La La Vazquez’s Lesbian Liaison In Lieu Of Melo…


La La & Carmelo Headed for Divorce

Licker License Trumps Marriage License?

As word of La La and Carmelo Anthony being headed for divorce continues to spread, reports of the reality television personality setting her sites on another is being revealed. According to an insider, La La Vasquez has the hots for a certain woman. Though we can’t confirm the identity of the mystery lady, we can tell you she is a member of La La’s entourage.

This news comes as sources say La La and Melo rang in the New Year in separate cities, before La La headed to Atlanta to live full time – with her reported soon-to-be ex-hubby set up in New York City.

Here’s what Sandra Rose had to say about the split:

“La La recently returned to her old stomping grounds in Atlanta, and tongues were wagging about a certain chick in La La’s entourage who she couldn’t take her eyes off.

Then La La jetted off to Miami, where she rang in the New Year at a luxury South Beach hotel without Melo, who partied in New York with friends.

Insiders say La La and Melo are still courteous to each other, for the sake of their son and they still go out in public together to keep up appearances. But La La has reportedly moved on — with Melo’s blessing!”

Did Carmelo Anthony direct a temper tantrum at Kevin Garnett – during Monday night’s game between the Knicks and the Celtics – because he had his cheating wife on his mind? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask La La Vasquez’s BFF and licker licence buddy Trina.


  1. How does kEVIN Garnett know that La La tastes like Honey Nuts Cheerios?

    Now this is a good story Jacky….Keep these coming.

  2. Nasty. Melo was probably fine with the idea of his wife being bi-sexual when he was included in her trysts. Now, not so much. It’s sad to see another marriage fail though–and with a child involved. I can only wish them the best.

    • I agree. People just don’t take marriage seriously anymore. I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to realize God do everything for a reason. He want things done the way he intended them to be done for reasons. I pray things work out for them. She wanted another baby he didn’t I wonder if this is really the reason they getting a divorce.

  3. These marriages with lesbian wives bring women home for threesomes dont last…

    Maybe Melo is queer too?…No straight man would ever have children with such a woman…Only a dude who is trying to prove he is macho but is really gay.

    Dont believe me ask Black Chyna and Tygga/.

  4. They think its all fun and games in the beginning, but as my stepmother used to tell me, if somebody tells you exactly who they are, you ought to believe it. And if La La said staright up I like the crunch, Melo should not have taken that lightly, especially if he thought that he would honestly spend any significant amount of time married to her. When its all said and done things like this WILL end your marriage as we have clearly seen so many times before

  5. It seems these 2 were doomed from the start.I mean they were engaged for almost 8 years. It’s like she wanted to be known and know she is so she don’t need Melo no more. U live and ya learn.

  6. its sad to hear about them getting a divorce. she seems like she loves him dearly but he just doesnt budge. he is not charasmatic with at all. i hope they work it out.

      • The contract ended and so did the marriage. Ask Kelly Rowland who LaLa has been eating out. The answer would be .. Kelly.

        Carmelo was never really into LaLa and he kept a slew of side pieces. They married for show. Not a love union. On her show she asked Melo if they could have another baby. That spoke volumes to me. I’m glad that she respected his wishes and did t have a baby by an unwilling man. However, the fact that she had to ask made me whince… she knew her situation was t stable enough to bring another child into the picture. Asking him made it look as though the problem was him instead of the problem being their relationship as a whole.

      • Yes, I have to agree with you all. From the little I’ve observed, the chemistry between them always seemed a bit awkward.

    • Yup! I agree! On their show he seemed as if he was always irritated with her.

      I remember the scene where “kelly” was over cooking pancakes to make a long story short. LaLa leaned in to ask him to give her some instead (he gave her the stank look “D**n I’m trying to eat)

      I looked at the screen like woooah he ain’t feeling her like that

  7. How the hell are you gonna fall in love, marry and have children with one of the dykes in the threesome?

    He’s a sensitive ass niggas too…KG got in that head and made Melo all emotional…Couldnt even make his layups…Im convinced Melo is a bisexual…Im sure KG said more than what was reported.

    • No, Kevin like to talk too much shit on da court. That don’t work on everybody. KG was scared to get on that bus after Melo was reported waiting for him after the game. That trash talk didn’t serve no purpose. Melo from da hood, this ain’t no bullshit bench player KG talkin to. I bet KG shut his damn mouth next time they meet for a game. It was only a matter of time before another nigga check KG on that bullshit again.

      • KG is a punk…He talk shit on the court where he knows there are teammates, referees, police, security to hold people back…Mano y mano, I doubt KG would say what he says without the benefit of a controlled environment….Just because Melo is queer, doesnt mean he wont knock KG out cold….Q-Tip knocked Phife Dog out for the same stuff, but Phife was 5-4″ and had diabetes and kidney failure at the time.

