Lamar Odom’s Year-Long Cheating Affair Exposed!


Lamar Odom Busted Cheating on Khloe

“Lamar has been indeed having an affair with this girl for over a year.”

Sold To The Highest Bidder?

Lamar Odom’s admitted mistress is throwing dude under the bus, while she cashes in. Though she never revealed her name to us, months ago, she did contact HSK first to give us the drop. That’s before she bailed on us. Now, we know why…

Star Magazine is reported to have paid the unnamed woman the story of her affair with the NBA baller. This while Lamar was — and still is — married to Khloe Kardashian.

Here’s what Terez Owens is reporting:

“The girl Lamar Odom has been involved with secretly for over a year just sold her story to Star Magazine. She signed an exclusive contract. The story will be coming out in Star Magazine in a couple of weeks.”

While Lamar Odom is cheating on Khole Kardashian, is she smashing and tricking off the NBA baller’s doe? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Game’s brother, Ivory aka Church.


    • Lamar if you read this ……you are stupid Your wife is beautiful loves you and looks better than this lady that sold you out. You reap what you SOW. Make up with your wife and start over. Hope you do the right thing. Like Nike says “JUST DO IT”

      • Let’s just be real for a minute….Lamar Odom is not anywhere close to being good looking. But what pulls in these women is money and status. If he was just some Negro on the block….these white chicks wouldn’t be checkin’ for him…AND THAT’S TRUTH! Some of these pro ballers are just plain ol’ stupid if they don’t know that.
        When will these negroes learn? She didn’t have a problem throwing him under the bus and was more than likely paid for the details of their “relationship”….seems to me she had a plan to “get paid” from day one.

        • Yes Lamar you need to stay with khloe. In my heart I feels she really love you. She is very caring she stands by and up for you. She lets her family know she love you and the whole world too!!listen you knuckle head these days if you have love cease it, the wealth follows. If you be patient you and khloe think about it god has a plan for you. Don’t turn your back on her these days women are out to destroy a good thing. I think you are are a fine young man. Live with respect talk it over with khloe if it’s not to be then go. You guy have not learned a lesson from the athletes before the crap is out there. Ask berry bond, magic hey all the best thought the same ad you got screwed, or pick up the wrong embodiments in health get. ”get real lamar” love yah

        • @Anonymous

          Yes, it’s about the money for whitewomen who chase after black male athletes. Negros think it’s about sex, which is comical to me. Whitewomen will sleep with any race of men they can control and manipulate.

    • O wow! Hopefully Khloe drains LAMAR KARDASIAN DRY!THIS SELF HATIN NEGRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He obviously hates women of color(especially sistas) So white women take this slave to the bank. Hopefully his mistress tells it all. let me guess he will divorce Khloe and to be with his mistress. Sound familiar? ITS CALL KARMA! KHLOE WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND! Just ask liza! LMAO

  1. Yes, everyone is reporting that both Lamar and Khloe has significant others now, although I doubt Lamar’s jump-off will be with him after snitching to Jacky and The Star. Khloe is looking the best she ever has. She is said to be taking lots of Adderall, and it shows. She has lost about 20 LBs and her hair/weave looks great. She is the only Kardashian who is likeable IMHO so I hope things work out for her in the end. That Adderall is what got Lindsay Lohan in so much trouble, but it is said to be Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s favorite means of weight control. Since Kloe is the youngest of the Kardashian girls, she could still manage to get her ish together and have the kids she wants. But I doubt it will be with “Lammy”.

  2. No offene but Jacky is full of shit. He can claim anything and the people who read this site believe him. Why would she contact Jacky? The reason this is a major story is because Star Magazine radaronline etc reported this. had HSK been the only source this would not have been a story in the first place.

  3. Khloe may be looking good & I PRAY she ain’t on no damn Adderral!! That shit is crazy what ppl do to lose weight. Anywhore she seemed like she was babysitting a grown ass man 1/2 the time. He’s a Fuckboy anyway b/c any man that could leave the mother of his children after a miscarriage ain’t SHIT to me. I hope Khloe has a pre-nup b/c Lamar seems like the type that would try to get HER for her $$$. Something tells me she’s going to move on to somebody else & get knocked up too.

    • You know Kris got that man by the balls, she all in his money and best believe like any good mother she looking out for her daughter.

    • Their baby died at a few months old, not a miscarriage. If Khloe doe not produce a child, Lamar will leave her too. He is that kind of dude. The kind that will leave you, if he thinks your defective in some way.

      That is even though he is a ugly fuck, gay and sucks a basketball.

      • Ouch.

        Fuck Khloe He doesn’t even pay attention to his half-Latin kids. She should have known she was just a dick parking spot for Lamar until his blond showed up.

