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Lil Kim’s Got Beef!

January 25th, 2013

Lil Kim Beefing w/ Maino's Baby Mama

‘Starter Wives Confidential’ Chronicles…

HSK Exclusive – Lil Kim may have inspired Maino’s ‘I Still Love You‘┬átrack, but she’s also said to have inspired the rapper’s baby momma to deliver a beat down to Lil Kim! That’s the latest word involving ‘Starter Wife’ Zakia Baum, whose beef with Kimmy Blanco reportedly stems from the lady lyricist’s smash affair with her then boyfriend!

HSK has exclusively learned Zakia Baum – Maino’s ex-longtime girlfriend, who birthed the Bed-Stuy rapper’s son – plotted to physically attack Lil Kim after she found out the original Black Barbie was invited to a baby shower she too was set to attend. We’re told the event was held in celebration of Funkmaster Flex and Monica Joseph Taylor’s baby shower. Sources say – after Monica alerted Lil Kim to Zakia’s threat, the lady lyricist didn’t show up at the event.

Here’s the drop:

“Zakia thinks Lil Kim and her baby daddy Maino, were having an affair behind her back while they were dating.

Zakia showed up to Monica’s party to fuck up Lil Kim.┬áZakia is wild on the show, but in person she’s a sweetheart.”

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20 Comments on "Lil Kim’s Got Beef!"

February 15, 2013

First of all Maino was disloyal as fuck to fuck wit kim…knowin Kim was goin wit the dude that had Zakia bros killed. It ain’t no secret..lil kim ex was a monster in the street. Zakia held the boy Maino down…so for him to even fuck wit Kim was a violation. However Maino was trying to really solidify his entrance in the industry…so he had to fuck wit Kim. Its crazy..but this is y Z is extra angry.


February 9, 2013

lil kim pulled a gun on faith evans. I dont she will have a problem beating this chick, Kim is classy lady and decided not to show up because she knew zakia would have started shit. #TeamLilKim


February 5, 2013

Here’s the problem zakia Baum is truly a chick who thrives off of give respect where respect is due! Kim was out of line and so was maino she dealt with him by getting rid of him and his one hit wonder ass. And in order to get what she needs closer she is going to have to confront Kim and bet believe she will and I know her from h.s . Zakia is a chick who is abt her business all the time and if u google her ill see her net worth is 1 million so who money does she need. However zakia needs not to be on this show because she is going to give those broads the business whether it be good bad or indifferent. I’m looking forward to turning on to the show to show my fellow Brooklyn people some support.. I wish u all the best


January 29, 2013

People stay talking about Lil Kim. So who’s really winning? She’s rich and famous…. and you?


January 27, 2013

You can only get mad at you supposed mn if HE CHOOSES to fuck and date someone else while you’re still in the picture. The person you’re in the rlationship should respect it and you. These women are so quick to fight eachother then go have make up sex with the men. Dumb nut on the brain bimbo bums.





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