up and down the stairs, every where, all the time.”

In Season 8 of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ does Kris tell Bruce to get his own place? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Ryan Seacrest.

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18 Comments on "Kris Jenner Sex Tape Soon To Surface?"

March 14, 2013

It was a TJ donkey show.


J Money
March 14, 2013

That graphic is too funny!


March 14, 2013

The sex tape, if it exists, was made when she was younger. It could very well be true since I read on a website something about a “train” that happen many years ago.

Which is why I’m inclined to believe the part in her book when she wrote “wild crazy sex all the time”.

Robert Sr was the one who initiated the divorce because he found Kris in bed with her lover and supposedly the children saw her in bed with Bruce while she was separated from Robert and waiting for the divorce to come through. The divorce is a nasty read.

I often wondered how she managed to succeed like she does when she has no formal training in brokering deals. She was a flight attendant when she married Robert Sr and I have never read anything about her attending classes, to learn this trade, after the divorce. I think I now know….IMO. Sometime you have to do what you have to do. LOL.


March 14, 2013

A sex tape will destroy her brand?!! Whoring IS the kardashian brand!!! And so co sign black pearl- it is no accident this is coming(no pun intended-ok maybe a little) out now. Kris is one of the most business savvy women on earth. Name another individual who could’ve turned a sextape of their spermbucket of a daughter being lazily screwed by a d list r&b singer into stardom. I’ll wait. Right. The only other person that could’ve made that straw into gold is rumplestiltskin. There is a business reason for her digging up this old skeleton and we will find out what it is soon enough. Remember the whole who is khloe’s dad scandal broke conveniently when her book was released. And if her tape is anywhere as boring as kim’s was well… we all know how that turned out. Prepare yourselves for the kris jenner media tour of fake damage control. Smdh.


March 14, 2013

Eww…….. who would watch??





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