Lisa Raye Exposed!!!!


Lisa Raye Exposed
HSK Exclusive – Some information landed on my desk this afternoon about Lisa Raye and guess what? I’m going to share it with you.

Here’s what was revealed to me about Lisa Raye:

” D-list actress Lisa Raye McCoy is the poster girl of a golddigger, sack chaser and she’s a professional trick. Lisa got paid from dope boys, hustlers, athlete’s, rappers, actors, and prime ministers.

Lisa will ask her friends to hook her up with tricks. Jacky if you don’t believe me? Ask Benzino. She’s known for wearing all white, but there’s nothing clean or pure about this broad because her daddy was a down south country pimp and her mama was his bottom b*tch.

Da brat is not her sister. Lisa’s mama used to run drugs and money for her father.”

Wait there’s more!!!

“Lisa f*cked the guys that paid. Jacky if you don’t believe me? Ask the Nicca’s who paid to sleep with her. You can ask John Singleton, Ray Lewis, Nelly, John Sally and Gary Payton.

Gary Payton bought her a white Range Rover and one day Lisa got bold and drove to his house. Lisa told Gary’s wife that they’re f*cking and Gary’s wife said ‘Yeah I know, and so are bunch of other hoes.’ ”

Lisa got mad when Rocsi f*cked her ex-husband but Rocsi is a younger version of Lisa. Why didn’t Lisa fight Vivica Fox and Star Jones when they f*ked her ex-husband Michael Misick?

Lisa will pop a extacy pill and lick some p*ssy if the dude is paying extra. Tricking is a normal thing
for Lisa to do because she’s been tricking since high school.

Jacky if you don’t believe me? Ask the club DJ’s in Chicago that she used to sleep with to get into their clubs.”

If you got a shady past it will be exposed. Know why? Because the internet is the medium people are using to get their stories out mane. Don’t believe me? Ask Ashton Kutcher’s mistress Brittney Jones.


  1. everybody has a past, and nobody perfect! every dude that making real money had dream bout Lisa Ray.. shit i do! Cant blame her for stars offering her money and gifts.. she dumb not to take it! i have 120k in cash waiting for her if she down… if see a bad chic and u want fuck her bad, a man will throw money out their!

    • lisa aint no damn body but a stank hoe; for men to dream bout her they got to be stank too; so good luck. ole home wrecker, and thats why she hitting 50 and yet dont got a man that truly lover her. how pittiful.

  2. OMG….. You are too much. You talk a lot of trash about people you probably never even met! And you are so mean and vicious with it…. Its disgusting!! BUT I LOVE IT!!! Put they foul ass on BLAST!!

  3. This is soooo old news. Everybody knows lisaraye is like angie dickinson on police woman-she’s an old ho from way back. Its not a secret-SHE will tell you “if you want this you gotta have money”. She says it all the time on her show. Its too bad females today think spreading their lips and legs is the only way to make it. What happened to depending on talent? I mean lisaraye ain’t angela bassett but I’ve seen way worse but she needs somebody to tell her to stop doing garbage like gang of roses and love chronicles. At least hold out for a motives or trois if you must do b movies. I’m just sayin’.

  4. Dont hate…White women have shown these young STUPID BLACK WOMEN JUST HOW TO SUCK & FUCK YOUR WAY TO THE TOP…

  5. All yall are some haters, I do not believe any of this stuff. If she did do it so what. How many of yall have sex for free & broke. At least she has something to show for it. Yall are some pure bitter people. Why are yall clocking her miles anyway? Yall have nothing better to do.

  6. I don’t believe any of this stuff being said about lisa Raye. It just sounds like someone’s trying to downgrade celebrities on this site. Like magic is really gonna be that stupid to smash anyone knowing he had aids and he’s a well known public figure please!!!. To whomever is coming up with these stories needs to get a life.

  7. yes this is true you can catch a billionaire, if you play a celibacy role undercover having a vaginal procedure done so cunning diamond sometimes people dont know how noticeable they are from chitown

  8. yeah you right, my aunt saw it was her,last year at the woman’s side on the south side. But she was admitted unde r her cousins name?