Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 23, 2012


This weeks blind item is about a reality star who lives in the city of Atlanta and guess what–Today our blind item gets exposed.

Here’s what an insider had to say about this weeks blind item:

“She slept with Ralph Tresvant while he was married to his wife Shelly. She smashed Teddy Riley while he was married to his wife Donna, she lived with Curtis Conway until he met and married Laila Ali. But her biggest come up was when she married Ed Hartwell.

This chic went on a reality television show pretending to be educated, wealthy, monogamous, honest, in love, trust worthy, a mother and wife. By the second season she was exposed as a liar and manipulator.

She refuses to acknowledge the truth, and she’s a sneaky messy liar. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andy Cohen.

Chic is so desperate to be seen on television, that it really destroyed her when she got fired (she didn’t read the Bravo contract properly). She lied and said two years ago that she was filming and doing a movie with an A- list celebrity. Where is the movie? Don’t believe me.. Ask Robert Downey Jr.

I also would like to understand how a woman who’s a real estate mogul never owned a home of her own.

Once she slept in a full bed pushed against the wall until Keith Sweat saved her. I Remember when she and her sister both worked at AAA Auto Insurance. This woman could only date a man with money. Don’t believe me.. Ask her former millionaire husband Ed Hartwell.

She’s so scandalous, onetime she when on a long road tour with some entertainer and lost her two children.

Girl is a hoe, her sister and her took a trip to Las Vegas and she smashed her sisters wealthy boyfriend for $15,000. When her sister asked her where did she get the money from she told her sister ‘ Keith Sweat wired me the money’. Her sister called Keith on the phone and he told her ‘I didn’t give your sister a dime’.
She ended up telling her sister the truth about smashing her boyfriend, but she told her it was all for the money.”

Our blind item should stop chasing fame and she should focus more on being a mother. Don’t believe me.. Ask our blind items publicist Jonell Whitt.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

Who is the Real Lisa Wu Hartwell?

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year… It’s the Year of the Dragon! Now, I’m out to get some egg rolls.


    • I knew something was phony about her “story” when I saw her mother’s house featured in one episode. It looked raggedy and very very small. No shame in that but i’m just saying..if your daughter is rich and legitimately is a steady relationship with a wealthy husband, she should’ve AT LEAST made sure that her mama reap some of that wealth too. Kobe Bryant’s stanky soon-to-be mexican wife MADE SURE Kobe PAY for a BRAND NEW HOUSE for her.

      That’s how you do it if you living the high life. If your ass lives in a mansion, your mother should too. And if she ain’t that means you ain’t got it like that. you just fronting.

      That’s my 2 cents on it.

      • I remember watching that episode and I thought the exact same thing. Just like Evelyn Lozada’s fake ass who still has her mother living in the projects claiming her mother doesn’t want to move. Yeah right.

        Like my mother say about fake mutha fkrs tryin’ to front; “Fur coat & no drawers.” Pathetic.

        • Fur coat and no draws. I like that. Haha, i’ma use that one.
          Just to be fair, i’ma give you one my grandma always used to use. (Talking about worthless, triflin’ hoes, or worthless, triflin’ people in general.) That girl there ain’t worth the salt in her bread.


        • Remember, Oprah’s dad still works in a ratty barbershop, and the world knows what her money could do for that shop. Some folks are happy with their situation. Good for them, money isn’t everything.

          • You are correct – Oprah’s dad still has that shop AND Oprah HAS given him money. However, he is married to a woman and, to protect his assets, his assets are in Oprah’s name to protect them.

        • Just for the record… Evelyn Lozado’s mother does NOT live in the “Projects”. She lives in the Bronx, yes and she does live in a building, yes. However, in NYC living in a building doesn’t make it a “project” . She lives in a co-op. i am related to a famous rapper. His grandmother who raised him wanted to stay in her apartment in NY. He offered her many times to move she refused. I’m just saying that maybe elders don’t want to upset appletrucks. Maybe they are humble and know that that money may not last. Or maybe they just are comfortable and happy with their lives. Hmmmmm?

          • A lot of older people are like that when it comes to where they live. They’re so comfortable where they are it won’t matter how much better another home may look, most of the time they rather remain where they are.

          • I am from Brooklyn and that tenement housing complex is called the projects in all 5 boroughs. People dangling out of windows to save on their electric bill, the facial of the building, and not to mention that pissy-looking elevator that they got in screamed projects. Ever since then, I had very little respect for Evelyn, to let her mom live in those conditions, after flaunting herself as rich to millions on television!!!

