Lil Wayne Gifts Girlfriend With A New Booty


Lil Wayne is a Booty Man

Promise Rings Are So Yesterday?

Lil Wayne may be building his very own version of Kim Kardashian. Know why? Because the Louisiana lyricist is reported to have purchased a new set of cakes for his former fiance!

A recent picture leaked of Dhea Sodano, with one of Lil Wayne’s kids, reveals the rapper’s Italian belle may have recently gone under the knife to enhance her backside. Now, the Scottsdale, Arizona native – whose been on and off again with Weezy over the past few years – appears to have a lot more junk her her trunk than she had before. With fake asses reported to be right up Weezy’s alley, he may wife her up after all…

Here’s what an insider had to say about the situation:

“For starters, if anyone knows anything about Dhea, its that she had a bad case of NOASSATALL, and it seems that her disease has simply gone away thanks to good ole Weezy.

For those of you who may have forgotten, Lil Wayne is the reason why Nicki Minaj has her ass and he’s also the reason why Tammy Torres has her ass!!

You know its true!”

I wonder if Wayne checked in with Nicki first, to get the low down on which plastic surgeon to send Dhea to. Don’t you?


  1. wayne only gets girls because of his fame.

    how else can lauren, nivea, sarah, and toya have an unsderstanding and consider themselves wife in laws.

    only pimps get away with that type of behavior and millionaires of course can have all the women they want.

    looks ain;t iomportant as long as you have money and fame here’s a few examples

    ozzy osbourne
    marilyn manson if women find him attractive
    ugly weird alien looking frank zappa
    flavor flav yes girls actually fought to go to bed with this man.

    dustin diamond if he can do a sex tape anybody can and his wife gave her consent.

    tommy lee he banged mayte and lil kim.

    scott storch’s all that money he had and he still looks geeky.

    how else could big caught faith evans and had women like charli baltimore willing to commit suicide.

    bill gates we know how he gets play.

    donald trump attracts a lot of younger women I wopnder why?

    krs 1 big nose azz hasd play in his prime.

  2. I’m he was with toya b4 all the fame.. She’s the only real one and deserves the money she got from him.. She actually loved his gremlin looking ass

  3. Well I think wayne in his girl now his new girl now she is good looking in sexy she is gorgous I think better looking then toya well that’s my opinion maybe not ya’ll’s but what is she ? she kind of look like she spanish ! i’m spanish to if she is that’s what’s up that’s the best to like llab lol ! Well Wayne hit me up on here your sexy ass lol Peace HOLLA(: