Lisa Raye’s Ex Michael Misick Arrested Over Caribbean Corruption!


Former First Lady Skates?

Lisa Raye may have bailed on her former beau just in the knick of time. Know why? Because though the former first lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands may have joined her ex-hubby in a lap of luxury – off of suspected Caribbean corruption cash – she’s said to have gotten away scott-free after her more than two-year reign there. Now, after almost four-years on the run, Michael Eugene Misick has been arrested on an international warrant over accusations of corruption, misusing public money, and profiting from the sale of state-owned land to developers.

You may remember back in August 2008, Premier Michael Misick and Lisa Raye McCoy announced their divorce after more than two-years of marriage. The pair’s split happened just a few months before Misick was forced to step down as Premier in 2009, following Britain’s decision to take temporary control of the local Government.

On Friday, Misick was held by Interpol in Brazil on an international warrant. Sources say arrangements are now being made to extradite him to the Turks and Caicos at the behest of the British authorities who own the heavily tourism-dependent Caribbean island chain.

Here’s what’s being reported by a Caribbean news outlet:

“Mr Misick, who was first elected premier in 2003 and then re-elected in 2007, started out as a bright star in the Caribbean constellation. But stories of his lavish lifestyle, which included his own plane and public disputes with his Hollywood ex-wife Lisa-Raye McCoy, followed by allegations of corruption, began to cause discomfort among his Caribbean colleagues.

Last year, a worldwide freeze on Mr Misick’s assets was ordered by British Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick, covering bank accounts held in the Turks and Caicos Islands and overseas, his personal residence in Providenciales, parcels of land throughout the country, two condominiums, a cinema in Providenciales and several credit cards.

Mr Misick got very little support from Caribbean governments when in March this year he announced that he had gone into hiding and had sought asylum from criminal prosecution by Britain in an unnamed country.

He denied that he was on the run and said he was, instead, being targeted unfairly by the UK Government. Mr Misick also charged that his family had become targets, as had former Cabinet ministers and their families and developers who supported his Progressive National Party during his tenure as premier.”

Here’s what’s coming from the Daily Mail:

“Michael Misick fled the British overseas territory in 2009 after a report exposed widespread corruption. The former prime minister is alleged to have amassed a personal fortune of $180m and lived a lavish lifestyle. He was detained by Brazil’s federal police in Rio de Janeiro as he was about to board a plane for Sao Paulo yesterday and will now be extradited back to the Caribbean islands to stand trial.

Brazil’s federal police said in a statement that agents ‘have been investigating his whereabouts for more than a year’.
It is understood he had been living in Rio de Janeiro for a number of months and frequently visited some of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods such as Ipanema and Leblon.”

Lisa Raye has since taken to national television to boast about once being the first lady of Turks and Caicos – can she be summonsed to appear in court, with her lavish gifts from Misick being seized? I don’t know, but I’m certain Michael Misick is going to snitch. Don’t you agree?



    • She was assisting him in spending the country’s $$$$, that wedding, movie theater, skating ring…she gave several interviews on the “improvements” she was making for the island…


  3. Jacky maybe right . If Michael purchased any of Lisa’s gifts with money he wasn’t entitled to, then the Turks and Caicos government can take all that ISH back!

  4. she shouldnt have to give anything back, hes the theif! glad shes rid of his schemin ass! now if we could do somethin abt that white

    • Lisa Raye is one smart lady. She jumped off of that sinking ship before she could be taken down with it. She shouldn’t have to give anything back. He has to pay for his fuckery, not her. And her in all white is beautiful…

      • Either that or she just liked the money and the title he had! She did say that she has to have a man with money or her little ‘reality’ show. Hoes like here will get desperate for love over money when the signs of aging start ramping up!

  5. Just like that Italian dude actress Ann Hathaway was engaged to who ripped off investors and used the proceeds to buy Ann expensive gifts, Lisa, too will have to give back the gifts. Perfectly legal. If your man is in the mob and buys you a home, that home will be confiscated if criminal charged are lodged against him. Dang, doesn’t anyone read the news?