      • @ATL Bully, I’m glad you see it the same way I do! Its about time someone checked KG on his BS!

  8. Any proof she’s cheating? Maybe they are moving on and they can see anyone they want. Im sure melo is sleeping with some new chick.

  9. She wanted “them” more than he did. He comes of aloft, cold and indifferent… No chemistry between these 2. These people watch their own reality shows so they get to see what we see. It can be the honest mirror that leads to Real-ity exposure followed by a divorce. next

  10. There’s been rumors of Melo with good lookin tranny’s for years…so he’s dyckly and does women.

    • Josh
      I agree with you 1000%

      Downlow women (including Oprah) are the dirty little secret in the African American community. And they do specialize in destroying families. They dont like men and are anti-family and if your girl is straight, they try to convince her to step out with them so they can be bitter lonely lesbians also.

      People talk about downlow men. I bet its almost 10x more likely ,nowadays especially, to find a woman who deals with lesbianism than it is to find a man who deals with sodomy.

      • btw.

        Oprah calls her dogs her “children”…

        With all the black children in foster care and orphanages, thats a damn shame…Then again, judging by what happened in her school in south Africa, it may not be a good idea for her and Gayle to be around teenage girls.

        • Oh stop w/that nonsense. I know PLENTY of women without kids that call their cats/dogs their kids. I work with a woman that has 2 dogs; they have their own rooms, etc… stop reaching :o)

    • DL men dont usually have access to families…Downlow men usually dont come around under the guise of being a friend and try to talk someones husband to go clubbing…Thats what DL women do because they usually have much more access and sway under the guise of being a “girlfriend”

      • @ Anonymous 9:27-10:07
        You enlightened me quite a bit. As a woman who is definitely srtickly dickly I hadn’t really thought so much about the DL sistas.

      • DL men have access to their OWN family…. they leave and sneak out to get fucked in the ass or to fuck some big hairy ass nigga in the ass. Rolling around sweating in the sheets with ANOTHER grown man. Two big greasy mofos fucking and one or both LEFT his family at home to do this shit. Wife finds out and leaves HIS nasty ass FOR REAL. WTF are you talkumbout?

    • Yes Kelly, Ceeairra, Serena, all got lick a licenses. Dang, I lub Dyck too much to get turned out. Sad!!!

      • @DEEP N THA WOODS-me and you both!! Lol! But be clear these girls don’t get turned out they get tricked. These lezzies catch them between boyfriends or after a bad breakup and swoop in. They pretend to be their friend and get them to open up about their problems and talk about how lonely they are. Then they fill their head with a bunch of oprah/tyler perry/terri mcmillan nonsense about how they don’t need a man. “All you need is us and we’ll never leave you”is what they tell them. It’s the same rap used by pimps and gangs to get new recruits to join up. I’ve seen it done first hand at my job. There was a gay woman at my job and she set her sights on a new girl. The new girl was 22 and the gay chick was 41. The new girl made the mistake of telling the gay chick all about her problems with her man and the gay chick played the role like she was her friend. Gave her her number and told her to call her if she needed to talk. She did and not three weeks later her and the gay chick were kissing in the parking lot. Me and my co worker who had been peeping the whole scenario(they both work on the shift before ours) said-the gay bitch got another victim!! It is so subtle and non threatening they don’t see it coming and it’s usually younger girls cuz us older chicks can spot that shit a mile away! It’s nonviolent pimpery-they get them to give them what they want minus the threats and beatings. Damn shame!!!

  11. The reality show curse has struck again. When you put your “real life” on television you take the chance of your skeletons coming out of the closet.

  12. if you really sit back and think about it, most people who get involved in “reality” shows are already drama queens…No real man is going to want a camera following him around unless he’s already into drama…
    The women are mostly prostitutes, groupies , sex industry workers, etc. and the men are Hollywood AC/DC…

  13. I don’t care for this LaLa broad at all because on several occasions shes attempted to Aloof herself from being black..Fuck this Golddigger!Carmelo or any man who thinks there gonna have a future with any of these woman they meet after they become Rich are Disingenuous..Where was LaLa when Carmelo was at Syracuse?lol..

    • Cosign, but these brothas gotta have it,

      so they gonna get it!

      I hear Scottie Pippen’s wife has him haulin’ her whole family, cousin’s etc. into the good life.

      Chad Ochocinco got his ass kicked by kickin’ his wife’s ass

      Now Carmello’s wife decides to come out!

      The scandal ain’t that she bi, cuz most of them are up there, but she is dissin’ him publicly.

