Lil Scrappy Heading to Rehab!


Lil Scrappy Going to Rehab

Curbing The Sex & Drugs in Hip Hop?

Lil Scrappy has admitted he’s addicted to marijuana. The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ reality star — whose real name is Darryl Richardson — recently made the revelation during one of a  a string of court appearances over alleged probation violations. He’s announced he’ll now be heading to rehab to treat his addiction.

You may recall a few weeks back, Scrappy failed a court-ordered drug test, violating his probation. A judge has since granted the rapper a continuance in his probation battle, giving him time to attend rehab.

Here’s what Scrappy told WSBTV:

“It is my hope that my time away from my family and especially my little girl, my daughter, will make me a better man. It’s time for me to get help for my marijuana addiction.”

Is Shay “Buckeey” Johnson going to wait for Scrappy with open arms? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Momma Dee.


  1. These 2 make me vomit. Scrappy lost a good thing just because he is not man enough to stand up to his mother and stop cheating. Scrappy and shay and momma dee deserve each other with they childish, trifling asses. Erica boo, be thankful u dodged a bullet. God will send someone with high moral standards to love u. Just be patience and wait.

  2. By Rehab I hope they mean Special Ed cause this dude is straight Retarded…I’ve seen people with mental problems make better sense than he do…# Short Bus Shawty

  3. buckey has a thing for doped up played out rappers.

    while he’s in rehab momma dee gonna put shay to work and make her sell ass like flav used to have her do it well he would have if she stayed a little longer.