L.A. Reid Doesn’t Remember Dead Homey’s!


LA Reid & Shakir Stewart Conspracy

HSK Exclusive – L.A. Reid is being blasted for failing to fund the 2008 funeral of his secret ex-boyfriend. Don’t believe me.. Ask rapper Rick Ross.

Though we can’t say exactly how long L.A. Reid was dating Shakir Stewart, we can tell you the pair dated during the time Stewart climbed quickly to the top of Def Jam Records, landing a Senior Vice President title.

That’s before [an uninsured] Stewart committed suicide on November 1, 2008, and Reid reportedly refused to cover burial costs — leaving Jezzy and rapper Rick Ross to pitch on the funeral.

Here’s the drop:

“L.A. Reid is a total freak. Dude is into golden showers, and he turned out his wife Erica into a stud. L.A. Reid used to host all the DL parties in Atlanta, before Devyne Stephens took over.”

Shakir Stewart Abandoned by BF LA Reid


  1. Wow.. all these homies look ‘Frosty’ except for maybe the two on the end. Damn I guess each one turn one huh.. smh

  2. Fruit loop troop. Thats funny. Could that nicca look any gayer in the top photo? Even that niccas scarf is trying to break free.


  4. Jacky, why are u lying and slandering Shakir? LA was his mentor and you still stealing old tea from a message board. The deyvane news is also recycled, why do u report on old news that’s already been dropped by other blogs. Get u some news and some new news and get your facts straight.


  5. I do believe LA preyed on Shakir for sexual favors. So sad may he RIP

    And some people still don’t believe that this is the way the industry rolls.

    “You got big dreams?’ “You want fame?” Well fame cost.”

    A lot of bending and spreading eagle goes on in order for one to get put on and into the upper echelon of the industry. The higher the level, the bigger the devil. For Real

  6. I guess they figgered let LA blow in they booty for a promotion. Life is about choices.

  7. Notice, we don’t never hear ANYTHING about Babyface. After, Tracey went to Eddie, I’m convinced that she’s a beard. Wonder why Babyface’s tea never spills….

    • I don’t believe Babyface is a predator. He is a undercover lover and doesnt use his position to clearly take advantage of other men. LA Reid is a straight PREDATOR who wouldnt get any ass without the little power he has left in the industry. He’s short, ugly and repulsive. Only the most desperate of men would lay down with him. The ex-wives of these men always turn to God because only God can wash the stink of the Devil off of you.

          • I dont remember the details but he supposed to be writing her a hit, tripped and fell in tha coochie. Somebody here remembers. Bout a year ago.

            • that was fine a$$ james debarge daughter. I don’t know what happened to her singing, but if you watch the debarge behind the music, LA is definitely on there so clearly he knows the fam from way back. If he did hit it its gross because that means he was waiting for her even before she became legal, and she is definitely older than 18 but I know we have to start the age lying game early.

              According to the chick from “one day at a time” in her book she said that Mick Jagger told her he had been waiting to smash since she was 13… so there it is.

        • Wherever she is, somebody better watch that girl’s nostril(s) and pray she doesn’t get involved in ‘the family business.’ Speaking of the family, that was the most disturbing episode of ‘Unsung’ I’ve ever seen.

          • as for la knowing the debarges from way back well yes la and the deele surfaced in the 80’s so yeah they knew those crackhead debarges.

    • Babyface is a hottie, no he doesn’t look or act gay, he has a new wife. Seems that Tracey took lots of money and bolted. I hope L.A. isn’t a gay. His new wife has changed in recent years, from an innocent mom to dressing like a stripper, a drag queen. I thought, who in the world is she trying to attract, she’s got a goldmine on her arm. Something’s not right when your man’s dressed in dapper suits and you are in hot pants, glitter gowns, and other weird, mismatched, tasteless, unstylish, and cheap-looking outfits . With all that money why doesn’t she have a stylist? Pebbles was the real deal in terms of having class and style.

  8. Well, is he or isn’t he? Where are the real insiders? Is LA Reid a powerful music head that does or does not require sex from men that are signed to his label. Where is the investigative coverage. Why did Shakir commit suicide? Are there any men that can testify that they had to do sex acts to get put on? Give us the whole tea bag with no chaser, not tea leaves that can be discredited. Come on HSK – bring it!

  9. My nigga V on the end is the only real GANGSTER CRIP in the pic. It’s terrible niggas b given they souls up to make it WOW

  10. Notice when they in the closet guys like Eddie Murphy, LA Reid, Kevin Liles, etc. hires a beard its usually a half breed woman?
    A woman who is not accepted as white by other whites but black people know they are definitely not black either but are forced to accept them as so because white folks created the system that way.
    If these black undercovers are even more brave they go out and get a straight up Caucasian woman like Jason Collins.
    Very rarely do you see a black woman with two black parents involved in these beard situations because its not in the nature of the authentic black woman to get down like that.. Being involved in lesbianism and tolerating their mates being involved in homosexual acts is a white woman thing.

