Lanita “Marvet” Britto Hates Her Race


Marvet Britto claims to be the #1 urban branding publicity firm which says to me she has no problem pursuing BLACK money…but Word on the street is that she is embarrassed about her culture. Marvet Britto is known as that because she chose to hide not use her real name which is “Lanita Marvet Britto”

According to HSK sources who worked closely with Ms. Britto:

She does not want people to know because she thinks Lanita is too Black sounding and ghetto. She is very racist, I mean always saying offensive terms about other ethnic groups. Here is the best part… Britto does not have ONE close Black friend. Her closest circle is rich Jewish women.

This would validate why she could sell information about her black clients for profit behind their backs. This could also explain why she flaunts her relationships with successful black MARRIED  men such as Denzel Washington. Don’t believe me? Just ask the mother of Latrell Sprewell’s 5 kids!!

From what HSK is told, Lanita doesn’t have one PAID employee at her firm, just interns, none of them Black. The intern turn-over at her agency is close to 100%.

Interns leave in a matter of days because she treats people like they are below her. She is a total name dropper who cons her way into the social scene so she can look for her next victim (client). Trust me, nearly every single client has FIRED her.


  1. I just wanted to add to this conversation. I had an interview with this woman yesterday, of course I did my research before hand and found this blog. I figured, well maybe it is old and she’s a new woman. I wanted to let anyone who may be in the same situation know that is NOT the case. Let me start my saying that I am OVER QUALIFIED for the position but am looking for something new and don’t like to turn down any opportunities… So I figured I’d check it out. I waited an hour and half to see her, no big deal, but once I got in, she didn’t even make eye contact with me. If she asked me a question, she CLEARLY wasn’t listening while she was texting and emailing. This happened for about 5-10 minutes, after I would respond, there would be an awkward silence for a few minutes and then she would say.. “um.. um… (long pause)… tell me more about yourself” and then get back to her texting. What a waste of my time! At least she was real as to who she was because I would never in a million years work for someone like that, I don’t care who you, there’s a certain level of respect you should show people!! I could also tell that everyone working for her hated her… There was terrible energy in that place. Don’t waste your time!!

        • J you had an interview today??? Me too…what time was yours? was it for an intern or another position. It was kinda useless going in…was only there for about 3-5mins the most…SMH and the girl said she would call back to come back in to meet with the lady..I was wondering why everyone before was in and out

          • It was this morning for a Receptionist position but I didnt go because for one something came up family wise and two I didnt feel right about it.
            I asked a couple of friends who are in the PR industry and they confirmed to me that what Jasper says in the post is true and also that Marvet doesnt treat her employees with respect.
            And on top of that the interview was last minute.

  2. This woman is a B-I-T-C-H!!!!!! I interviewed for a an Receptionist/Executive Assistant position with her several years ago, She is Fucking crazy! Rude as hell in that interview, answering calls, staying on the phone for long periods, at one point I was so annoyed I almost asked hey if she was paying attention. She is a fucking loser, yelling at her staff. I was never called back and then a few years later called to interview for the same position! It is sad but many of the ghetto black agencies are all the same. But this britto bitch right here is a complete mess.

  3. Well let me put all your souls to rest I am 100% behind all your comments,I do use to work for her as a Driver,driving her white Range Rover she parks in the parking lot right across from her office on 235 West 56 street.She owns me money for driving services for the month of February 2012,the same month that Whitney Houston died.I started working for her in November 2011 and she would always had a problem paying me my money.Some in cash and then wait until her account cuts the check her says………….bullshit.Her Assistant Monica quits and went back to C A cause she could’nt take the treatment she was getting.I’ve called so many thing to get my money and up to this date today did not get my money.So am going to expose her now,I know all her dirty stuff and the way she talk about clients when she is in the back seat when am driving her out to events,functions and dinners.She talk down to you like your nobody looks at you like dirt with her fake ass and fake hair………….Yes I said it.I know who she bad talks from the Hamptons,L A,C A,ATL and New York……………..

  4. So Lanitas ghetto but Marvet isn’t? Gtfoh. All my white friends are named Marvet. Lol