Former Martin Lawrence Fiancee Lark Voorhies Hooked on Heroin!!!


Lark Voorhies Addicted to Heroin

HSK Exclusive – Heroin may be the reason behind why Martin Lawrence’s engagement to actress Lark Voorhies didn’t lead the pair to make it to the alter — Or, it could be that her break-up from Lawrence led her to start shooting the deadly drug into her veins. Whatever the case may be, industry insiders say the “Saved By the Bell” actress isn’t just a raging alcoholic…she’s also a heroin addict. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin Lawrence.

Here’s some sizzling hot Monday morning tea about Lark Voorhies:

“Lark told Martin she was a virgin, she lied. Her and Martin were about to get married, but Martin found out Lark and her mother were only after his money.

When Martin dumped her, she went back to hanging out with Hollywood white boys. When you’re hanging out with white Hollywood, you do a lot of drugs. Lark went Rock and Roll and became an alcoholic with a bad heroin problem. She’s been in and out of rehab, that’s why she looks so fucked up.

Jacky, Lark was shooting dope into her veins and shit, she’s a f*cking drug addict. I honestly don’t why black folks be tripping on her? Cause she don’t like them. Lark Voorhies is a white girl in a tanned body.”

Do most child stars end up living a tragic adult life? Of course they do. Don’t believe me.. Ask Cory Feldman.


    • “Awh shi”. Probably the funniest reply in a blog post I’ve ever read. Lol. This story is SAD though. 🙁

  1. She does like black men, she dated a family member of mine came to the house and everything. No doubt she’s on drugs but she does like black men or at least she used to lol.

    • A white man wrote that she doesnt like black men, tryin to get us mad she likes black guys dont fall for that white lie shit!!

      • her saved by the bell castmates was so hood.

        mark paul and mario lopez was straight from the projects.

        lark slept with both back then and mark paul and marioo lopez acted like a dl couple back then.

        dustin diamond said zack was doing steroids back in the saved by the bell college years.

  2. Damn she looks bad…She needs get into juice fasting and spend a little time near the equator to recharge her battery…

      • that other chick is schizophrenic…they will be welcome and it would be good free press if they came back revitalized and rejuvenated. If they got $35 a night they are welcome.

  3. look at her eyes…she looks like an empty shell..

    She either sold her soul (eyes are the window to the soul) or she has been switched out.

      • switched out is when, for whetever reason a persons spiritual immune system gets so weak (excessive drug abuse, sadness, broken hearted, etc)that they become available for disembodied entities to take the drivers seat and the original driver willingly lets go the wheel.

  4. them white boys can use that heroin, that methamphetamine, excessive alcohol and they can hold up much longer and much better than us…

    Our melanin holds that poison longer and the effects damages our liver, kidneys, lymph system and bloodstream much quicker and harder.

    • not to dis respect but thats a bunch of bs….heroin kills blacks whites latinos asians arabic indian and anything or one that is unfortunate enough to fuck with that shit.

      • No disrespect taken…I agree with what you are saying that drugs, in time will destroy anyone regardless of race…My point is different races have specific genetic qualities that makes us unique…Most black people cannot tolerate too much cows milk, whereas a Caucasian can drink it by the gallons…When the European developed their allopathic medical system in the 19th Century, all of the medical research they did was based on the genetic and molecular structure of the Male Caucasian and every remedy and pharmeceutical was tweeked in order to help remedy the symptoms of their diseases….Everybody else (especially the African) were just an afterthought)…

        No, you cant put unleaded fuel in a Ferrari(highly melaninated beings) but a tractor can subsist on slop for a longer time before it breaks down.

        • Give both Eddie Murphy and Brad Pitt, each a quart of cows milk to drink and one hour later and let them both run a decent 5 mile jog then take both their heart rates and blood pressure..

          Also if you do a DNA test on both of the same men, Eddies DNA will match him somewhere in West Africa…Brad Pitts DNA markers will land him some where in Ireland or Scotland or wherever these people come from.

        • You have been fed and swallowed some real bullshit, yes there are genetic differences between many subsets of human being but melanin has absolutely nothing to do with the metabolism of opiates like heroin.

    • @ Dice…I’ve always stated this and everybody thinks I’m crazy. Black ppl and alcohol, heavy drugs, even too much marijuana, meaning daily use effs us up. Our systems are delicate and work best when we are in sunny climes, and eating natural foods.

