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Lindsay Lohan Arrested for NYC Hit & Run

September 19th, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Hit & Run Arrest

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident early this morning. Know why? Because the troubled actress allegedly hit a pedestrian while driving in downtown Manhattan. The victim was hospitalized after his encounter with Lohan.

Here is what police are saying:

Around midnight, Lindsay was pulling in to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel in downtown NYC when she allegedly hit the knee of a 30-something year old guy.

Lindsay and her passengers then went into the hotel. While Lindsay was inside police were called to the scene and when she walked out of the hotel, at around 2:30AM, officers arrested her.

Lindsay was booked for leaving the scene of an accident and then released with a desk appearance ticket.

Lindsay Lohan, who is currently under court ordered probation, could have her probation violated by the judge in her felony jewelry cape, Judge Sautner, who ¬†explicitly gave Lohan a condition of probation ordering that she “obey all laws”.

Even without a conviction Lindsay can be violated and sent to prison for the remaining time left on her probation.

16 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Arrested for NYC Hit & Run”

  1. Ausar-El |

    MK Ultra, like Britney Spears


  2. Cuban-ness |

    This dirty whore needs be quarantined, disinfected and thrown in PRISON not jail.


  3. Jaye |

    Why don’t this bitch catch a cab!!!


  4. Tracy |

    that bitch always hitting and stealing some shit that bitch need to go to prison shaking my head


  5. Belvito |

    Enough is enough lock this bitch up for a long ass time. If it were me or you they’d throw us in the clink and swallow the damn key.


  6. Rip |

    Goes to show you….she should have done the REAL TIME BEHIND BARS!!! These judges and lawyers give these celebrities slap on the hand passes (money I’m sure is involved) and a LOT OF THEM is too damn stupid to sit down somewhere and be cool. I guess a celeb has to KILL someone to be taken seriously. Would ask Robert Blake (BERETTA) but I’m almost certain he’s done with interviews.


    sara Reply:

    Robert Blake will be on Dr. Phil this week.


    Rip Reply:

    LMAO!!!! So much for that sit down and be cool theory.


  7. luVn_liFe |

    How asinine that she hasnt been sentenced to prison three cases ago!


  8. R IN NYC |

    This ho can’t drive. How is she still able to get car insurance?


    Kimmie Reply:

    Her insurance is probably sky high…..she’s just stupid, and ignorant. When will she learn….just dumb!


  9. crazychris |

    lindsay must be gicving some good head and dissing out some good dollars to stay out of jail.

    this girl got caught with cocaine and avoided prison more than once.

    this girl gets arrestyed every week.


  10. MV |

    I really believe these girls were sexually abused by these TV/Music execs. Because they are all on drugs. I blame the parents for tricking their kids for money. Shame on you.


  11. Kimmie |

    I am so sick of this girl (not a woman yet). Stupid, stupid, girl. Another Hollywood statistic.


  12. but... |

    they should just make a coke line from her car to the inside of somebody jailhouse and slam them damn bars behind her! ive done just about had a belly full of her!


  13. Peter |

    This is not for the first time even more number of celebrities are being caught in these kind of situations, as it was treat as a criminal offense for a hit and run case, so no one liable to take the risk of run after hitting. But here Lindsay Lohan faces a lots of troubles in a hit and run case.


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