Look How Ludacris Has Tamika Fuller & Child Doin’ It!!!



Hold up! Not only has Luda yet to meet his one-month-old daughter, he’s reported to have baby Cai Bella Bridges – and baby mama Tamika Fuller – slumming it!

I’m sayin’ though … How is Luda — whose net worth is listed at $70 million — okay with having his newborn baby, and mother of his child, living like this???

Here’s what HipHopDailyPress reports:

“Luda’s new baby mama Tamika Fuller can’t seem to catch a break… Apparently she had to move to California already. Tamika Fuller has been evicted from AMLI AT NORTH BRIARCLIFF II!!! WOW!!! And I just got confirmation that she has since been evicted for not paying rent!!! She had actually been taken to court at least 6 times for not paying her rent, but at the last minute she would come up with the money and pay it on the court date. She has actually moved to Los Angles now…and you won’t believe how she is living!!!! (Take a look) *If you don’t believe me…check the documentation!!!”


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    • Indeed!! I wonder if someone was planning to spill some beans about his homosexuality. The only time these rappers come up with babies is to deflect from their desire for anus and balls. That child and her mother are merely collateral damage.

        • Where in the Sam Hill have you been Ms G????
          I was just about to put out an APB on your whereabouts.
          Actually, I imagine you were just enjoying your holidays with your hubby. Did yall take a trip to the islands?

          • Hi Christa!

            Long story short – I found out I have breast cancer, so I’ve been in & out of surgery.

            I have regular mammograms which all came back fine, but this year I insisted on an ultrasound & they found it.

            Ladies get your check-ups every year, and insist on a 2nd opinion if you think they are mistaken, like they were with me.

            • Oh, and the only trip I took was the one from all the pain meds I was on. Took enough to tranquilize a small elephant. It was pretty cool….LMAO

            • @ Gigi,

              Thanks for the prayers! I accept all prayers! =)

              And I had to work through the 5 stages of grief pretty quickly, I only had 3 weeks from diagosis to surgery. Plus, I saw how hard it was affecting my family, so I resolved to be strong for them.

              Oh, and the Xanax & Klonopin helped a lot, too! LOLOLOL

            • Oh no Ms G!!! I am so very sorry to hear this, and I am sorry that I trivialized your absence
              by making a joke. You know you’re my girl X 100 right? I will be dedicating my thoughts and prayers to you from this moment forward.
              You are such a beautiful, smart and strong woman…you will come out of this even better and stronger. God Bless you and your hub. Give yourself a hug from me OK?

            • Ms.Gemini,

              I am so very sorry to hear that you have breast cancer. I will say many prayers for you and your family. I know it’s so easy to say stay strong and positive, but it does help in healing. And God does hear our prayers, and he answers our prayers, and he does heal. Please keep us informed of your progress.

            • Ms. G I will keep you in my prayers. Just remember, by his stripes you are already HEALED! It is already done. God Bless.

            • Ms. Gem,

              I will keep you prayed up! So scary! My mom was stage 4. She’s been a breast cancer survivor now ten years. She has joined Women of Color and she encorages other women currently fighting it. I know you will be terrific!! Stay strong 🙂


            • I have a close friend who was diagnosed 6 years ago. She beat it, and celebrates her recovery every year.
              I also have a co-worker who just found out she is stage 4.
              I don’t even know you, but I will be praying for you sista.

            • christa – no need to apologize! LOL You know you my Internet sis! 😉

              Plus, you already know my sense of humor can be dark at times….LOL I’m just glad somebody on here even noticed I was gone! (BIG SMILE)

              I will def give hubby a hug from you – he says he can’t wait to see my new bewbs, and has requested I get DD’s (ol’ perv…always told me he was an azz man…..LOLOLOL)

              @ Gigi – prayers to your friend & your co-worker and thank you again for yours, that means a lot to me. It is a terrible disease.

              @ Da – Hey Gurl! Yep, I’m hanging in there. The Po-Po showed up @ my door today & told me to log on HSK cuz christa had put my face on a milk carton & had reported me MIA. LOL

            • Ms G I just spoke to my parish priest and he is saying a 6PM mass in your honor. I realize that folks here laugh at the idea of a Black Catholic, but where I come from 80%(even Weezy) of us ARE Catholic. And you best believe I was worried about your missing behind. I looks out for my internet sis’es!

              Be healthy and take very good care of yourself

            • Ms. Gemini, I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. May the Lord bless you with a speedy & complete recovery. Stay strong Sister!


          • How can they not look like they do in a picture?

            Is this one of those “don’t believe your lying eyes” things?

            And I don’t think they look that bad anyway.