      • wuluwulu


        alcohol isnt for is….drugs definitely arent for us….and marijuana is not something meant to be taken recreationally or everyday…Its something, that should be taken no more that 2-4 times a month, if you need it at all..Its for ritual sacrement and its being abused by people who want to escape reality…some people stay blunted on reality all the time and they live in a constant stupor…That stuff needs time to get out of your system or it loses its effectiveness and you build up a tolerance to it and you are just burning your money.

        Its kinda like abusing anti-biotics…You take it too much you build up a tolerance to it and it loses its effectiveness…This is why its now recommended that Dr’s stop over prescribing anti-biotics to children because overuse makes the childs immune system lazy and unreactive when they really need it to activate spontaneously.

        • No, and I dont advocate the use of marijuana or any illegal narcotics…Adults are going to do what they want to do.

      • Ok

        What tribe in Africa do you think Brad Pitt would be linked to if a DNA marker test was done on him this morning?

        • How do you account for whites burn and can’t stand in the sun long? We can stand the sunshine for long periods of time. Your 99.9% is not correct. There are differences in our genetic makeups.

        • Personally i am not too sure where some of these other races come from.. everybody wanna place them bak to afrika but for all i know some of them may have come from mars.. And different races do have different genetic make-up.. (which is also y studies r done to determine the frequencies of certain diseases in different races) Nature doesnt allocate colors for no reason. Trying to say we r all the same dont make it truth.. Plus, melanin makes a world of difference and blks need to stay away from these chemical drugs.

          • white people (those who are not apart of occult information which is 95%) dont even know where white people come from!!!

            Our prime story can be traced to the Nile Valley down to Zimbabwe/Ethiopia and also the Tigris Euphrates Valley…

            Now back to white people…White people cannot trace their race any further than mythological storied of Romulus-Remus and the Greek Mythology…This is because they are not from here….They are here as a result as a mutative process…
            If you need proof that they dont belong here then all one must do is check out their relationship with RA..The Sun…Every living thing is nourished and energized by THE SUN, but the sun attacks them…The Sun is the prime basis for all life here..It gives us the food we need and if the sun ceased to come out we would all cease to exist here…

            Let Gweneth Paltrow or Jane Hathaway spend some decent time under Ra and RA will burn dat ass and burn it to the point of lesions and sores…And the sun is as well as our new entry into the galactic center of our galaxy will bring in a new type of heat and electrical energy will soon cause many of our psychic centers to reopen after a 10,000 year slumber…This same energy will also cause those who are out of tune with the new song to go insane and most white people will not be able to exist on the surface of this planet and they will have to go back to the confines of the caves,or underground cities or back to hell, another name for their original place of origin…

          • And another fact is we blacks are not orignally from here either..We were seeded here..Our original place of origin is in certain planets of the Orion Constellation, among other places…We also built cities on Mars and the dark side of the moon..

            This is why the 3 main Pyramids of GIZA are linked to the 3 Stars of Orions belt, which is why the Pharoahs had their internal organs removed and crystalized and placed as jewels on necklaces around their necks in their tombs…At certain times of the year those pyramids align perfectly with ORIONS BELT which is a wormhole and the light hits those crystals and the genetic structure refracts back to Orions and it is said that then they can completely reanimate in whole as perfectly in body as they were here…There was science that has been lost that will be regained soon.

          • Really Really take a close look at it..

            White folks are the planets great pretenders and the chameleons…They are much like a virus…They need a living host to subsist …They’re everything but at the same time they are nothing organic in and on their own ….They subsist by TYING INTO THE VINE OF OTHERS….

            They go to and fro throughout this planet and they slither into to an already established culture …They come in very humbly, while in small numbers and their first goal is to mix their seed with the estanblished culture and race…Once they (the weeds)are able to tie into the vine, then they proceed to choke out the plant and subplant and steal/claim the heritage of the true seed..

            Look at them…
            They are not the original Arabs, but now they have tied into the vine and are accepted as the true Arab in their stolen lands of North Africa,..

            They are not the Original East Indian Dravidians, but they tied into their vine and now claim to be the Hindu of India as the Aryan..

            Same in China, where the original Chinese were dark skinned, nappy hair..