    • Hmmm, so you are basically stating that these men on the DL only marry and/or date mixed women??? Jada Pinkett Smith is not mixed or is she?? Jennifer Hudson who is engaged (I think) to David is black and I have heard rumors that he is on the DL??? Megan Goode’s husband, who is a prducer and a preacher, is rumored to be on the DL. I commented on another article about Kevin Liles and his wife yesterday. I think that if a black woman stays with her husband, while knowing of his sexual escapades with men, then she is there for the money, fame, power, etc… I understand your point that you were trying to make but it seems like there are some black women who will deal with men on the DL.


        • Wondered why the “big music mogul” quickly married this cutesy but unattractive, mixed-breed woman from nowhereland, got her teeth fixed, got her a makeover and some new clothing, got her hair styled, knocked her up twice, and then put her out there to represent him as his arm candy?

  11. “Very rarely do you see a black woman with two black parents involved in these beard situations because its not in the nature of the authentic black woman to get down like that..” <<–You got that right. The more prevalent the admixture, the stronger the cavemen gene traits and behavioral tendencies that are anti-nature.

    • SORRY TO TELL YA THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THAT STATEMENT. We are all humans before we are categorized by our color. That being said I have seen good families with both parents involved and broken families with just one involved parent go thru this. I don’t understand why ppl make a race an issue when it’s not needed. There are real racial issues in life but this is not one of them….

  12. @ Patricia. You are absolutely right. My best friend who is in her early 40s and is African American is married to a man who is on the DL. If you were to see them as a couple, the first thing you would think is, “Wow, they are a beautiful black couple.” They are very successful as well. He is a Software Engingeer for Apple and she is the head Oncologist for Cancer of America. They have no kids by choice since they both came from huge families. They both donate plenty of money to different charities and have been married for ten years. Her husband told her about his sexual preference. They have known each other since elementary school. I asked her how could she deal with a man like that? Her response was that they both have an open relationship. She has her own money but he still buys her whatever she may need or want. She knows about the men. She is bisexual but is more attracted to men more. According to her, their marriage works because they are honest with each other about every aspect of their life whether it’s who they are having sex with, the job, other family members, etc…

    My point is that there are black women who will deal their significant other beingn the DL. You’d be surprised?? And speaking of celebrites being involved with men on the DL, isn’t Farnsworth Bentley engaged and/or marred to a black woman?? And if I am not mistaken, she was pregnant by him as well???

    • Why would you put them on blast like that? It’s easy to find out who she is because you mentioned the Cancer Center of America. You just told the whole world they are filthy fakes.

      • No, I did not say which one!! There are plenty of them. Duh!!! Haven’t u seen the commerical??? I did not mention the exact location!!! Helloorrrrrr!!!!

    • Exactly. Their are alot of black women married to gay men. Look at Valerie Simpson and Nick Ashford. It used to be a white thing, but now black women have no problems with it. They will marry a gay man either because he can dress his azz off, he can relate to women better, lonliness, money or because she’s lesbian herself. My cousin told me she is talking to a openly bisexual man. But I believe she’s hiding the fact that she’s a lesbian as her ex-husband was gay as well. Black women act like they don’t know that they are dating a bisexual man when it is clear to see to everyone else he is flaming. Especially when they marry those church attending men or ministers.

      What I notice is most gay men don’t mind marrying promiscuous women and promiscuous women become desperate to get married by someone and end up marrying gay men.

        • jackee harry, and alaina reed both married flaming queers and pretended they did’nt know alaina’s hubby died with aids.

          jennifer holiday was married to a white fag with aids.

          plenty of women don’t mind being married to a gay man as long as he’s a good provider.

          cher was married to a fag and cried when it did’nt work out.

          • Chris you must be talking about David Geffen because both of Cher’s husbands were certifiably straight. Sonny Bono and Greg Allman were two very well known lotharios of women.

            Now Cher LIVED with several gay or thought to be gay dudes:
            David Geffen
            Tom Cruise
            Val Kilmer
            Richard Baskin

            Her other serious lover Gene Simmons I think we can all agree is straight.

          • they were both part of that old motown swinging crowd it was widely known that tammi terrell slept with everybody at motown as well.

