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LaLa’s Working To Get Her Sexy Back

February 11th, 2013

Lala Mellows Out w/ Game

The Game After Melo?

HSK Exclusive - Lala’s next step after reportedly separating from her NBA hubby looks to be far from a mellow one. That’s because the reality star has taken it over to one rapper who may be helping her to get her sexy back. Don’t believe me.. Ask Game, who LaLa recently joined in an outdoor workout as a part of their 60-day fitness program.

This news comes shortly after reports revealed LaLa’s marriage to Carmelo Anthony could be on the rocks. Now, sources say LaLa Vasquez could be gearing up to head to Vegas — where we’re told she’s invited Ciara to join her for a getaway.

Here’s the drop:

“LaLa refers to Carmelo as Kiyan’s dad.┬áLaLa’s getting her grove back, she’s back with her girls.”


7 Responses to “LaLa’s Working To Get Her Sexy Back”

  1. wow*wow |

    Who cares!


  2. K.1985 |

    La’s back on the prowl. LOL


  3. NO-EL |

    all of them are gay


  4. christa |

    Good luck sista. You got your work cut out for you.


  5. mres1617 |

    Damn don’t tell me Lala got her Lick her License Too…Cece better look out..http://lick-herlicense.blogspot.com


    Madraven Reply:

    @mres1617-I hate to tell you but she been had it!! Just about every chick she is cool with is a carpet muncher-serena williams, kelly rowland hell her best friend and her cousin is gay!!!!! Lala has been a downlow lesbian for years! She’s probably got her head buried between some chicks legs right now!


  6. crazychris |


    another reality star leaves her hubby.

    keyshia’s having problems with her marriage too.

    so is ice and coco.

    does having a reality show means that you’re about to get divorce and these couples wanna cash in before they split or what.


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