LL Cool J & Eddie Murphy Outed With Mister Cee!!!


Transgendered  Toni Newman Tells All

HSK Exclusive — What do LL Cool J, Eddie Murphy and DJ Mister Cee all have in common?The three men are being outed as tricks who paid tranny’s for sex! O M G!!!

All the dirty details are laid out in Transgender Author Toni Newman’s newly released book I Rise – The Transformation of Toni Newman. In the book — Toni, a former New York City prostitute — discusses her days working the Big Apple’s tracks — where she encountered rapper LL Cool J, comedian Eddie Murphy and NYC Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee.

Here’s what Toni had to say of her encounters with the celebrity clientele:

“LL Cool J was a one time encounter and very enjoyable.”

“Mister Cee picked me up and many others for the sole purpose of receiving oral sex. Mister Cee was obsessive about receiving good head and he was very verbal and very generous if you performed up to his expectations.”

“I never had an encounter with Eddie Murphy, but he was visiting 14th street late at night. I know at least five transgenders who did have sex with Eddie Murphy. He was interested in the girl with the biggest male genitalia. “

To confirm her story, Transgender Toni has taken a polygraph test, administered by former secret service agent, Joseph Paolella which she says she “passed with flying colors.” Now, I want to know why these black celebrities don’t just come out of the damn closet! If they did, they’d save me the time I have to research and write it mane.

Don’t you agree?

the book is out now on amazon.com: I RISE-THE TRANSFORMATION OF TONI NEWMAN

Thanks to K. Wilson from http://www.spiproduction.com for setting this up!


  1. First off I want to say its not the fags passing disease its the straight undercover men passing it to the fags #sarcastic. And secondly why are people worried about what these men do in private its their business and ain’t nobody feeding them paying they bills or scoring their movie rolls and or their jobs so with that being said people fix what’s going on with their owwn lives instead of worrying about what the celebs are doing because its not a benefit to them to no who the hell eddy ll cool j or this radio stationd dude is sleeping with cus while y’all worried about them sleeping wit trannies they still getting money so let’s get on their level cus worrying about who they sleeping wit sure in the hell ain’t helping u doit