  13. Daisey & Patricia, I am a 52 year old gay black man and I am married to a 49 year old black man. We have been married for six years. When I was in my 20s, I dated a black man who was married to a black woman. I did not know he was married. When I confronted him, he admitted that his wife knew about his DL activity. He took out his cell phone and called his wife. He put the call on the speaker phone and he told his wife that he was with me. And she told him not to be late and to pick up the kids’ medicine from the pharmacy. I was in total shock. He explained to me that his wife is aware of his DL affairs and all that she ask is that he does not bring home any STDs, pays all of the bills, take care of the kids’ needs, etc. I could not believe it!

    • THANK YOU!!! It’s not about race….its’ about a persons preference….be it open relationship or for monetary reason….race is not a factor

      • I am a black woman and I would never compromise my health or integrity by staying married to a man I know is taking it up the ass or sticking another man in the ass. Why would anyone woman in her right man want a shit infested penis in her vagina? People don’t realize how disgusting their behavior is.

        • Thank you. Another Black woman co-signing here. I can’t speak for 100% of Black women, but the majority of the ones I know are not down with the anal sex where we shit. Feces on a dick is not appealing. And no, I hope to God I never find out a man I am involved with is on the DL – he will have hell to pay! I mean it – putting me at health risk for his frickin’ perversion. Hell no! Keep away from me you nasty, cowardly men that don’t have the guts to be honest. If you like dick – go where there is dick – and leave me the *uck alone!

      • I think race is a factor. The fact that many black and now mixed race people don’t want to admit is black people were not into these sick sexual practices until we were conquered by the freed prisoners from England who migrated to North America, Australia, Africa, etc.

        We weren’t into homosexuality like that. It wasn’t apart of our culture but we can go back into the Europeans documented history in Rome and Greece and you can see that not only homosexuality is apart of their historical records but also pedophilia, incest and bestiality. You can pretend that having these peoples DNA mixed in our bloodline doesn’t give us increased disposition to their practices and mindset but we are only fooling ourselves if we choose to ignore the scientific and historical data.

        • Sorry your data is wrong. There is documented evidence that same sex attracted men lived in Africa in segmented communities. They were visited by other men for sexual favors. Right there in Africa. The claim that we are different by nature is the same thing white racists say about us. The violence, the killings, the deadbeat dads, the abandoned women and on it goes. Human nature is the same everywhere. Africa may not have glorified homosex like Greece but it was there and they didn’t need Europeans to introduce it to them

        • Man You are one misinformed pro-Afrocenticism dude. You think every thing u don’t agree with that a Blk man do id because of white man blood.

          I seen a lot of shit while on the African continent from folks who aint never seen a white man face, and some of that shit would fuck u up.

      • LOLOLOL… I was thinking the same thing, but it could have been possible. One of those super old phones that look like a brick, I’m not sure about the speaker phone feature back then though!

        • Speakers came with flips and nextels. My 1990 motorola brick damn sho sint have one.

      • The first handheld cellphone was invented by Motorola in 1973. The first commercial cellphone to hit the US market was the Motorola DynaTAC in 1983.

        And raical background has NOTHIGN to do w/which women ptu up w. a man on the DL & which ones dont’ I firmly beleive Barack is gay & Michelle knew — maybe not when he first married her, but soon afterwards. baca

        • (sorry – the damn cat walked right across my keyboard chasing after a lightning bug!)

          I think that Michelle was tired of being the breadwinner & want to live large. (Remember that Obama wasn’t making any real money til he sold his first book.) The Powers That Be filled her in on the plan to get him to the White House, which meant they’d be more than set for life. The chance to become the first Black First Lady, all the perks & future earnings that wd come from that, seemed like a fair trade-off for being a beard. All she had to do was agree to be a good mom, then be the smart, supportive political wife, then enjoy being First Lady if it all worked out. And I’ll be damned — both of Michelle’s parents are Black!

          Being bi-racial has nothing to do w/a woman choosing to marry or stay married to a gay man. It is NOT some genetic trait passed on by White genes. It’s all about yr personal morality vs. money, power & respect.

          Walk into any Black church on a Sunday morning & you’ll find PLENTY of Sisters — from ALL kinds of families — sitting in the first row bearding for their faggot husband, whether he’s in the pulpit, directing the choir or one of the deacons. When yr Christian faith is an accessory you use to impress people, like yr Tracy Reese dress or yr Louboutin shoes, moral compromises are easy.

          And I think the reason even health-conscious Sisters can rationalize having a gay husband is that once they’ve had kids, the sex stops. So they don’t have to worry abt catching something from his dirty dick. If they still want sex on the regular, they find a discreet man to be their sidepiece. But my heart really goes out the the Obama girls. They demonic shit they’re learning behind the scenes will probably scar them for life once they really grasp it.

          Personally, there ain’t enuf money, fame or high-fashion ON EARTH to make me stay w/a gay man. But folks who don’t really believe in God don’t believe there will be a Judgement Day.

