Lou Rawls: Failed Father Figure Faces Forgery?


Lou Rawls Jr. & Sr. Drama

The John Hancock Jig Is Up?

HSK Exclusive – The life of Lou Rawls may have recently been featured on TV One’s ‘Unsung’, including a dysfunctional – and sometimes abusive – relationship that’s said to have left a gap between the singer and his son. But, what producers of the program may have missed was how Lou Rawls Jr. once chose to secretly retaliate.

A source exclusively tells HSK it was in 2001 when the reported troubled victim of child abuse forged his father’s signature on a $50K overseas DVD performance deal – unbeknownst to Lou Rawls. We’re told that’s before Lou Jr. – who’s said to have acted as a middle man – promised to relay the offer to Lou Sr. The source says at the time, Lou Rawls Jr. “was a raging drug addict” who was “obviously scarred”.

It wasn’t until the deal was in the can – complete with a money transfer – when Lou Rawls Jr. reportedly revealed it was he who signed the contract, not his father.

Here’s the drop:

“Lou Jr. used to get his ass kicked from his pops, so he hated him. His European girlfriend was cool. She was taking care of Lou when he was on drugs.

Lou took the contract out my hands and said ‘I’m going to make this happen, and fuck my dad.’
Lou called me up a few days later and told me ‘Come get the contracts they’re signed.’

The company wired Lou the money — a week later, he told me while we were eating pizza at Hollywood and La Brea, ‘I signed my dad’s name and if there’s more deals to do. Come see me.'”


  1. I saw that show and I was shocked that Lou was abusive, but I guess that is where he came from. I also noticed that guys like him go through racism only to find the whitest woman they could in order to have children who do not look like themselves. It is clear that people like Lou Rawls did not love his blackness because he wanted to try and erase it. All of his baby mammas are white or white looking. That is a conscious decision. The one who looked black was the one who was neglected. Rawls reminds me of Richard Pryor.

    On another note, I saw the EPMD episode and they left out their beginnings in CT and Stezo. Why did they do that? When EPMD first came out they were all about CT and New Haven. They even went on Video Soul with a Southern CT State University sweatshirt on to show the love, now they it does not exist? Unsung on many shows leaves things out. It may be at the request of the subject.

  2. Wow this is deep, and all this time I thought Lou was married to a black woman (not that it mattered, at least to me) but good back drop..

  3. “All of his baby mammas are white or white looking. That is a conscious decision. The one who looked black was the one who was neglected. ”

    @Josh, I guess this white lookin’ druggie was also neglected, at least emotionally.

    Niggas hate their melanin, don’t they, and then they have the half-white child and hate him too.

    • ^^Who are you?? I know you didn’t come up in here using that word. You better not be a cracka, wetback, spic, or a chink… I know that!!!!

      • You’re mad at someone for using the “N” word, yet you’re using every derogatory word of other races? One of the saddest things to me is how some black people can be so “anti-racism” while being the biggest racists out there. Racism isn’t a “black-only” thing; it’s a two-way street. Wake up, please.

  4. I was also shocked and surprised that Lou Rawls was married and dated nothing but, white women. It’s very disturbing that Lou would endure so much hatred and racism and then go and marry a white woman/women.

    Essentially all of his hard earned money went back to the white community a community that would lynch him rather than have him live next door to them. Very sad.

    • Indeed. You would have thought that after all that shit he went through marrying a white woman would’ve been the LAST THING ON HIS MIND. However when you HATE YOURSELF AND BELIEVE THAT THE WHITE PPL THAT DOGGED YOU OUT WERE CORRECT IN THAT YOU ARE INFERIOR TO THEM then.. well.. ” You’ll Never Find dun dun dun duh- dun a REAL BLACK MAN INSIDE”
      Seriously the man Lou had issues. I thought the UNCF was cool but his personal life was a wreck. I don’t blame the kids how they turned out it’s always on the parents. Lou was apparently MIND FUCKED like most sell outs and other RACES who WANT TO ERASE their black ancestry (DOMINICANS and SAMMY SOSA INCLUDED) YOU CAN DATE WHOEVER YOU WANT. TELL THE WHITE MAN WHATEVER YOU WANT. ACT LIKE BYRON ALLEN AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. YOU’RE ALWAYS GONNA LOOK BLACK. BE VIEWED AS BLACK AND when you look in the mirror you’ll STILL BE BLACK. DESPITE ALL THE BLEACH CREMES.
      I don’t have a problem with other races, interracial dating is cool if you TRULY LOVE THAT PERSON blah blah blah yadda yadda however I think those who hate THEMSELVES because of their race ARE TRULY LOST.

