Leolah Brown Wants to Get Paid!


Leolah Brown Wants to Get Paid

Was Whitney Murdered? Leolah Brown Says Yes!

HSK Exclusive – A shocking statement from Bobby Brown’s sister points to Whitney Houston as being a victim of murder. Leolah Brown says she knows the exact details of the events leading to the pop princess’ death, but she says she’s not giving up any further information until she gets paid. Know why? Because Leolah believes if Pat Houston – and others, like Raffles van Exel – can profit from Whitney Houston’s death, so can she.

Here’s what Leolah Brown exclusively revealed to HSK:

“Jacky, I have some information that will blow the roof off, but I need to get paid.

If Pat and them can get paid from Star and Enquirer magazines, so should I. I can prove Whitney was murdered – I know what really happened.

I’m not going to do the interview with you, because I need to get some money for my story. Put me in contact with Star and Enquirer, they pay. That’s the only way I’m talking.”

Leolah Brown - Jacky Jasper


  1. Jacky?Are you there?I need to speak you about the time I seen Leolah Brown the night on the same side walks and streets Richard Pryor accidentally caught himself on fire and ran down.She had no mercy and asked him did he have a lighter.Terrible.Hit me up.

    • She keep playing with it, she gonna wind up on a milk carton somewhere. If she really know she better speak now or forever hold her peace.

  2. Cuz,the boys in blue will not offer cash for information. Sounds like trash to me.If, she is unwilling to divulge the info to the police, she can go find a business to mind n have a seat.com.

  3. That’s a hell of a great point you just made.
    Someone smells really bad of alterior motives here.
    I have heard from others that Leolah has always tried to profit from Whitney in one way or another.
    And how would she know it was a murder; she wasn’t at the Beverly Hilton when Whitney died, so anything she would hear would be HEARSAY…OOOPS…inadmissible in court!
    Don’t give her a dime Jacky, unless she shows you some proof first.

    • If she love Whitney and her daughter like she say she do why try to get money. If it was me I would want to report it up and no money. That is all she asking is to get paid. She was not there and don’t know nothing she want another hit.




  5. Poor Bobbi, she needs to break away from everything surrounding her. These people want flesh and money.

  6. She oughta be ashamed of herself. Money isn’t everything, how about integrity and standing up for what is right. Sad, but when people die….folks start to show their true colors. Everyone including nippy’s mother are cashing in on whatever they can. I see why she self medicated and her life went downhill. With sorry people like this in your corner, you don’t need no enemies. RIP Whit!

  7. Jacky the fact that she is Bobby Browns sister. i doubt very much she needs you to get at any publication for her. Sounds to me she is an alcoholic, a crackhead or has no story and wants to use whoever to get a bit of notoriety.

  8. this is nonsense…get the interview done. if she does have real info on whitneys death then call the cops.

  9. Oh what silly nonsense! The whole bunch of them need to go to a padded room somewhere and duke it out. Now that would be a reality show worth watching.

  10. The only person not trying to make a buck is the one person people blame for her downfall…BObby Brown. That’s the only book I want to read because he has the inside scoop. All these other non f@cking factors need to have a seat. This lady looks shady as hell and desperate. She probably thought up a good lie and now that some smoke has cleared she is trying to make a buck. She’s a day late and a dollar short because her mom and sister have already cornered the shady B@tch department. Its sad that they trashed Bobby to hell and he’s the quietest one right now. If you are reading this Bobby please write a book. Please!!!!

  11. Someone said Bobby Brown is the only one trying to not make a buck off of Whitney I guess he’s not since he blew threw all of her money when she was alive

  12. I don’t get it, why all the hate for Bobby Brown? Bobby wasn’t on watch when Whitney died. I believe if she had still been with him she would still be here with us. Dang!! Some people need to give this a rest.

  13. So, I take it she does not care about her niece or the late Ms. Whitney because if she did, it would be about justice and not money. If someone I cared about passed or the mother of my family that I cared about passed, and I had info to light the scene up, I would not be thinking about money. There is a nice warm place in hell for people like her.

  14. […] Leolah Brown (Bobby Browns sister) has always maintained she knew what really happened to Whitney Houston. Her cries fell on deaf ears over at CNN, but now Leolah claims she has PROOF that her sister-n-law, Whitney Houston was MURDERED!!! The only catch is, she's not talking unless money is involved… Here’s what Leolah Brown exclusively revealed to HSK: […]