Lamar Odom’s ‘Starter Wife’ Takes It To TLC After Gettin’ NO TLC!


Life After Being Kardashian’d…

HSK Exclusive – Lamar Odom’s previous two-year cheating affair with Khloe Kardashian is being exposed as shattering much more than his marriage to the mother of his children. Sources reveal the NBA forward’s 2008 split from Liza Morales — two years after the death of their youngest son, and not long before he wed Khloe — also led to the demise of Liza and Lamar’s joint business plan.

Now, Liza Morales — a New York-based fashion designer, who’s dressed the like of actress Naomi Watts — says the fall of the children’s clothing line she was once set to launch with Lamar has left her broke. That’s why Morales has signed on to the cast of “Starter Wives Confidential”, set to debut on TLC.

This news comes after Morales previously outed Odom as a man who “hardly comes” to visit the pair of surviving children they share – Destiny, 15 and Lamar Jr, 11.

Here’s what Liza Morales had to say after being asked where she stands on Khloe’s stepmother to her kids:

“As long as my kids are good and being taken cared of…I’m cool.”


  1. Exactly. They weren’t married. She had three children with a man who would not marry her. She lives I. NY and he lives in California, how often does she expect to see him with the kids? It’s. it like he lives down the block and is avoiding them.

    Find a new man and move on with your life. It’s not like she’s missing much. Lamar is a closeted homosexual who has been banging Rob Kardashian for a while now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Khole’s real fertility issues don’t stem from her husbands failure to have sex with her!

    Lamar’s ex needs to fall back and take care of her kids. Ladies never have more children than you can afford to take care of alone. Men die, leave get locked up. Be prepared at all times. And, please stop bitching about situations that you are partially to blame for!

    • Wny say Lamar is gay and is banging his brother in law that’s just mean Liza should be more truthful. Lamar pulled out of the business because it was costing him money.He also takes care of the kids and her. google Liza net worth its 4 million. She has not worked the money came from Lamar.

    • lamar banging his brother in law if he’s gonna cheat he should be banging kim or kourtney why not some of khloe’s friends but rob jr.

  2. Big Foot is having pregnancy issues because she has y chromosome. That woman/man has some high level testosterone going on.

  3. “As long as my kids are good and being taken cared of…I’m cool.”

    Words spoken from a true woman and mother. There’s nothing left to be said!!! Kudos to Liza Morales!!

  4. Depends on how long they were together, most states recognize common law and if she was with him long enough then YES she was a wife

  5. It’s very easy for people to tell her just move on… So if I have sex with your man or husband are you going to “just get over it” just a question….

  6. They wer together forever,That business shoulda GOT off the ground WAYYYYYYY b4 he had athought of leaving

  7. Just a thought, why attack Liza, and tell her to move on, it is clear she has, but the fact of the matter is that Lamar is disgusting, he has plenty of money to fly his kids out to see him, other rich men do it all the time. What makes this so pathetic is that Lamar was with Liza since high school before he reach the big time – never married Liza (the mother of his three children) but went and married a broad he only new for 3 months, something is wrong with him!!

    • He married her because he wanted to be on TV . Khloe needs to stop talking wreckless to and about this woman. The fact is she should of moved on but how easy is it to move on when you’ve been with the same guy since high school? No one knows what he was telling her,we can all say shoulda woulda coulda because we’re not in the situation . She was a young girl with no relationship experience how would she know she should of dropped him? She had 3 children with him she probably believed that if she was patient and didnt pressure him that a marriage would happen. This should be a lesson learned for her so this doesn’t happen to her again. As for Lamar he’s an ass and he will more than likely do the same to khloe because people are disposable to him and he has no loyalty .

      • He has communication and emotional issues because of the tragedies in his life and his upbringing. But I wouldn’t say hes disloyal because he didn’t want to be with his high school sweetheart for the rest of his life. Like most kids, he grew. Then his fame grew, his environment changed and he wanted to c what was out there. & when she had her 1st child, she was at least 18. That’s old enough to know you are supposed to be married before you start planting roots with a man, I.e. having more babies & starting businesses. That’s real-talk-with-your-momma class #101. Who raised this chick?

        • I agree with everything you said but if you know anything about teen aged girls you’d know that they don’t listen to their moms advice most of the time. I’m sure if her mom did warn her she’s sorry that she didn’t listen. He was with her for a very long time. The baby they lost was a lot younger than the other 2 kids. He was stringing her along and hopefully its a lesson learned for her because most women fall back into the same pattern over and over. it sounds as If she’s too tramatized by the shock of being left to enter another relationship.

      • Khloe has never said anything bad about this woman the fact is she was comfortable having babies and living the ballers wife life. She should have never had 3 babies out of wedlock she was a fool for that I met and married mine in 3 months and we have been married for 13 years.Khloe is a beautiful young woman who knows how to take care of Her House,Business Woman and she was Kris Jenner’s baby sitter and she is the only sister who knows how to cook and clean.So Liza should have got a ring on It like D.Wade’s wife Shaunie Oniel and LaBron’s wife and Kobe’s wife. THE KEY IS WIFE not BABY MAMA and Comman Law is reconized in the Great State of Alabama and other Southern States. So she need to keep it Moving. He has and after 10 years of being with him she should have had 2 or 3 houses her own business and a Great Education. Just Saying.

    • Yeah that happens alot.. some men won’t marry the mother of their numerous children but will up and marry a woman they barely know ..and play daddy to that chicks kids , while he barely plays a role in the life of his own! Remember ladies how ya get a man will be how you lose him..KARMA!

  8. Lamar must be an attention seeker like the rest of the Kardashians.. fame chaser.. I guess its not enough to have a career as a pro NBA baller.. you have to link up with a trashy fame hungry family and get on tv!

    • You’re very right about that . Prior to him hooking up with his wife he had been trying to secure a reality show for himself , but no one was interested . Well he finally got what he wanted.

  9. Lamar is a scum bag. Why does he not see kids? THEY should be priority regardless of geography and work. Besides he can afford to be wherever they are. Disgusting but typical of selfish men.

  10. … And if Chloe was a real woman she would insist or at least be a proactive about him being in his children’s life as she was about him and his dad having a relationship. She’s trying to have children by him but has it ever crossed her mind that he’s not the best person to have kids by cuz it he can do it to his first set of kids, yours won’t be any different nor special. He’s just like his father.

    • If you notice the man takes care of his children and always has and where did Liza Morales get 3 million from considering she has never had a job. So I guess it came from LAMAR. Those ball players run up and down the court by the time they get 40 it’s over for them I guess most people would like to see him sitting on the Corner with a sign saying I will work for food. Khloe has his back and that’s where Liza went wrong having 3 babies she was securing her own position there is a difference .I don’t wish gloom and doom an any one’s marriage because I have my own.The sister need to see a therapist and Move One and QUIT SLAMMING this Man .BITTERNESS IS NOT A GOOD LOOK !!!

  11. And we wonder why there isn’t any equality. This is the public. You may not care about what you write but contributing to the race problems in our society is a bit foolish don’t you think? Plenty of fat greedy white people to bag on leave Khloe alone. Beyonce’s whiter than her anyway. Hate on that at least that’s not god’s doing.