Lady Gaga is Very Confused!



I am appalled at (so-called artist) Lady Gaga’s performance at last night’s VMA’s. Here’s why – the bitch holds absolutely no talent whatsoever, she’s stiff on stage, it’s obvious that the bitch counts her steps while doing dance moves (which were taught to her), and who told her it was okay to mock the handicapped? I mean she even included a fake paraplegic in her act…I DON’T FIND IT FUNNY AT ALL.

Though, it seems like others do. Who you may ask? I’ll tell ya – Sean “Puffy” Combs, for one. I mean he looked mesmerized by the farce. He should go buy himself a ticket to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, if this shit excites his stupid sell-out ass.

“Lady Gaga” – right…she’s a fake Labelle look-a-like who sucks ass mane. Her performance ended with an act of her dying… I only wish it was true. Is this really what the art of music has become? I can’t believe the industry once censored Gangsta Rap, saying it was bad for the kids. Why then, can Lady Gaga get away with an act of suicide during her performance? MTV’s fucking racist, and you all know it.

While delivering her thank you speech, Lady G said, “It’s for God and the Gays.” Is this bitch confused, or what? But you all seem to love her. Therefore, I hold you all accountable for the harsh destruction of the art of music mane. Perez Hilton and his influence over pop culture is furthering the destruction of real art!

Wake up people…wake up!

graphic by Vandals Inc.


  1. oh my god, jacky jasper.. you have so nothing to say!! hahaha i hope u realized that, that woman you made fun of, well shes the most influencial woman in the world, shes the queen of pop and she totally changed pop music, for good of course! David, by the way, i love your comment. paws up everyone, and jacky, ur article wasnt worth it, just keep that shit to urself next time xD

  2. I agree with you and Jillian. If he would have even bothered to watch the MUSIC VIDEO it would all be explained.