Lil Jeezy Leaked Info To Jeezy’s Arch Rap Enemies!



“I didn’t hurt my son … My baby momma’s a bitch.” -Jeezy

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned exclusive details said to have led Jeezy to snap on his son!

According to our tipster … Jadarius Jenkins [an aspiring rapper who Jeezy ‘doesn’t want in the rap game’] didn’t only go against his dad’s wishes by signing on with a Macon, Georgia-based music manager — the 17-year-old was “leaking information to Jeezy’s enemies” too. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Gucci Mane.


Our source says Tenesha Dykes [Jeezy’s baby momma] is behind door number one — reportedly using Jadarius to try and extort Jeezy. Know why? Come July, the teen will be 18-years-old … when Jeezy’s child support will be a wrap!

Here’s the drop:

“Jeezy don’t want his son in the rap game. He got word Gucci got at Jadarius to do a track about Jeezy being a deadbeat dad. Ask Rick Ross.”

Here’s what’s coming from other news outlets:

“Jeezy told the teenager he had turned into a punk kid with an attitude and he didn’t want the kid staying at his house.¬†Jeezy claims he never hit, choked, or dragged his son, but admits he shoved him to the ground when Jadarius got in his face. As for the terroristic threats — Jeezy is accused of telling Jadarius, “I will kill you … I will put a bullet in your head right now” — the rapper claims all he said was something to the effect of, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.”


  1. These harder kids today need their asses whooped! Need to listen and quit thinking they know everything. Jezzy did the right thing. Now that baby mama needs a job. What’s up with these baby mama who don’t want to work? They know these kids are going to grow up and that child support will be cut off. Damn dummies.

  2. I believe Jeezy!! That’s what’s wrong with kids this generation… Old school discipline is considered child abuse nowadays!

  3. Jeezy you done nothing wrong..I had to do something similiar to my 18 year old son some weeks back when he got out of pocket and I told him and his mother next time he does it he getting punched in the face.

    Don’t accept any disrespect from either one of them.

  4. his son going t need a lot of ice cause that industry going to tear his ass up Jeezy should’ve whip him into a man a long time ago all his baby mama going to do is sell her son out

  5. I knew there was more to the story and that his son wasn’t innocent. I sure hope they can sort all of this out in private.

  6. I hope the son be careful
    God forbid he become a pawn in the rap game or that street life

    Note: The baby mama does look money hungry

  7. Way to go Jezzy! I support you 100 percent! Baby momma can’t teach him how to be a man! For the looks of things she hasn’t taught him much at all about respect.

  8. People got all in their feelings when I wrote that a kid will make you f*ck them up and I meant that shit!


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