Kris Kardashian Slammed By A Cosby!


Phylicia Rashad Blasts Kardashian Kulture

Failed Family Values?

It takes a lot to cross a Cosby, but one Kardashian has achieved just that! The woman who played 80’s leading TV role model mom, Claire Huxtable, is speaking out against the influence Kris Kadashian is leaving behind as she continues her paper route.

Phylicia Rashad says she’s nothing short of disgusted by the bad influence and shallow lifestyle Kris K is spreading to young impressionable viewers. That’s the gist of what the 64-year-old actress had to say during a recent interview with Steve Harvey, seemingly fearing for the next generation.

Here’s Phylicia Rashad told Steve Harvey:

“I don’t know mothers who act like that. Do I really want to watch that? Is this what I want to do with the moments of this life?”

Here’s what an insider told the National Enquirer:

“She feels Kris represents everything shallow and vulgar about Hollywood. Phylicia believes women should teach their children to be mindful of social issues and the Golden Rule – not sexy clothes, bling and multi-million-dollar contracts.”

Did Kanye West buy into the Kardashian’s lifestyle in order to cover up his bisexuality? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kris Humphries.


  1. Anyone who’d pimp their own daughter getting peed on tape to the highest bidder doesnt deserve to be called mother.

  2. Hey leave Plyiclia alone she’s just speaking her mind about mothers and hollywood and speaking by that why are there any black shows on networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and The CW, huh. Ever since UPN and The WB merged into stupid lane CW there not any black shows on any of these channels accept The Cleveland Show and it’s a cartoon or if a black show had came on any of these networks they would be cancelled quickly why is that. Thank god for BET, TV one, and Centric, even TBS with the Tyler Perry shows and TV Land with The Soul Man. I miss when all black shows were in every network.

  3. I still can’t get over the fact she’s not with Ahmad Rashad anymore. I also can’t believe he married the Johnson heir and got dumped by her!

  4. No one wants their kids role model to be a lying slut that gets pissed on a walks around with a full fledged FAGGOT as A boyfriend

      • Her past coke use is a known fact…has been for a couple of decades. She must have had some really expensive coke, b/c it never altered her appearance!

  5. As much as I hate her,Hillary said the same thing about Kim K a couple of Years ago.There are a lot of women who see through the BS.

  6. wait a minute! when did kim.k get pissed on? and by who? Im so over kim kardashian she so thirsty been thirsty, and finally having a baby with someone she been fuckking since she been married. I think she knows she nobody’s role model smh

    • Kim got pissed on by Ray-J. That scene was erased from the tape. I’m sure other men have pissed on her too. Kim K has been fucking long before she met Ray-J

  7. Hoes like the Kartrashians have been around since the beginning of time.
    It seems there is no end to or concern for the young minds the Kartrashians will debauch. Therefore, people may want to instill a resistence in the minds of their children, to protect them from slutbag, depraved whores like Kim and Kris Kardashian.
    As parents we are essential we instill in our sons that whores are not WIVES or The MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN. It is our duty to educate our daughters on the necessity of being a virtuous woman and the benefits of that undertaking . We are the ones who give the Kartrashians and alike a market to serve.

  8. “nothing short of disgusted by the bad influence and shallow lifestyle Kris K is spreading to young impressionable viewers”

    …same exact thing is happening in Hip-Hop…even if you protect your kids from the madness that the media is programming kids with, your kid’s friends are gonna be programmed; so… – better start saving for private school NOW

  9. Phylcia Rashad is correct, however she better be careful because she has a past; a very controversial past! The hollywood demons have no problem exposing black women like Ms. Rashad. She can criticize the KKK’s if she wants, but her past could land on the tabloid magazine pages very soon. Is she ready to handle that? I hope so. You know hollywood hates black women!

    • what can kris expose except the fact that her hubby was a coke sniffin bisexual disco singer from the 70’s.

      unless kris digs up some dirt we don’t know about.

      we all know bill likes jello pudding the other kind if you know what I mean.

      • CrazyChris,

        You have some issues with black men you deem to be homosexual or go that way. You’re obsessed with MJ and constantly put that mess on here about him. Now it’s Bill Cosby. It’s clear that they are not the problem, especially since Michael is dead and you spend too much of your time in here beating on his corpse, but the problem is YOU.

        People who go on and on about who they think are gay or cross dressers or transsexual have some personal issues and maybe it’s you who likes the other kind of jello pudding.

        • I was talking about kris exposing phylicia’s and bill’s dirry laundry.

          bill’s infidelity was already exposed I was talking about his sex scandals not his sexual preference.

          tell your favorite celebs to quit ating gay folks on this board are still discussing joseline’s gender.






          seen the elephant man lately?

    • Thing is, we already know (at least what we were told), so I don’t think it would have much effect. I guess some would call her a hypocrite, but she seemingly cleaned herself up, while Kris’s grown ass is STILL on some midlife crisis, money hungry, I think I’m at my sexual peak, APimpNamedSlickBitch BS

  10. kris trained her well. kris is an old groupie from the o.j. simpson glory days. kim bearding for kanye gay arse

  11. bill slammed the osbournes as being bad influences.

    sharon dissed bill back calling him old and a hasbeen.