    • LUDAS ACCOMPLISHMENTS has nothing to do with that woman and the bastard child
      she was a piece of shit before the baby
      she didnt help the man acquire any of his fortune

      so having a baby ( in which she plan alone for monetary gain ) doesnt make it ok to dig in the mans pockets

      an unwed woman at that

      different story if they were married
      but all she is was a jumpoff

      • He didn’t bother to put one on so he has to deal with the aftermath. I have no sympathy or respect for tight fisted absent fathers.

      • If he didn’t STRAP UP he planned a baby too! And the baby shouldn’t have to suffer because it doesn’t fit in with the daddy’s plans.

      • I don’t feel sorry for her! They both acted irresponsible and now a life has come into the mix! He should be ashamed of himself! For the life of me I just don’t understand my sistas! Side chick jump off and you okay with that? Or are you okay with knowing your man has commited the ultimate and you still by his side? Its a life and not sure why his fiance is still hanging on! #thecalmbeforethestorm

      • Uhm excuse me jump off or not if he went up in her without protection he was a willing participant. He knew this woman for yrs.If he felt that she was so beneath his azz why was he sleeping with her? We all know where babies come from so quit trying to lump all blame on her when he chose to sleep with her. They need to share the blame if anything, but at this point the blame game is water under the bridge because that baby is here. Luda needs to do right by his child. Make sure the baby is provided for because that child is innocent.

  1. If so – so? He f*cked the bitch and she had his baby, he did not marry her! The bitch only had the baby because she wanted money. If there was no money to be had, she probably would not have even sexed him.

    If she did not have his baby, would you complain about where she lives? She would have had to find some place anyway without a baby – is that HIS job to provide a home for her? The courts love to give the baby to broke mothers, but act like the man is supposed to take care of the hoes. None of it is fair, only based on what some believe men should do – especially black men.

    Let the bitch get a job. Luda is hooked up and that $1700 offer AND a job should be enough to for her to live well. Why are the videos on the side always the same and kind of old?

    • you are 100% on point josh
      shes a loser and only had that child for monetary gain

      point blank period

      • That may well be the case, but now a baby that didn’t ask to be here, is now here, and deserves to be taken better care of them left to live in the PJ’s. His ass should have double-bagged it.

        Man up, Luda.

    • You are pretty liberal in your use of the word bitch. And apparantly her job is this baby since its conception was largely a business arrangement to disperse gay rumors.
      By the way he didn’t offer her squat. He filed papers in court to lock down a very lie support payment as a preemptive strike. So really he’s the same as her, no better. If he standards were so high he wouldnt be raw sexin a homeless hoodrat. Think about it.

    • This is his CHILD. You can bet that if was a wealthy man, any child that was LUCKY ENOUGH to be mine would be WELL taken care of. Trust accounts, college funds and possibly boarding schools! I think that is the least you can do for your seed. The mother is just as lucky to have gotten pregnant. Whether it was planned or not!

    • Harsh Josh. Really harsh. If he didn’t want to find himself in a mess, he could have chosen to prevent the pregnancy. Why should his child not be entitled to a life in accordance with his means?

      • christa:

        Well, the child is with his mother, so why should the child not live his life in accordance with his mother’s means? All a man should have to do is go 50/50 in the CHILD’S bills, but when a man makes a lot of money, the courts like giving women enough to be taken care as if they won “Win for Life” or something! Luda’s lifestyle is HIS lifestyle, not his child’s of baby momma.

        • Josh, To be clear, I do not admire women who make a baby with a man of means in order to boost their own lifestyle. But, when a man chooses to have sex with a woman without using protection, he is playing Russian Roulette with his bank account. That’s the law at this time. A baby has the right to be raised in the manner in which the wealthiest parent is able to provide. AND, it’s not always the man who suffers from this law. Just ask Halle Berry.

          • Exactly…that’s how it usually goes.If that man has primary custody the mother has to pay..esp when she has more money.

  2. Of course you know by showing a picture of what you consider to be low living standards, you’ve probably insulted about 70% of your readers.

    • You have to put it in perspective. Karreuche’s apartment wasnt terrible- it was just bad for Chris Brown’s chick. This apartment matches the child support he wants to pay her. And that’s sad. Especially since he wouldnt be caught dead in that complex.

      • That’s the truth Ruth. It’s not an awful spot by any means…but when you compare it to the average celeb digs, it’s pretty spartan.

  3. CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS PEOPLE!!! Can someone please inform these stupid celebrity mofo’s out here about this nifty little invention????

  4. LOL – she really did do it wrong if she is still in the PJ’s….LOL

    She need to get some tips from Supahead.

