Lola Monroe Laid Up @Lloyd Banks’ Crib For 7 Days & 7 Nights…IN THE SAME DAMN CLOTHES!!!


Lola Monroe Exposed & Knocked Up

Confessions Of A Ratchet Hoe?

HSK Exclusive – What does Lloyd Banks have in common with one Bad Boy rapper? Lola Monroe. The only difference is Lloyd Banks treated her like a prostitute, and King Los knocked her up.

You may recall Lola Monroe being the first video vixen to jump-start the fake booty fad. That was around the same time the ratchet video hoe was bustin’ it wide open for Lloyd Banks! Don’t believe me.. Ask Olivia.

Here’s what an insider had to say about Lola Monroe:

“Angela Lola was a G-Unit hoe. She stayed at Lloyd Banks’ spot in Long Island for a week…in the same clothes! Hope she had fun getting banged for a week by someone completely irrelevant.

Shout out to the man who impregnated her!”

Wait…There’s more!

We’re told Lola Monroe has one DC trick to thank for equipping her with the plastic booty and titties that led Trey Songz to feature her as a ‘Wonder Woman” in his 2004 video. The sponsor is also reported to have done the same for a small group of other local DC wannabe video hoes. Just ask Blac Chyna.

Lola Monroe Before Booty Implants

Lola Monroe After Booty Implants


  1. That nigga banks done probably did all types of violating shit to her.And yet she looks like the type that will shit on a nigga hard. Isn’t it frustrating to hear a beautiful chick like her being treated like a 2 dollar whore, that’s why you never chase these so-called bad bitches Chase the money.the more cheese you have it’ll bring rats like her to you,instead of you taking the risk of being played by a video vixen/prostitute.Money is kryptonite to these whores so you can look like the elephant man and still bag a dime if your money is right

    • Sounds like you wish you were Lloyd Bank, who was having sex with that chick with the silicone buttocks and smelled like one of the 3 Stooges.

    • I look at that bitch & I see fake tits, fake ass, fake hair. How is she a ‘dime’ when her beauty is all fake?

      But this story don’t fly. Even the thirstiest hoe will make a dude take her clothes shopping if she’s gotta be servicing him & his boys 24-7 for a week!

      • Just wanted to correct you- she is Ethiopian, not sure where you live or if you know any Ethiopian’s but if you do, you know her hair is not fake—Ethiopians probably have some of the prettiest hair out there!

        —But you are right about everything else—–

        • Sorry to burst your bubble but her hair is fake too. I know because I used to model for Mike Styles’ talent agency, her ex agent. Mike used to have an office in Silver Spring MD. He referred me to her hair extension sylist

        • Just because she is ethiopian doesn’t mean her hair isn’t fake. Geesh! The ignorance of some ppl. Smh…

  2. Well, IF there is any validity to this story at all maybe this chick washed her clothes each day she spent at Llyod Bank’s house.

    I’d really like to believe she’s not a nasty stinky whore!

    • Lmao! The point that she brags about money and fashion and being so boss and couldn’t get that yes man to take her to the local mall kmsl smh

  3. Anonymous 3:57 you sound like a thirsty nigga that be getting played by bitches that everyone had already. Money Over Bitches always!!!

  4. I don’t watch many videos anymore, so I am not familiar with Ms Monroe. But I have to admit she is extremely beautiful and not the typical hoe-ish looking video vixen. Sort of like Karrine Superhead Stephans when she first hit big.
    If she had handled herself correctly, I’ll bet she could have caught a BIG fish and not Lloyd Banks or King Los(who I don’t even know who he is???) She’s like movie star/model gorgeous.

    • I agree. Lola was very pretty to me, like most Habesha women, before all of the augmentations and neck tattoos. She is Ethiopian and Trinidadian a wicked combination of beautiful curly hair, flawless brown skin, long legs, good bone structure and an age defying waist line. People in the States generally don’t make well built children. She would have done better outside of the urban magazine entertainment realm. Don’t know why women and men feel beauty is equated to flattened over processed hair and breast/butt implants. She could have “fuqqed with men that mattered” but instead pigeon held herself to urban entertainment and was surrounded by the wrong elements.(She’s pretty enough to be “rescued” if she can’t build herself). She was hood in DC and your mentality follows you like a Samsonite carry-on creating the environment you want matter where your feet takes you.

      I wish Lola success with her family and future. Hopefully she will leave that DC mentality behind her.