            Same in North America..Now Halle Berry’s daughter will soon claim to be black.

            Same as the Israelites…Now the Russians are claiming to be the seed of Judah…

            I could go on, but its time for my Friday morning mushroom omlette with fresh organic grain fed chicken eggs…

          • Oh, I forgot about Charlieze Theron and PK Botha are Africans now…Its a mind phuck and we need a genetic colonic.

          • Madame Blavatsky, The Thule Society, Hitler and those in the occult know very well where they came from because they were able to make contact with their elder beings…They used Hitler and they used Germany but the Third Reich didnt lose the War…German lost the War..The Third Reich was simply transported to Moscow and Arlington Virginia (google Operation Paperclip) as well as new bases in South America…

            • DICE1234…

              Love love reading your comments. Its some good information and facts your a dropping for those that are seeking the truth.

  5. I saw that interview that picture is from a few days ago, and was like ‘WTF happened to her face?’ She was fine back in the day, but now she almost looks as bad as Lil’ Kim. I also heard she was bipolar years ago, which, along w/the drug abuse and alcoholism, is most likely why she’s been out of the limelight. I guess she got what she deserved for trying to play Martin, though.

    • Mental illness makes sense. Most drug addicts have mental health issues. They use drugs to self-medicate as the medications they are supposed to take have horrid side effects. On the other hand, drugs also makes them exhibit symptoms of mental illness.

      So I guess it comes down to what came first? The chicken or the egg?

      • Right, was it the drugs that cause her to lose it mentally or was she like that before and the drug use just took it to another level.

        Btw- the chicken came 1st as G-D created everything in fullness.

    • True Raheim,
      And a lot of these child stars are molested and cannot handle the Hollywood system.
      Satanic worship runs rampant as well.

    • True Raheim,
      And a lot of these child stars are molested and cannot handle the Hollywood system.
      Satanic worship runs rampant as well.
      I feel your comments about the chameleons. Where would they be without our jargon? When we have used words and terms and let them go they pick up on them and run them into the ground.
      Same with our music and other cultural experiences.
      They can’t quite get that tanning thing down but they get butt implants and lip injections now when
      They called us bubble lips and big butt back in tr day.
      That tanning causes cancer so they use orange spray to cover their paleness.

    • Black folks are so blind when it comes to Martin. Martin Lawrence beat her and mentally abused her. Even Carl Payne won't work with him again. He's funny, but he's burned many bridges.

  6. She looks horrible. I don’t know WHO did her makeup, but they need to apologize for that shit and say 6 Hail Mary’s to boot.

    • The makeup looks like that Lil Richard Funeral Home Pancake No. 2. She came out da house for a taped interview looking like that?! Yeah, she’s high…

  7. She actually looks a lot better in this interview/pict than a few years ago. I saw a pict of her and she was unrecognizable like a on old lady.

  8. If they had to put makeup on her to make her look like this, IMAGINE what she must look like without makeup now…

    Im sure she wouldnt agree to be seen, if this wasnt considered her current best possible look for her…

    I think its a bad skin bleaching job…She hangs out with alot of white boys so Im sure she had some issues with skin color…Im also sure that SoCal sun tans you up pretty good which makes a brown person pretty dark and it probably made her feel out of place in the rock scene..This probably led her to get into bleaching her skin and when that shyt goes wrong it goes terribly wrong for a long time…You must avoid the sun and wear your sun block after getting the chemical peel…If you dont, your skin with get those dark blotches and you may even catch skin cancer…Skin peels is when they burn off the top layer of epidermis and in black folks that top layer is our blessing and gift from the Eloheem…The children of Ra

    • If you watch the interview you would notice her arms are losing melanin… ie.. vitiligo. I think that’s the reason for the horrible make-up. She needs to go to an outreach center that specializes in the skin ailment to learn how to mask it properly.

      As far as everything else mentioned in the letter… *shrugs*

      • Sammy Sosa and Michael Jackson suffered from the same vitiligo ailment…

        Michael was the only one in his family to suffer with it.

        I think its a skin bleach of peel that went awry.

        • @BOSS–Yeah, vitiligo is a possibility.

          @DICE–I thought Sammy Sosa intentionally lightened his skin up? He’s already quoted as saying he wasn’t ‘black’ but Dominican (As if there’s much difference), a sure sign of self-hate.

