LHH Frenemies Yandy & Kimbella Fuse For Football!


Frenemies - Kimbella, Yandy and Somaya

A Reconstructed Somaya Weighs In…

HSK Exclusive – Yandy Smith and Kimbella Vanderhee seem to be setting their differences aside this weekend — all for the love of the game of football. That’s because sources say the pair of noted ‘frenemies’
are throwing a Super Bowl bash in New York City.

Now, Somaya Reece is weighing in on the pair’s party, calling Yandy “a hypocrite”. Know why? Because the former LHH cast member says Kimbella has Yandy to thank for being cut from the ratchet television cast.

This news comes as Somaya herself seems to be bitter for also being pushed out of the LHH spotlight. Insiders reveal not only is the failed recording artist lashing out at her former cast members…she’s also reported to be calling the show’s creator, Mona Scott Young, “a bitch”.

Here’s the drop:

“Somaya is saying Mona’s a money hungry bitch.

Somaya had so much plastic surgery done, you can’t tell her nothing! She’s starting to really feel herself. That’s the only reason why Somaya is lashing out at Mona and the others.”


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