      • Thanks for the info N.I. Very interesting as to her background. To me the most most stunning of her photos above ^^^^^ is the one where her hair is reminiscent of Dorothy Dandridge and you an’t een see her “allegedly” augmented cakes or the rest of her bangin physique. That’s what makes her really unique among video girls: a lot of them are Butterfaces where it’s all body but just meh above the neck. She could make it big just on her face alone, and that(to me) is a hallmark of a true model/star type.

        • I agree most are ugly in addition to being short pear shaped dump truck-esque. I miss the old school 1990s r&b video girls who were fit with dancer, athletic model physiques, whose legs were scrubbed wit ajax as children and slathered in cocoa butter by their mothers. They were alluring and didn’t require being naked covered in oil or perhaps semen. Attractive people shouldn’t have vie as hard for attention.(Jodeci’s Freekn’ You video girl, Carl Thomas’ Summer Rain vid girl) Any stripper/baby mama with implants, Spanx and a weave can now twerk on camera now – cellulite, bad skin/teeth, tattoos around their bullet wounds, stretch marks, abortion guts, pox marks, scars, and all. Also multiracial doesn’t mean automatic sex appeal either. I think Buffy started the trend of allowing anyone to be promoted and I honestly wasn’t too impressed with Melyssa Ford aesthetically.

          Esther Baxter another well known vixen in the mid 2000s who was easy on the eyes like Lola and I especially loved the fact that they were pretty brown women. Esther was also hood and drawn to hood booger men. I think she left the industry before getting too caught up after tweeting pics of her miscarried fetus allegedly due to abuse by the hands of her then rapper bf Joe Budden who accused her of cheating while pregnant.(As the Hood Turns). Urban modeling should be a stepping stone but many women get caught up. I kinda miss the days where women inspired you workout, eat right, exfoliate and visit the spas. Now everyone visits a surgeon instead of working with their natural beauty. I was born in the 1980s

          • I have no idea where you were raised where parents scrubbed their kids with A J A X? wth I highly doubt it as the US. As I see the women you mention as being beautiful are LIGHT skinned suggests that you are indeed a very LATE UNEDUCATED 80s baby-not that all but u r a very rare case. Please go on youtube and research soul train in the 70s where will see a variety of naturally beautiful black ppl

            • I don’t think she said anything about women being light skinned being beautiful u should read again.

    • Seriously, Christa? Got to MLK Blvd. in any major city & you can toss a stick & hit 6 hoes who look just like her — Cheap & Down For Whatever. The only thing that makes her seem cleaner than most hookers is her lack of ink.

  5. Dang!! Who is this Hoe Cake? This Hoe was in 7 days deep and it didn’t faze her not one bit.

    Now that is a real Hoe G. For Real!!

  6. daaaass fucked up… how bout there some regular dudes that woulda took her shopping…and they don’t make 6 figures

  7. Well she’s no longer a video chick… Wiz signed her to Taylor Gang. “First Lady” of Taylor Gang. She’s officially a rapper now. As far as her rap skills go… She’ll do better being the pretty face in videos!

  8. She is beautiful but if she wore the same outfit for 7 days.. I bet she smell like lebron James after playing triple overtime in a game 7 with a quadruple double being recorded… Lol what does that say bout banks ?

  9. I love me some Lola Luv.

    She has about the perfect combination of beauty and mental retardation that a man cherishes in a woman.

  10. She’s very very pretty. What’s up with these women and these clown asses though! She did all that surgery to herself and still ain’t got no man and still got a shitty ass career.

      • Lol. I don’t know why chicks keep trying to make themselves into blow-up dolls like that’s gonna help them get somewhere in life. All they ever wind up getting is a bad reputation and wifed up by the wrong type of dude.

  11. ANON! “Beauty & mental retardation” — that shit is not EVEN funny! It makes you sound like sexual predator.

    OK, it was a little bit funny.:) Makes me think of some hottie hitting on MJ Mitte from BREAKING BAD.

    • The Breaking Bad reference is unfortunate because we don’t have cable(we watch videos and documentaries).. I’ve heard good things about the show from family though.

  12. Pretty dumb to call Lloyd Banks back in 2006 ‘irrelevant’ when he not only had an album out (Which featured ‘Hands Up,’ the video Lola was in), but was smashing her. *shrugs*

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  14. Wasup with the use of this word ‘irrelevant’ ? Irrelevant to what? Lloyd Banks and G-Unit was runnin things and Lloyd Banks always held his own as the top punch line rapper at that time. They done fucked and treated all the bitches sucka niggas love now like hoes.
    We know these hoes look good man but that’s about it truthfully.
    I really hate that irrelevant talk if it don’t make sense