  5. He should of been worried about edoux giving African little girls where she grew up at white baby dolls to the kids instead of making this baby ugh lil rat face dog

    • OMG. That reminds me of an awful story. If anyone knows of the Trinity Broadcasting Network on Christian TV, there is this old bag named Jan Crouch who is the wife of the pastor and owner of TBN. She wears these horrible lavender wigs and looks like a trashier version of Dolly Parton.
      Anyhoo, she told a tale of taking a missionary visit to some country in Africa where they were hoping to win over some “heathen” souls. She arrived with a parcel of 500 white Barbie Dolls to give as gifts to the little girls. She is famous for getting all choked up and crying, just like Tammy Fay Baker used to do, so she started crying and said, “these little girls had never even seen a beautiful woman before, and bless their little hearts, they hugged those dolls and said, Miss Jan, some day I’m going to look just like this!”

      You can’t make that sorta shit up.

  6. For those that don’t know. The law for the entire United States, including Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin that all kids that are borned outside a marriage has to take a paternity test. The fathers was taken care of kids that ended up not being theirs, sued the state for their money back.

    • And BTW, if that mother submit a paternity test on Luca and he is lying about his money, they are going to burn another hole in his dumbasses! Luca forgot he was in two Fast and The Furious movies and they who nuff made way too much movie for him to lie. Dumbass motherfuker!

      • @Anon 15:05, That don’t mean shit! My son’s father sign his and when I had to stopped working because my seizures, to put his father on child support. This fool lied and said, “I don’t think that is my son!” Blood test came back 99.99% he was my son’s father.

      • @Ms. Gem, Honey if I can beat.cancer butt, SO CAN U! I am getting ready to say my prayers because serve AN AWESOME GOD AND KNOW THAT HE IS THE HEALER AND HE WILL HEAL YOU! I LOVE MS. GEM!!!

      • That’s the thing…Ludacris isn’t denying paternity, at all. He’s disputing the monthly payment. I have no idea of their history, but the thought of a man not having interest in said child speaks volumes…which isn’t always about money.

  7. Virigo men can be sometimey
    If they riding with you, ur good If not, ur phucked

    *(To be honest with u, that could be any man. Lol)

  8. Miss Gemini,

    Bless your heart. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. But, God is still able. My best friend was diagnosed with bone cancer. After receiving every treatment there was, the hospital sent her home to die with hospice and everything. She said that the nurses were singing going home to be with the Lord songs to her

    She said that she told those nurses to stop singing those songs and that she was going to live and not die.

    Through prayer and supplication, she is now cancer free. I will keep you in my constant prayers. Stay Strong!! God Bless

  9. He is a million dollar hitter so she better take his ass to court about her paper chase. He won’t keep the baby in a lifestyle that he is accustomed to? Then get your DNA together and get your documents in order and go to court…WTF she sleeping with his Rich ass if he won’t treat her better than a $1 dollar hooka bar hit?

  10. All she need to do is collect everything that including those Fast n Furious DVDs. I wish a negro come for me and make his ass get booty rape from the backwoods of Alabama and to the Everglades in Florida! If he ask for a paternity test, GIVE IT TO HIM!! LETS SEE HOW MUCH TALKING HE WOULD TELL A JUDGE! ALSO PRINT HOW MUCH FROM THE GROSS SALES OF THOSE TWO MOVIES HE DID. YEP, GET THAT TOO.

  11. Um, yall those are not Amil at North Briarcliff. Amil at Briarcliff look like a spa compared to these apartments. Those look like those apartments look like from College Park!

      • This is how much was made Fast and The Furious 6

        Budget $160 million

        Box office $788.6 million

        Now if he so make what he told that judge, how is it that these three major movies triple the money that was budgeted for?

  12. Im shocked at the opinions of some you regarding whose “fault” it was. It takes 2 to tango. A child is both parents responsibility. WOW & just to think some of yall are parents. Is this the mentality that you will pass on to the next generation?

  13. Well, if this is true, it’s pretty clear that there was no arrangement for her to have Luda’s baby & be his beard — not for $1700 a month!

    • Easy RC, Luda just lied and that’s how the child’s mother got the amount she has. Just told you. She can flipped the script and sucker punch his ass.

  14. luda owes child support nothing more seriously

    rappers always get themselves into more than they can afford.



    WEEZY LOVE MAking babies.

  15. Who in the hell can live off. $1700 a month? I know my ass can’t with a newborn! Luda in the words of my ex step father, “Freshly f*cked and well stucked!”

  16. The law should be changed to say if a woman has a baby against the fathers wishes she is on her own.

  17. No disrespect but.

    A woman can NEVER have a baby without the man’s consent/dick. If smashing raw means THAT much to said man, well it’s on him.


  18. She has 9 months to think about it rationally. Does the dad like her? Want to have a kid with her? Will he be there? If no and she brings a kid into a unloved witch she should be on her own.

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