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Kris Jenner Signs Up As 31-Year-Old Boy-Toy’s Sugar Mamma!

December 4th, 2013

Kris Jenner Boy Toy

Match made in Hell?

Kris Jenner has no problem with trickin’ off Hard on her new boy-toy … and ‘The Bachelor dude [who's five-years older than Rob Kardashian] has no problem with signing up for the role. Know why? Sources say 31-year-old Ben Flajnik “has a thing for rich, older women” — and that he’s banking on all the bumps, escalations and connections 58-year-old Kris Kougar may bring his way.


“Bruce [64] is saying that Kris is now someone else’s problem. He’s never been happier living alone in Malibu.”

Here’s what the Daily Mail reports:

“In early September she took him and his friends to Joe Francis’ 40,000 square foot mansion in Punta Pita, Mexico. A few weeks later she filmed an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians at his Sonoma winery, giving his spirits a big pr plug.

On October 24 he was her date to her soon-to-be son-in-law Kanye West’s concert in Oakland, California. There was a shopping spree at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills the next day.”


15 Responses to “Kris Jenner Signs Up As 31-Year-Old Boy-Toy’s Sugar Mamma!”

  1. Glittery Pink Heels |

    Well Kris may have met her match with this one. I watched some of his season as the Bachelor and he’s horrible. He chose the one girl on the show that was a model because he was after fame not lovr. It’s clear he’s just PMK type, horny low class and ambitious. They will do well together because she doesn’t mind tricking considering she used to bring her lover for swims in her husbands pool when he was at work.


  2. Aiko |

    I don’t blame Ben for getting with Kris because she has a lot of money and he wants it. Ben wants the expensive shopping sprees, the cars, etc. and only someone like Kris can provide his heart’s desires. If you think he “loves” her, he “loves” her for what she can do for him.

    Kris deserves the impending trouble with this one, but then again she might do alright with him. They deserve each other and LOL @ Bruce’s new found happiness. The Kardashians are a riot!


  3. Vandellish |

    Where can I sign up?


  4. Ms. Gemini |

    I know Bruce giggles himself to sleep at night, knowing that he’s almost free of Kris.

    I bet he’s calling the new dude giving him all the advice he needs to keep his new “suger mama” happy.


  5. Whateva |

    Give me some of those millions and I’d knock the cobwebs off that too. She’s been with Bruce for years, she’s happy for anything.


    YoungSir Reply:

    Is that worth your soul, young one?


  6. CM |

    I am no Kardashian lover but let’s give homegirl her due…she looks darn good for 58! Just sayin’.


  7. Black Pearl |

    This woman don’t care about good or bad publicity as long as she is in the limelight.


  8. Repulsed |

    If Ben loves stretched out labia…then he’s going to be in for a real treat!


    Yea...Sure Reply:

    Shiiiiit I bet she had her labia nipped clipped tucked n sucked…as close as it can get back 2 its original state…i bet when she went to the dr she ordered the 16 yr girl nana!! Lmao Shes got enough money 2 go once a yr to get reserviced!!


    Glittery Pink Heels Reply:

    Lol at ordering the 16 yr old nana. By that you must mean some other 16 yr old, not Kim cuz she already has two years worth of mileage by then, haha….and that little fast behind Kylie is just like her


  9. dimeone |

    Get paid


  10. K2thea |

    What’s with the ponytail that Bruce is sport now, is he able to express himself more now that Kris is out of the way, anyway he will definately be happier good in him I say


  11. K2thea |

    typo ^^^ *Sporting*


  12. K2thea |

    Loool Typo ^^^ *on* — I keep rushing it all through because refresh issues are still happening on here, so it’s a race to write why I rarely come on here these days as Jacky ain’t sorting it man


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