    • @EbonyLolita

      Khloe is an attractive woman, she won’t have a problem finding a blackman to jump her bones. I’m not a fan of blackmen chasing after non-black women, but, i don’t see her being with or liking whitemen. They call her a fat pig, hairy beast, just because she’s a tall, curvy woman that they don’t want. Whitemen pushed Khloe and Kim into the arms of blackmen, not the other way around.

  4. Wow, Big Foot can’t cut a break! This news gets spilled the same time as Kim’s special delivery, so Big Foot still can’t get the spot light.

  5. Just a regular run of the mill yt chick. Between her basic looks and questionable character (cheating wit a hubby and runnin her mouf bout it) he shoulda walked rite by her 70s hairdo wearin ass. Oh well.

  6. AW…

  7. That woman ain’t thinking about him. She is in it for the money and fame. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    She probably would cross the street in fear, if she saw him coming, if he wasn’t Lamar Odom.

    I am reminded of Lionel Richie who at the time was cheating on his black wife with his soon to be white wife. Lionel’s mother said in an interview that the white girl was so nice and that she was willing to wait until Lionel worked things out at home with his wife.

    Well Duh!!!! While Lionel was trying to work things out at home he was still seeing the white girl which he eventually married. I think she is the one that Lionel’s black wife gave them both a beat down at a hotel.

    Of course that white Hoe leech waited for Lionel. Now they are divorced. If I am not mistaken, his white ex-wife is getting 330.00 per month in child support. She was accustomed to living a lavish lifestyle that she wanted to continue living.

    Some of these Black men will never learn. Them white women are taking the black man’s hard earn money back to the white community and having a blast with it. Now you know that’s messed up.

    • High 5, and if they loose it all oh well that’s wht they get. But I thought the ex-white wife sucked Lionel bank account good like real good.

    • Hey Mr pro black pearl just shut up and let people date whoever they want. Stop bringing up race every time a black person date someone of another race. You sound like a bitter person. That’s not a good look.

      • To, LOL

        You the bitter coon. Cant take the heat then stay out the Kitchen



        • Why Am I a coon? You come off as a bitter and racist person who clearly has something against black men dating white women for whatever reason. I’m not surprised though. Too many ignorant comments always when threr’s a thread about IR. Always negative post those the black men and the white women.

          • Sorry LOL, but EVERYBODY w/any morals has a problem w/a Sistah being married to her man for 18 yrs. then catching him in a hotel room w/some White sidepiece!!

            I’ll be you can’t name ONE rich White man who got dumped by his White wife & married his Black mistress, can you? That shit almost never happens becuz WHITE FOLKS KEEP THEIR $$ TO THEMSELVES! But rich Black men can’t wait to share their wealth w/some Becky.

            Back in June of 1988, Brenda Richie caught Lionel in an LA love nest w/his mistress Diane Alexander (their daughter Nicole supposedly gave her the address) & she beat BOTH their asses that nite! This was before the internet but it still made the national news. Homegirl even went to jail for it for a minute. And becuz she was w/Lionel before he had any $$ they had no pre-nup, so got HALF. Which she definitely deserved.

            • I remember that mess. Lionel got the beat down with a high heel as I recall. That chick left Lionel high and dry too.

      • @LOL

        Why do you feel the need to attack blackwomen for voicing their opinions on the matter of blackmen lusting after women that don’t look like them. I’m a blackman, i hate the bs just as much as the sistas. You give the false impression that all blackmen are running after Becky, Carmen, Amina, and so forth. Honestly, i’m tired of blackmen and some blackwomen that have turned into apologists for white supremacy. Who blackmen lay down with does matter, Why? I don’t believe the logic you’re pushing to our people, LOL! Men aren’t supposed to hate their reflection, and this goes for all creeds and colors of men. As blackmen, some of us feel that it’s okay to step on the toes of other men just because we’re blessed with dark skin and other attributes. But, the same group of blackmen will lash out at blackwomen for behaving in like fashion. Let’s stop playing games LOL, and speak honestly about what’s going with the likes of Lamar Odom, Tiger Woods, Reggie Bush, Michael Jordan, etc. They feel the need to play tit for tat with whitemen. They want membership in the White Boys Club, so, in comes the stereotypical blonde whitewoman who is actually a brunette with peroxide in her hair. They don’t really love Becky, but she’s a signal to whitemen that they want in. She’s a means to an end, which is the whiteman’s wealth and status. Becky knows that she’s being used by these blackmen, but it’s cool with her. When the ish hits the fan, she will be the one that comes out on top no matter what. And, none of this is new. Blackmen have been sleeping with whitewomen for centuries for whatever reason(s). She’s the lighter shade, different physical attributes, sexual curiosity, hurting whitemen, black power ish, producing half-black offspring, and so forth. The Reality…What have blackmen really gained from partnering with Becky besides bringing forth high-yella and caramel babies that are conflicted with both sides of their ancestry? I’m a realist, blackmen are not gonna stop having sex with non-black women, that train departed a long time ago. At the same time, our race can’t move forward in a positive direction as long as we have self-hating blackmen creating all kinds of chaos and ill-will in the family. It’s not the job of blackmen to love other women, they have their own men. If other women desire us, that’s cool. Right now, blackwomen should be our #1 priority…Bottomline! If black women and men don’t love each other, won’t be any blackmen around for Khloe K and other WW to obsess over…Real Talk! As we know, black folk are mixed with everything. This issue will always exist in our race, but, it doesn’t give us an excuse to hate ourselves. Being desired is better than not, we need to stay mindful of this on both sides. Good Interracial/Bad Interracial. Can a blackman love other women and still view sistas as #1 in his heart? It’s an open-ended question. Sistas, what do you think?