        • you cannot judge a book by its cover. my mom lives in the hood… always has and always will i guess… i say that to say.i have never lived in shoddy places or neighborhoods. i currently live about an hour and a half from my mom. i have asked my mom repeatedly to come and move with me… to come and live with me. but what i notice is that she constantly gives me excuses as to why she wont or cant. my mother lives in the hood of hoods. boarded up houses, low income housing, junky central… and she refuses to leave. i had to finally understand that she is comfortable there, i dont know why but that is her comfort zone and for her to come and live with me is to take her out of her comfort zone, taking away her independence. you cannot bash evelyn or lisa for where their parents choose to live… some of them dont want to change.

        • What Jennifer lozada said might be true. Lopez’s mother still lives in an apartment in the Bronx. Everybody knows Jennifer has money, but her mother doesn’t want to move.

          • You know what? If these superficial women would stop trying to out do the other superficials; then, they would realize that they would be noticed even more. They never heard of seldom seen is much admired. My opinion of almost everyone in many of the reality shows is that they are messy people, filled with drama, showboaters……why? Truth being told, they all know where they came from. If it were not for their athletic and driven husbands, they would be exactly where they were.

  1. I KNEW that there was something sneaky about this chic. I saw violence & anger issues in her during one of the reunion shows when she threatened to push over a couch on another cast member. She tried to come off as SO above the bullsh#t when she was on the show.

    Does anyone know the reason why she lost custody of her 2 by with Keith Sweat?

  2. Lisa Wu- Hartwell when she said,”If It Do Not Make Me
    Money I Don’t Do It”. I knew it was all about the money for her.

  3. These are some of the reasons why Keith Sweat kicked her ass to the curb. He got custody of their 2 sons because Lisa is a theif, liar, hoe & all of the above. She caused a lot of problems within Keith’s own family members. She was telling lies on him trying to make him look bad. I mean Keith wasn’t a angel during the marriage, but he gave her the good life & she screwed up. Now she’s right back to square one. Nothing.

  4. If Keith wasnt an angel why is everyone going for Lisa? Shouldnt it be fair and everybody gets blown up

  5. That’s why I LOVE you Jacky!! Lisa (whose real name is Sharon) had EVERYONE fooled except for the people who know the real deal. She was by far THE messiest out of ALL of them. Ed was pussy whipped and married this chick only after 1 month of meeting her. She literally robbed Keith Sweat one night when she was tweekin. After all of this time, now that she and Ed are divorcing (in which she was busted for cheating on him), NOW she wants her boys back to get that child support. Her and Marlo Hampton are some of the most scandalous and scariest chicks around. There’s so much dirt on this girl that it should be turned into a Lifetime movie.

    • Yeah, she had me 4 a second. She appeared to be a “wholesome” type of woman onscreen. But on the other hand, what would she be doing on RHOA if she wasn’t scandalous???

  6. Glad she got put on blast! She always looked like she was over active and had her high beams on! Closet freak my ass! lol I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!

  7. Lisa Wu that’s who!
    Love, you left out how she was deemed an unfit parent by the judge presiding over her divorce from Keith Sweat…he has full custody of the boys and she’s a pick a day parent. He also called her deceitful cuz she’d taken money out of some business accts of Keith. Why she still had access *kanye shrug* She reported that she had a Real Estate Firm, the clothing line, and a production company but couldn’t provide any financial statements. Keith didn’t want his likeness associated to the show at all which is why u never saw the boys. He shut that down

  8. I must admit, I’ve never heard of this woman. I saw Wu in her name and thought of my favorite group Wu-Tang, but I don’t watch housewives so I don’t know who she is. (shoulder shrug)

    • We all have SIN{MISS the Mark, Made Mistake, Mess up}. Nobody knows what any of us have been thru, to make us act the way that we do sometimes,be as hard on her as you want somebody to be on YOU!

  9. She just didn’t seem totally real, I knew somthn was fake. Like when Ed was try’n to make a come back and she made the comment “I don’t want him to do it if he’s gonna get hurt” Bitch stop lie’n, You know you wanted him to get paid, it just sounded very phoney.

  10. I agree with the comment about Lisa & Evelyn! I had the same conversation w/a friend of mine. If you’re with a BALLER you take care of your Mama, plain & simple. These chicks just want the red bottom shoes. It’s all about them. I have never met anyones Mama who would not want their own house bought & paid for over living in public housing?

    • Agree Patti. Only if they have no ambition or goal in life would someone living in the project not jump at the opportunity to move up.

      • Just for the record… Evelyn Lozado’s mother does NOT live in the “Projects”. She lives in the Bronx, yes and she does live in a building, yes. However, in NYC living in a building doesn’t make it a “project” . She lives in a co-op. i am related to a famous rapper. His grandmother who raised him wanted to stay in her apartment in NY. He offered her many times to move she refused. I’m just saying that maybe elders don’t want to upset appletrucks. Maybe they are humble and know that that money may not last. Or maybe they just are comfortable and happy with their lives. Hmmmmm?

        • Correction: Thanx to Evelyn’s “comeup”, her mama don’t live in the projects, ANYMORE, AS OF RECENT.