  6. Lisa Raye could have reeled him in as the wife if she hadn’t been so money hungry. Did she not question where the money came from that funded her fake lifestyle. Uh, NO because she’s a gold digger and couldn’t think beyond spending money. Hell she could care less whose money it was.

    • I beg to differ; by all accounts The former Prime Minister ran shit, and truthfully in other cultures the husband is not to be questioned or challenged. He is the head of the household and his word is law. I’m not defending Lisa Raye, I don’t know her personally but she may have been trying to conform to make her marriage work. Don’t laugh at me or give me the snarky comments…I’m just considering both sides of the issue.

  7. Assuming Lisa has anything left from the marriage, how can they prove he purchased these “gifts” with the embezzled funds? I’m asking a legit question because I know British law is quite different than the US. They don’t have the RICO Act correct? If I were Lisa Raye, I would cut a deal if they came for my neck. If he had managed to evade authorities this long he should’ve sat his criminal behind down somewhere; airports are hotbeds for Interpol! I know it’s been said she was/is a gold digger but who’s to say she didn’t love this guy and over time found out who he really was? All the hell he put her through she deserves whatever she managed to escape with cuz public humiliation is a bitch.

    • Please Lisa is a GOLDDIGGER, she said on her reality show, any man she is with must be WEALTHY. She got married to him because he had power along with the
      money. Like I said previously, if the gifts were purchased with unentitled money Lisa’s ISH will be taken back. Or like someone posted above, she may get to keep her stuff, if she talks/cuts a deal.

      • That’s the thing…this man never had any $$$, he was using the $$$ of the country he was suppose to be managing…LisaRaye knew that & did not care whilst she used public funds as her personal piggy bank too, wedding, private school tuition for her daughter, travel…ALL ILLEGAL

    • The credit cards will show records of all the things he was doing and buying during that period of time. When confronted, he will sing like a bird no doubt, and tell everything he did for his ex-wife.

      Also, I scratch my head and ask myself, how could she not know he was a theif? No prime minister in the world makes $180 million dollars legit! Officials for countries do not get paid that much. Unless he was born ultra wealthy, there was no way for his position to pay him that kind of money. She had to know something was wrong at some point, IMO.

  8. Lisa Raye, like Claudia Jordan and Stacey Dash is a talentless stupid old hoe. She thought she came up when she married Missick, but soon realized she got played. Now the old hoe is desperate to do anything for money. Maybe that is why King Latifah put her on her stupid cable tv show.

  9. Missick better hope he don’t go to prison in Brazil. It’s ten times worse than any prison in the US. If you think I’m lying, watch that show on National Geographic called “Locked Up Abroad”

  10. LisaRaye won’t be touched unless she’s hiding some of his money, which I doubt. She was crying and acting a fool because he wouldn’t give her a big divorce settlement. But her thirsty, gold-digging azz didn’t understand that he didn’t have anything. He was living off of the Island and taxpayers. He and Kwame Kilpatrick should share prison cells and swap corruption stories.

  11. If a nigga u know give u a Bentley and works a Mickey D’s you dont think u gon have a problem? Shiiiiiiiiit

  12. Lisa Raye helped to put this asshole piece of shit batty boy fool in the hands of the British intelligence.
    There is a real push (perhaps because of natural resources or proximity thereto) for the Europeans to “reacquire their former colonial properties” that they stole and plundered.
    You think an old hoe like Lisa Raye didn’t know this boy was suckin’ on dick? She’s had so much dick, she prolly could just look at a dick and know which end it has been in. How you think her daughter got into that exclusive British boarding school? Yeah, bitch was on the payroll.
    My people, don’t sleep on this bitch, her day is comin’. The British are very class conscious and they will slay this bitch if she throws a hissy fit over demanding more money. The British never overpay for their whores. And…. if you ever get an offer from the white man to do in your people in Central, South Americas, Caribbean, Africa, walk, it ain’t worth it and you will also eventually be sacrificed.

  13. I don’t know cuz she was saying that he took money from her too, and was conducting back room deals in her name that was the only reason she left and the had a fight because trust the only way to fuck with somebody if to fuck with they money and Lisa made a big deal about how crooked he was