  9. Glad her fake ass got put on blast finally. I don’t know why black folks trip on her either. She’s always given me that undercover oreo vibe. It’s always the innocent acting ones doing the most.

    She used to talk about being a Jehova’s Witness all the time. Now she sitting up there looking like an Oompa-Loompa–hair do and all. Don’t paint her green, paint that hoe blue and cast her in the next Willy Wonka movie.

    Bitch better go to the doctors and get some water pills and get those kidney’s checked. Something is def wrong. She look like she’s holding 10 pounds in water weight alone.

    In this vid she lied about not dating Zack from SBTB. They’ve both confirmed they used to date. Now she’s trying to act brand new. Hoe sit down.

    Martin was an addict himself for a while. Doubt he got rid of her over drugs. Probably because of her gold digging.

    Anybody know who she’s married to? Never seen any pics of him. Is he in the industry?

    • Well, if it’s true she has lupus I take back what I said about her ‘looking almost as bad as Lil’ Kim,’ as I thought the damage to her face & body was self-inflicted.

      • If she indeed has Lupus, we all said some very mean things about Lark and should all ask God for forgiveness..

        But Lupus and heroin is not exactly the best combo…Chicken or the egg?

  10. martin was indeed a drug addict and he was tripping out something serious back in the day. anyway looks like everyone involved in hollywood turns out to be a drug addict. lesson kids get famous, do drugs, have sex with numerous men and women and then you somehow fade away. this is the lifestyle and oh yeah if you’re a child star you’re likkely to get molested and turned on to drugs at 7 years old. ask drew barrymore, corey feldman who were both doing drugs when they were kids in the 80’s. janet jackson said when good times was cancelled they gave a going away party and everybody was doing drugs she was a child then and she said she kissed ralph caRTER WHO WAS MUCH OLDER THAN HER. REMEMBER WHEN BRANDY WAS 14 AND DATED WANYA’S OLD ASS FROM BOYZ TO MEN.

      • ^^^^ I agree with that but not sure if Martin was on drugs for self or to escape the reality of Hollywood. I remember a story where the media said he was on the corner waving a gun saying they’re trying to kill me. Who the hell is they n are they the reason he was on drugs? I don’t know but ask Jacky!!

  11. Damn…..damn……damn! I just don’t get why her face is so swollen. The makeup up job is hideous. Her foundation is five shades too light and her hair color is not complimentary at all. I don’t know if she’s on drugs or not but her makeup artist and hairdresser are definitely on some shit!

  12. It is true dude-If u don’t wanna believe my work-Go to MTO or Bossip or any other site that gets you off-Have some respect, don’t enter my crib acting disrespectful-My shit comes from people you wouldn’t believe-I’ll tell u their names in my book-You’ll be surprised-
    Have a good day…
    Thank you

  13. sorry but i know some dope feinds and they do not look like they just had bad plastic surgery.. some drunks don’t look that bad.. i think she has more going on.. a sickness which may need strong drugs to control and that could be anything.. she looks like she went under the knife and came back worse for wear.. i know some addicts are jacked up but no she is worse.. poor girl.. oh and dating or fucking black does not mean you “like” black people.. ass is ass and dick is dick.. we are all black when the lights go off.. please take a note black people..

  14. it’s “strange” that every gossip or rumor ends up to become truth 3-4 months later … 100% accuracy? lmao

    • exactly … because most people are so gullible, dumb, ignorant and are so afraid to find out that the world they thought to be one way is the complete opposite, is the reason why this shit is so easy for these devil worshipers … they shove it in our faces and yet the majority is too dumb to pick up on it … i have yet to read a rumor that has not been turning out to be truth 3-4 months later … only a blind person that wants to stay blind, because they are afraid to deal with the truth, will dismiss things as rumors or gossip … ignorance is truly bliss to most …

    • hopefully soon YOU will get abducted by aliens … your middle school antics are so boring, coward!

    • I know! Something is definitely wrong. Thing is, none if us know exactly what yet some are talking reeeaaal reckless on here. It’s very possible to state am opinion without spewing so much venom. Ion know what the fuck wrong with her but I hope she gets better. And I hope she gets better simply because shes a human being…..mistakes and all.