  12. Who are Sharon Osborne or Kris Jenner? Bill Cosby I know. Would Sharon be famous if she weren’t married to Ozzie? Would Kris be know if her daughter’s sex tape wasn’t publicized.

    If I were Phylicia Rashad, I’d tell Kris to bring it. Phylicia is an American and is protected by her first amendment rights. She has a right to speak her mind. The Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest have created a whole new industry on becoming a brand based on trash tv. Why Lamar is in it, I don’t know. Silly black man. Khloe and his ex could almost be twins. Hmmm

    • sharon’s dad was in the industry she was set before she married ozzy.

      but yes ozzy and sharon devil worshipping asses are rock and roll royalty among whites since they were part of the british invasion along with all those other crowley fans the uk brought us.

      trash reality tv sells now and it’s what’s in.

      as long as the kardashians bring ratings were gonna get that whole fa mily crammed down our throats.

      hell with lamar’s marriage to khloe she must have had some good sex.

    • I agree, Lamar is an idiot for joining in on that rachetness! Some men will fall for anything. One man’s turd is another man’s cream doughnut!!!

  13. It is not Phylicia they would come for, it would be her sis, Debbie Allen. I will let others on here who can do such a better job than I can tell you about Ms. Allen.

    They have another sis who was a porn star.

    Once you sign up for Hollyweird, you lose your First Amendment rights.

  14. LOL “Once you sign up for Hollyweird, you lose your First Amendment rights”? Did she lose her citizenship? Don’t run for office, here? You can get a free copy of the Constitution sent to the comforts of your very own home. Do a Google search. Read it.

    Nobody cares what you or anybody else knows about Debbie, Phylicia, or their sister. All some of you got to do is spend time talking some second hand doo doo about people who have done more with their lives than a lot of people. Look at how much time you’re wasting.

  15. And when you can stand sinless before the Creator of the world, check back in and slam Debbie, Kris, Phylicia and everyone else in “Hollyweird” all you want.

    • 14GT: Faggot on the P.R. payroll. You basic little three-legged bitch, Of course Hollyweirders don’t literally lose their First Amendment rights, but it is an unwritten rule in Hollyweird, let he who is without tea cast the first stone.

      Don’t come here wasting my time and your time pontificating on who and what we should comment about. It is an entertainment gossip site, and your azz is also here. Damn controlling fa**ot. As for what I or anyone else knows, obviously a lot of people do care given that Jacky has over 1M hits a month.

  16. it would be all about who’s making the most money really.

    tom cruise was pissed at southpark for dissing him as a closet homo but paramount took matt stone’s and trey parker’s side cause southpark was making the network billions of dollars and they dismissed tom cruise who’s a top notch player.

    it’s all about who’s bringing in the dollars and the money if phylicia wants to slam kris even futher fine the kardashians are in and on top so they’ll win the beef.

    what’s pylicia, debbie or even bill cosby doing these days that matter to white hollywood.

  17. yall niggas crack me up thinking any of this shit matters.

    how you know “claire” WASN’T sniffing columbian gold and slobbing the finest johnsons in hollywood between takes? do you know her personally and were you there?

    you fukkin tv babies need to grow the fuck up and realize that ALL people and situations coming out of hollywood ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

    • shit, it has already been proven that “cliff huxtable” was sexually harrassing bitches behind the scenes (why the fuck do you think lisa bonet REALLY left the show?) and was fucking around on his wife.

      grow up fools. the shit you see on tv is FAKE.

  18. bill did drugs, he had his time he done everything him and quincy did a lot of things together.

    bill and quincy did a album back in the day plus quincy provided theme music for the first cosby show in the 70’s.

    bill took his 15 minutes and strectched it.

    his dark side was hanging with quincy and other jazz greatswho was into heavy drug use like miles davis and was cool with richard pryor yes bill seen and took part in lots of drug use.

    phylicia’s ex hubby was a village people homo and yes they did drugs together.

    bill got mad cause lisa married lenny kravitz and would’nt give him no more sex after him and debbie went out their way to give her a spinoff.

    she did’nt get a spinoff for nothing you know.

    bill still mad at lisa would’nt let her take part in none of the reunions.

    plus bill love having phylicia as a tv wife yes they was sexing.

    think bill was sexing all of lisa and tempestt tv friends too.

    erica alexander and karen malina white were on there too back in the 90’s.

    reminds me of the livin single episode where karen played a dyke admitting her love to erica’s max character saying she had a crush for years since they was in college and tey were both playing college kids on cosby show.

    malcolm jamal warner had a tounge ring and there was rumors of him and bill having an affair.

    • I wuz with you through MJW having a tounge ring because I can easily see that shit.

      But Bill – as fucked up as his shit was/is – is not gay. So naw to him boning MJW.

      In any case, these negroes are definitely not the people they portrayed on tv.