LeBron James’ Wifey-Turned-Whore Woes Exposed!!!


Lebron James' Women Woes

HSK Exclusive – Ever wonder why LeBron James wasn’t exactly on top of his game before he joined The Heat? According to one NBA insider, the top ladies in his life are to blame for throwing LeBron off.

Sources say both LeBron’s mother and his fiance, Savannah Brinson, caused the NBA All Star much stress from their secret jump-off sessions with some of his fellow players.

During LeBron’s time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brinson is reported to have been sleeping with teammate Shannon Brown. This before word of Brinson smashing hoop star Rashard Lewis was unleashed. Don’t believe me.. Ask Delonte West – a fellow Cavaliers teammate who insiders say was getting it in with none other than LeBron’s mother. OUCH!!!

Here’s some sizzling tea revealed by my NBA insider:

“Many of Lebron’s struggles in Cleveland were due to numerous reports of the future Mrs. James getting down and dirty with other NBA players.

In 2011, a serious rumor that Savannah smashed hoop star Rashard Lewis simply would not go away. Now comes word that then Cleveland teammate, Mr. Monica – Shannon Brown – got it in with Ms. Brinson as well.

There are more than a few insiders from the Cavs’ inner circle who swear that’s why Brown was added in at the last minute to the trade deadline deal that sent him to the Bulls in 2008. Talk about buzzard luck – that same trade brought Delonte West to the Cavs.

One brother hittin your girl, another dude hittin your moms. No wonder why LeBron couldn’t hit a shot in the fourth quarter! LeBron had one eye on baby girl and the other one on Mama James. Things appear to have settled down in LBJ’s world.

In Miami, his teammates have steady girls and wives so he can finally relax and hit a jumper. Shannon Brown is proving to be quite the scandalous little brother, having ditched his broad of seven-years to get at Monica. Word from the streets points to him hitting Pau Gasol’s fine ass girlfriend, Silvia Lopez Castro, while they hooped together on the Lakers.”

Are you chicks sure you still want to be a Basketball Wife?


  1. Not buying it..Sorry Jacky, but if this was the case this would have been on the other blogs as well not just yours..they had a field day with Delonte and Lebron’s mom..but YOU’RE the only one that knows this??? This tea is too hot to sit on for just one blog..anything else i’ll give it to you but this right here..nope..somebody is pulling your leg on this

  2. i believe it. it is always the little innocent looking women getting down and dirty, but Shannon Brown being put in all these rumors, he isn’t that hot looking to me and isn’t one of the highest paid ballers, but oh well, maybe Savannah was getting back at Lebron for doing something.

  3. it’s true that was the word in cleveland with the mom and west fasho. but i don’t really know about his girl… something had 2 be wrong if u think about it he was terrible around the time when he was suppose to be beastin!in clevelaND

  4. I don’t buy these rumors and I hope that he is not reading these blogs and ingesting this crap because many people read this crap as the gospel and it is not true. I wish people would quit trying to attack this girl and his mother.

  5. I believe it. Lebron and shannon got history. They were mcdonalds all americans together and went at it in the natl high school slam dunk contest. Then they wind up in cleveland. Girls in their early 20s make a lot of bad sexual decisions. Trust me I hit enuf of em in my lifetime. Lol

    • Gotta remember LeBron is a young cat…he was playing ball in highschool listenin to Jay Z….so of course he’s still in awe to an extent…kinda how a Jay Z would look at a Michael Jordan or Dr. J….the fan in you dont die that easily…so I say thats whats behind LBJ looks at JayZ…ImO

  6. Usually, if a black man stays with a woman who cheats on him , its either one or two things:

    1. He’s gay

    2. He’s gay

      • Look, lets keep the shit 100….

        I dont know if it was true or not about LeBrons girl cheating on him but Jacky wouldnt put the story up unless there was some fire…

        And Imm just saying, if it is true and LeBron knows its true then dat nigga gay…

        No real nigga gonna knowingly phuck behind another nigga unless dat nigga gay and likes phucking behind other niggas sauce.

        I dont mean to be graphic or disrespectful to sisters and to moms but a straight black man has those boundaries , unless the rules have changed and these skinny jean, two earring wearing lip glossy niggas done established some new rules Im not aware of….

        A real man is gonna of course take care of his children,but him and the woman have to have seperate houses and she is free to move on and stay cordial for the children…Maybe his manager told him a messy breakup with all the details might mess up his rep and his deals.

        • The tea is true. No reason to doubt it.

          Savannah was pregnant last year and had a late term abortion to save Bron’s image. She was about 5 months along. His handlers said having a 3rd child out I’d wedlock was not a good look. So he talked her into an abortion and later finally proposed.

          I doubt the marriage will happen until or unless he needs some good PR after he gets caught with some new dumb bugger shit. They low and behold…. They will marry.

          A man who have cheated numerous times and caught numerous times stays with a woman who cheats on him because he knows its. 1. Cheaper to keep her, 2. Easier to continue abusing her if your are still together and 3. If she only knew ALL the dirt you done did, she would slit ya throat!

          So forgiving her comes easy.

          • David Stern and the Players Union have way too much power when they can order their players girlfriends to have later term abortions…Thats too much power for one man.

            That third child may have been the one to come up with the cure for malaria. David Stern doesnt know that…And only a fag waould let someone tell him which of his children should live or die based on some contract perks…What a wussy excuse for a man.

  7. they just mad because the Heat is winning “GO HEAT”
    Haters are trying to mess up his game is not going to work with this nonsense . I am from CLEVELAND never heard about his baby mother being a booper sorry not true..

  8. I googled it and found both stories. Just cus u aint heard about sumptin don’t mean it aint happen.

  9. Now, a guy marries a Black woman and not even a “light-skinned” Black woman and y’all got a problem with that too now?


    You can’t win either way.

    Well, at least he’s not “gay” according to you niggaz.

  10. I’ll just keep my day job thank you very much. I have too much going on to be playing “wifey” to a baller. I admire the couples that stay together during the “ride or die” phases of celebrity limelight but, I just can’t imagine being the talk of all these rumors. I don’t know how they do it. I’ve been propositioned by lawyers and doctors etc in San Francisco and I KNOW they had families at home.. and I thought to myself, oh HELL NO! I will not be the talk of your divorce 5 years from now; I have a child at home that looks up to me. The money sounded nice but, my annual legal salary sounds safer. (Forgive me, .. one drink at work has me on a rant.)

  11. LBJ is a wussy pussy! Never understood the hype about this sell-out homo. He is a slut therefore he attracts sluts.

  12. Delonte West is a Sleeze Ball! I would punch him for Lebron if I saw him. Why would he do that? Just disrespectful and scandalous.

  13. Both his momma and wifey are sleazeballs while he and his daddy are tolerating it! They’re cuckolds! And his daddy won’t file for divorce because he loves his momma way too much. Delonte West is a home wrecker.