  14. In response to Anonymous as to why a woman would stay married to a man on the DL, and based on the comments I read above as well as my own thoughts, I would think that a woman would stay with a man on the DL because she is either too in love with him, has kids by the DL man and does not want to break up her family, he is the sole provider to the family, she might have low self esteem etc.. There are a variety of reasons depending on who you ask. And notice I use the word “woman” and I did not label the woman as black, white, asian, hispanic, etc… Mermaid said it above earlier when she said and I quote “It’s not about race….its’ about a persons preference….be it open relationship or for monetary reason….race is not a factor.”

    • There ain’t that much damn love in the world. DL men are cowards and sick! And it is about race for the most part. Black men used to always say that they went to white or Asian women to get things done that Black women weren’t doing. When I used to hang out with the ballers, they wanted a white girl because he knew he could have anal sex with her from the jump. A good friend of mine told me he used to go to the Asian massage parlors to have anal sex with Asian women. For the most part, it is non-Black women. Not to say there aren’t Black women that participate – but for the most part we all know the truth. Don’t get stupid!

      • Not true! I am a freak who is married and I love to please my husband and he pleases me as well. I know plenty of black women, which I am, who are freaks and do some very freaky things with their husbands. So the next question would be, how do I know this? I know because I am in the process of writing a book that deals with different ways to please your man and I have interveiwed 35 black couples in my area with some very freaking stories of pleasing each other. DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS! I am so sick and tired of BLACK WOMEN saying they don’t do this, they don’t do that, etc… If you don’t do it for whatever reasons, just keep in mind that they are other women and men who will please them. In my opinion, women need to be more open when it comes to pleasing their men and I am not only referring to ANAL SEX!

  15. Hello everyone. I read all of the comments and I have some comments that I need to make. To Patricia, I DO NOT feel that you outed your friend by stating her job because there are plenty of cancer locations and Apple locations. Now, if you had named the exact locations, that would be a different story. And if that that person thinks you were wrong, she can do her own research and call and/or visit each location and give a description to the Human Resource Department and see what type of response they give her??? LOL. I also agree that there are women who are married to Gay/DL men. Either the women doesn’t know or there is some type of arrangement going on. To Todd, you proved that there are some BLACK women who are aware of their partner’s DL relationship and I commend you for stating that comment on this particular blog. And I also agree that black women are not the only race who deal with their mates being on the DL for whatever reason!

    • Mary you also have to keep this sodomy fueled culture in its proper context. That meaning that this is all happening on the watch of global European/Caucasian domination.
      This is their empire and they make the rules and accepts of rejects cultural norms by what is allowed and accepted as normalcy.

      I have researched extensively the records of the reign of 1000’s of years of Nubian culture and empires in ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, Mali, Songhay, Ghana, Kush etc. and I have found no evidence of gay marriage, bestiality or pedophila.

      The closest I have found dealing with pedophila in that region to Africa is the Turks and Arabs practice of pedophilia is Arabia and the Middle East after they settled their from Russia and Turkey.

        • The same way you have a agenda.Black civilization lasted as long as it did because it takes men being men to ensure women and children can be free.thats the reason why blk males are put in jail.To break them before they become men.The whole prison rape thing(of young boys).Even whites document what happens to children in this situation.Watch the movie sleepers.If you google pedestry,you will find that it originated with the Greeks.Not Africa.Get your facts straight.Also keep in mind that Greece and Rome colonized Egypt.thus the introduction of cultural homosexual acts,I.E.systematiced homosexuality.keep in mind also Rome ruled North Africa.debasing that culture as well.If people looked objectively at the word colonized.You would see the word colon,I.E shat.When they debase a culture they make a people into shat heads.How so rape and torture to confuse the victim.As well as disassociation.So that they will never see the games people run and play.Sound like any group of people we know(negros).So quit trying to run that b.s. game about there was accepted openly gay people(by society).Again ,I’m not saying homosexual behavior didn’t happen thier in Africa.I’m saying that the African cultural consitution(which few people know about or existence)Forbids it not out of hate.Simply because it doesn’t produce life as well as it breeds confusion.Also keep in mind that if you creator wanted you to tear a man a new one.You wouldn’t have to because his body would be designed for that.No false arguement constructed by gay media can change that fact………….Something you should think about in terms of your agenda.Gooday

  16. But if Shakir was a music exec…y wasn’t there money to bury him? Music exec’s make quite a bit of money, right?

  17. The last thing any intelligent woman would want is a vagina full of e-coli.
    White women don’t care about that kinda stuff or herpes because they have a different moral code.
    They don’t care about long term consequences when it comes to sex. But they are good with their finances

  18. To generalize all white women is offensive and frankly, just plain ignorant. There are women of all races and cultures that find this type of situation repulsive and would not stand for it!

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