      I wanna ask all da brothas in da spotlite:

      How dat Latin’ thang workin’ out fo ya?

  14. La La got what she wanted…A publicity push and some media play….Now on to the next Hollywood project for her.

  15. This was no secret AT ALL!! Carmello isn’t the shiniest penny in the fountain and hell stevie wonder could see this one. Your wife hangs around two out of the closet lesbians(strike one), just about all her “girlfriends”are gay or bi or have reps as being such(strike two) and you have a job where you are hardly ever home to be with her(strike three). YOU’RE OUT-LITERALLY!!! You can’t make a hoe a housewife and you can’t make a gay woman straight and lala has ALWAYS been gay. Period. The first time i watched LFCL i saw how she acted with dice and po and said she’s gay! And the fact that she had no chemistry with carmello was another indicator. They never came off like they were in love. He came off like he was just with her for the sake of their son and we all know staying in it for the kids never works.

  16. No chemistry? They’ve been together for more than 10 years. Y’all think they gonna look in love 24/7 with cameras and stuff in their face and stuff? Carmelo doesn’t even seem to like cameras anyway and always look a bit off in pictures.

    They’ve made a nice looking couple but it seems like they have some problmes in their marriage. Good luck to them though.

  17. I just wanna say that from the first time I saw LaLa on MTV long before her reality show when she was just a host, I was struck by how much she favored (looks and mannerisms) an old high school friend on the girlz hoops team.
    I just went to my reunion and Sharlanette was there with her wife and 4 children in tow. Nuff said.

    • whats wrong with having a tiny dick? just because Im black Im supposed to be packin’? I do what i need to do with my 2″ and thats plenty nuff.

      • Fuck u stuntfag. U come on here wit cho pitiful little granny gangbang story now u wanna post under another mans handle. Tell yo stankin mammy she can brush now. That aint how u get bluetooth.

      • And just how much does it pay to be a Stuntman in gay porn ? Tell granny massa be there bout 715. Grease up this time.

  18. Truth to all those callin’ out the undercover dykes in the AA community. They are shit starters, men haters, women haters, trouble makers, they are the devil’s side pieces and proud of it.

    • Men haters?? Really?? You sound really dumb. Newsflash Women who dig women obviously ain’t checking for men. They don’t like men sexually but that does not equate to hate. You must be a dumb ass arrogant male to say stuff like that.

  19. Now everybody knows exactly what to say to Melo during Playoff time, when the game is really on the line.

    He shouldnt have never let everybody know what his Kyrptonite was…The fans are going to use it too.

  20. Yeah the trouble making dykes or gays period are theee worst. Im sooo sick of everybody being gay! I tell you where the black people black family is going NO WHERE! We are going to be extinct like the dinosaur because one interacial marriages and the errebody n they grannma ghei!
    If u are homosexual you cannot reproduce with your partner like God made it and interacial couples cannot produce a 100% black child

  21. Layla is just Tryna follow me, she wants attention soo bad that she had to copy me with a reality show, I told her to make a sex tape that would skyrocket her career (but she has to say she doesn’t know it will leak, and cry about it real good ) I’m happy she is getting a divorce, he’ll if I can’t have Reggie then nobody should be happy! U know Reggie is the love of my life, now I’m stuck with lame ass kanye!

  22. I always thought it was obvious that she’s a LesBo .
    Even before they were dating. I’m pretty sure he knew as well. Maybe their both ready to stop end the front they have been displaying. I ain’t mad at ’em

    • And if he knew(and he had to know)that she was a lesbo, then that means he has to be at least a bisexual.
      Probably some of those 3 ways were MELO and another guy with her.

  23. I wonder if General Mills will try to hire LaLa to do a commercial for Honey Nut Cheerios?

    Her and KG.

    “Hi, Im LaLa Vasquez and my good friends Kelly Rowland and Kevin Garnett swears that I taste like Honey Nut Cheerios. Im going to kiss Kelly Rowland right now to find out for myself”

  24. OLD NEWS monica being a lesbo would’nt surprise she looked suspect whwen she was 14 but then again queen latifah was her mentor.

    trina can blame herself for those lesbians rumors ever since she sais she let girls eat she was haunted her fault and her kissing lil kim did’nt help matters either.

    maybe it’s a secret language i’m not gay but you kiss persons of your own gender maybe these people don’t think they’re gay.

    kelly rowland gives lesbian hints she loves to perform at gay clubs and she did some dyke chit in her videos.

    serena was sitting in that meth dyke fergie’s lap we know what that means.

  25. I’m glad this shit came out. She loves licking on women. I seen that shit years ago in a club. I always said they were not going to last long because she love licking on women. There’s no problem with it. I just knew it. This is the only site that has exposed her True identity