  15. lol … mental issues are seriously sad … not only did the writing style change, but IT talks about ITself in the third person … poor coward … lmao

  16. Umm, those that think this is her and secondly even a real picture, when u put the crack down i’m sure she’ll put the needle down.

    • @Classy,

      Not only do YOU need to put the HEROIN down, you need to get some glasses and update your computer so you can watch videos like the rest of us in the 21st century.

      This is Lark….the photo still is captured from the video interview she did.


  17. It has been long rumored that Lark has Lupus for which there is no cure, is very painful and eventually is fatal.

    This would explain her appearance. She has the trademark “butterfly rash” which would explain the “bad makeup” appearance.

    She also looks bloated as if she is no steroids. Prednisone is what is prescribed to Lupus patients in order reduce the inflammation that can occur in any organ or location in the body.

    If she has Lupus, she is likely on anti-malarial and if that does not work, she will likely put on chemotherapy-like drugs.

    This girl needs support and prayer, not condemnation.

  18. BTW, the butterfly rash is a rash that goes from cheek to cheek and includes the bridge of the nose as well.

  19. Thank u! Jacky for your article on that bitch I didn’t care for back then and not now. I think it was about 1996 when I use to do security at Marina Pointe in Marina del Rey. I remember and she used to stay there she was major bitch had no personality dry as hell! She acted like her shit didn’t stink what’s weird is couple years later I met her mother she was alright actually had little more personality ,but she did come off kind suspect. I also remember her mother telling me& my co-worker about her daughter’s experience was really hard staying on top in Hollywood getting parts ain’t always easy. If I’m not mistaken I could of sworn wasn’t she in tragic movie “Civil Brand”!

  20. We must remem. that morphine is synthetic heroin. I had a friend who was involuntarily given that stuff in the hospital n body rejected. That person is not an addict. It does have an emotional effect on them,today.

  21. She is not on drug she is one of my family members and the reason she is in this condition is not because of lupus either…She is ill and not of her own doing…The person who sold this story to you is fake as drake.

  22. Jojo..have a seat…your family membee may not be on drugs NOW, however Lark loves coke…is that a drug? Everyone is a lil cray, she just more cray thN the rest of us…and now the shit shows.

  23. who cares about kanye and kim who slept with everybody in hollywood. martin was a serious druggie but that’s hollywood everybody’s on drugs and it’s one big swinging cocaine and sex party.


  25. Yall some two face mofos, dissing that sis but what the fuck you gotta say about SELL OUT KANYE kissing the ass of SEXWORKER Kim Trashcan??

  26. Wow,obviously none of you bitter wierdos on this site knows her personally or else you wouldn’t use such hateful uninformed speech! My family and I have known her and her family for years and I’m only going to go as far as to say that she REALLY needs prayer and not condemnation at this point. For the most part,this site usually has me cracking up (save for the few racist lunatics that often lurk here)but sometimes the comments are too ignorant and just plain mean spirited.SMH.

  27. @ racist much,
    Welcome to the Internet! Free speech is what is called. If you know Vorhees so well, tell the chick not to leave home looking like a corpse.

  28. I see what you’re saying, but Maia isn’t ‘ugly’ at all, even after all the shit she’s been through the last few years.

  29. You know… she’s still attractive. There’s rumors about every Hollywood actor/actress. Goes with the job. She’s in her late 30s, give the woman a break. We all can’t look as good as we did at 16.

  30. In Reply to the person who posted that white people can tolerate drugs better than blacks, this simply isn’t true. It has less to do with race and more to do with economic status. A poor drug addict will always look worse than a rich drug addict. I have two black friends one who has been a meth addict for years and the other a heroin addict since her teens. They both look fantastic because they’re both WEALTHY! Sad, but true. An addict with money will be able to much better care of themselves than a broke addict.

    Broke white addicts look JUST like broke black addicts boo. Wealthy white addicts look just like wealthy black addicts. Trust. It’s economic status boo, not race. I’m around all races of wealthy addicts (I work in the financial services industry where coke is the normal lunch around here) and they look normal because they have the MONEY to take care of themselves while drugging!

    So I have to respectfully disagree, cause I see it on a daily.

  31. Why is Ms. Voorhies still alive if she has all of these major problems?

    P.S. I know that I read this article after finding it by sheer chance but who would smear someone who may one day want to reinstate their career?