      • I made a mistake and left off a zero three hundred thirty thousand dollars per month is what I meant to say.

    • It’s not just white women, what about Asian ones? I actually see more black men with Asian women where I’m at.

    • Not as hot as those white men though. That soft silky hair that you can run you fingers through and their blue / green eyes are such a turn on. I wish all men could compare.

      I know that I shouldn’t feed the troll but it was hard to ignore.

      • You left out the part about their magnificent PINK dicks! LOL I stole that from someone else last week. 🙂

        • What??? They have PINK dicks?? *In my Olivia Pope voice* I have no idea what you are talking about. Lmao.

          • @ Just_Joi Of course you don’t!

            I just cited you as the person who I credit with starting my exploration/research about MK Ultra, then CoIntelPro after you dropped some knowledge on me re: my cousin Lamar-“Pinky” who went from hard to flaming queen in 8 years.
            Thank you for that.

            • Lol. I guess now I need to see what I knowledge I missed in regards to Pinky. That really traumatized me a lil.

            • You definitely should be reading Vigilant Citizen’s site. But afterwards, you may not sleep with the lights out for a week. Jk

    • Where you been? It’s a tradition. They used to get them strung up from trees, castrated, boiled alive, sentenced to prison for life, and whipped to death before they started “throwing them under the bus.” But black men love them some white women, so…hey. LOL.

      • True dat. All that savagery was visited upon black men just for looking at a white women. Now, they gladly give their money to them once they get some money even though they are owed money through reparations.

        Mental chains are always stronger than iron ones.

    • I will always believe that. But very few folks here think she is bi-racial. I see bone structure, build(completely different from the other 2 K’s).
      I think most everyone here thinks she does have a different daddy, they just don’t think he was/is Black. Funny enough, the girls get their asses(even before enhancement they had more than the average YT chick) from their pim, er mom Kris. But when Kim &Kourt are 5’2, and then you see this 5’10 athletic build Khloe….you know there was certainly a third party. Bobby Kardashian, now deceased, was a head shorter than I am, and I’m close to Khloe’s height.

      • Her father is a huge white guy hairdresser. As a matter of fact, I think he’s still their hairdresser. She’s the spitting image of him. There are LOTS of big white people. Just like there are a ton of small black people.

        • Thank you! She looks EXACTLY like that white hair dresser. The only thing black in any of those Katrashians is black dick.

  8. Yes Lamar you need to stay with khloe. In my heart I feels she really love you. She is very caring she stands by and up for you. She lets her family know she love you and the whole world too!!listen you knuckle head these days if you have love cease it, the wealth follows. If you be patient you and khloe think about it god has a plan for you. Don’t turn your back on her these days women are out to destroy a good thing. I think you are are a fine young man. Live with respect talk it over with khloe if it’s not to be then go. You guy have not learned a lesson from the athletes before the crap is out there. Ask berry bond, magic hey all the best thought the same ad you got screwed, or pick up the wrong embodiments in health get. ”get real lamar” love yah

  9. Maybe black women needs to step their game up. Quit complaining about why black men are going to women of different races. Find out why and conform.

    • I can’t speak for all Black women; but, I’ve never been desperate for a man. I’m so sick of people generalizing – saying that Black women complain about Black men dating outside their race. I think many Black women feel like I do: if you want a non-black woman, than you are probably not the one for me anyway! Dispite what the media would like you to believe, Black women are not weak emotionally and we are in no way interested in conforming in order to land a man. Also, being single is not the worst thing in the world. JMHO.

  10. I always believe white people are heartless!!OMG!! its true! who do u think you are!?you have too many colors! When you are born you are pink. When you grow up you are white. When you are sick you turn green. When you go in the sun you get red. When you are cold you turn blue. When you die you turn purple!beautiful whites are counted!!U R real very ugly! I hve no comment about Lamar cheating scandal as i know all men in the whole world,do cheat!! and I wont leave my hubby for that!lol