          Typical petty Bronx mofo, always tryin’ to reach, and don’t come for me, I am from the Bronx, so I know my own.

        • I am from Brooklyn, that dingy and neglected tenement housing that her mom lives in is called the projects in all 5 boroughs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manahattan & Staten Island). I saw people-watching from wide open windows to keep cool and save on electricity on hot summer days, I saw grey, grimy walls and on elevator doors and I saw some graffiti on the buildings door entrance. Ever since, I lost all respect for Evelyn, who claims that she was rich at the time that she exposed her mothers living condition for millions to see on reality television.

  11. These women/men that go on these realty tv shows start farting higher than their A-holes & they think they’re better than people. I grew up in the projects & I didn’t make it my permanent residence. Nothing wrong w/the PJ’s but when you “supposedly” start to make it you move on. That Evelyn chick, she was just plain out & out nasty. What’s sad is that the younger viewing audience emulates these women & there’s enough violence going on around us all. I say cancel all of these shows.

  12. It’s OBVIOUS that ths is about Lisa Wu-Hartell. Jackie didnt make too much of an effort to hide the identity. While a lot of this isnt surprising nor unbelieveable, i will say that there are plenty of people who like where they live and aren’t necessarily interested in moving…whether it’s from the projects or their own small house. Considering the money comes from an in-law, as opposed to their own child,maybe Lisa’s parents don’t feel like changing their living quarters just to suit outsiders?

  13. Re: Reality Stars

    Example, One has to realize that once parents get into their golden years, they are not trying to depend on their children who overnight got a gig paying a lot of money. When she was with the basketball player from Boston who was making millions, her Mother was in the project.

    Her Mother knows what she can afford, so why uproot herself and then find out that the reality gig is over for her daughter and she is out on the street, lost what she could afford and have to start all over again?

    Think people…parents knows best!


  15. I agree with the person who said that all of these reality shows should be cancelled. These shows and their participants are totally out of control. What a things for young people to watch and trey to emulate. Yes, we are going to hell in a handbasket and we should be ashamed of ourselves. No morals, no scruples.

    There are people out here with common sense who laugh at those of us who watch these insane and immoral shows.

  16. “[…] of Wu being an unfit parent to the two children she shares with singer Keith Sweat (here & here). This while charges of racism surround Wu – alleging she continues to diss Afro American […]”

    I’m always SO shocked at the number of people who are surprised at the attitudes of women of lighter complexion/mixed-culture toward darker women of their races. This is called “Self-Hatred” people. You MAY be “attracted” to a hue of skin-color darker than yours, but it does NOT mean that you will NOT take out the anger/hatred you have toward darker women. Racism (whether it be within your race or from another race) is hatred of oneself, and fear of what you DON’T know and understand.

    A LOT of people of lighter-skin don’t want to be darker-skinned because it allows them “a pass” in society as “not full-bred Caucasian”, but an ability to pass or “blend in” with white society as an acceptable “Negroid”/person-of-color. But it’s found that they ALSO harbor inner-hatred for their ancestry because of the slave history of rape and intermingling of races. Another reason is because of the ostracizing of people of mixed-races within the Black race. It is a double-edged sword that they’re dealt. The sad thing is that MANY Blacks of darker-hue DON’T realize that we are ALL mixed with SOMETHING. To look at me, you would think that I am an Ebony-hued Black woman with exotic features, NOT knowing that I am Japanese; African; Cherokee/Seminole/Blackfoot Native American; and European (ALL of which was verified NOT just by family folklore, but DNA-testing as well).

    Elders from EACH side of a person’s family lineage instilling in a child the love and appreciation of their WHOLE-self, is the ONLY way that we, as a society, both of color AND Caucasian-decent, can combat racism as a society…because we’re ALL mixed. It’s ALL about how we deal with the cards we’re dealt.

  17. @koury KIM is a lying cheating disusting whore as it is. kim lies so much who knows when shes telling the true. I mean Kim couldnt even afford her house she’s one to talk(didnt she say shes never lived in a used home?). Ill be glad when kendra gets her day in court. Plus I think Kim was jealous at the time of Lisa b/c lisa does look 10x better than kim. Kim is in her 40s right? I vividly remember kim saying Im sick of lisa talking about what a great marriage she has and how many businesses she owns etc. Now who can beat that hoe tweeting all the damn time about how much she loves and lucky she is to have that simp shes got.

  18. AKA Sharon Wu or Sharon something. If yall remember when the first season or RHOA came on and when her intro came on she said and I quote, “If it don’t make me money, I won’t do it” Right there tells you SHE’S A GOLD DIGGER!

  19. My friend lives in Oprah’s dad’s gated neighborhood, where lots of Nashville hockey and football players and executives live. He is doing just fine. It isn’t a mansion but a large brick home that could run for the upper 100000’s.

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