Larmar Odom Was Dollicia Bryan’s Trick– Does Khloe Know?


Lamar Odom Dollicia Bryant
One of my Tinseltown sources is telling me that before Lamar Odom married Khloe Kardashian, he was Dollicia Bryan’s trick. Don’t believe me.. Ask Reggie Bush.

The tea is spilling on the trick, NBA player Lamar Odom – and guess what–I’m going to share it with you.

Here’s what several sources told me:

“Lamar Odom was paying to smash Dollicia Bryan four years ago. It’s out there that Dollicia Bryan dated Reggie Bush and Rob Kardashian, but no one talks about Lamar Odom.

Also one of Lamar Odom’s boys was smashing Dollicia, while she was dating Lamar. Lamar paid to smash and his friends got it for free. Everyone had a piece Dollicia and Lamar had no idea.”

Does Lamar Odom take care of his former heroin addicted father? I don’t know, but I do know Khloe and her greedy mother Kris are rumored to be sticking up Lamar for his NBA checks. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lamar Odom’s dad Joe.


  1. I never understood how sooooo many men aware of the sexual partners a woman has had would still want her. Where Im from (majority of the time the men getting money, or who are established) dont want something thats been ran through and beat up. Especially when your a better position financially….u practically trip over p*ssy….so why do these celeb men share so many whores? Is that apart of the turn on for them? Ill never get that =/

  2. Lamar is going to rue the day he signed on with Kris and her Happy Family Hoe Network. I hope the ride is fun though.

  3. I think the Lamar/Khloe union is mutually beneficial. Lamar gets mainstream recognition. Khloe gets the status of dating an NBA player. The union works for all involved. We’ll see who’s playing who when the Kardashian celebrity wanes a bit. When the magazine covers and product endorsements stop, I’ll bet Lamar high-tails it out of that marriage. That’s my guess…

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