      • When Paul Mooney had babies with a white woman that was it for me. All he does in his act is make fun of whites. What the hell was he thinking?

  5. I think his love of white women steamed from the fact that he hated his mother and he had low self-esteem.

    • I think it stemmed from be crossed out in a white supremacist society, growing up poor and being dark which makes you stand out more as different. When you are looking to be accepted, you will do anything to not stand out as much. Given as dark as Lou Rawls was, he could have gotten an Italian, but he had to go for the whitest woman alive!

      We know he did that hoping that his kids would come out white and unlike himself. You see this all of the time which is why most Uncle Toms are dark-skinned. If you saw the show, Lou even said that he did not mind being discriminated in Vega – not being able to patronize the place like a normal customer due to race (it kind of dismisses the south as the only racist place and it shows that gangsters were indeed racist), but he said “as long as they pay me well, I don’t care.” Those are some of the key words of Uncle Tom house niggas. Anytime you hear someone say that, you know they can be bought and sold and they do not care about blacks nor being black and they believe in white power!

    • From what I gathered his mom was young when she had him( unmarried teenager).

      His mom or dad had no relationship with him when he was young,even though they lived close by. He didnt find out about his parents relationship with each other until he went for a passport.He was raised by his grandmother.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyFCOfTvTSQ (first 1:48 says this)

      Lou raised a lot of money for Black people,with the UNCF.

      It is something I think that we need to study, why so many Black people who are really champions for their people choose to marry white,I think it is more than trying to stick it to the racist white people,per say, we do know that white people are marketed to the world as the shit when instead many of them are just shit.

      He was also very physically abusive to the wife and son when the son was alittle boy.

      • He did help with the UNCF, although it doubled as a career extension too! These negroes (way too many to mention here or anywhere!) start off being discriminated against, want to be accepted by white, get in (somewhat) with them, blacks call them sellouts, then they try to regain or retain a black audience and toss us a bone like the white man does. They think that this settles the score and gives them a good image amongst blacks – as long as they keep their white women hidden!

        The thing is, the damage has already been done. When you spread your seed in the white woman and you are amongst the most talented and wealthy of blacks, your white offspring will more likely than not marry white, then those grandchildren will be more white and you will just be known as that famous blacks ancestor – but the decedents are now white and with your money! Rawls and others have effectively bred themselves out of existence along with any black success that went along with it. I know they know this is a possibility but I suspect that they do not care and probably want that.

        So don’t be fooled, who you marry and have children with are the type of people that you really care about and who you would like to be. Since you cannot transform yourself into those people, you make babies with them and whiteness lives on in your children. So sad.

        • Reminds me of the Black List documentary when Maya Rudolph said she doesn’t see herself as White or Black.
          I thought it was interesting at the time since Minnie Riperton had been long deceased and it was never mentioned if her father exposed her to her Black side (believe it or not, Slash acknowledged having Black relatives in the ‘hood in the same doc. series).
          Now she’s having babies with a White director. Wonder if those kids will identify with being Black.

          • Yep. Slash will bring up his Black momma whether he is asked or not. He really seems proud of her and his lack side. And it kind of makes since that he plays a mean guitar seeing as how his momma knew Jimi ack in the day in London, and Jimi became his idol.

  6. Lou’s daughter was a neighbor of my way back in 2000, and he was of a very lite complexion. All I can tell you that she was an ice queen, meaning that she never spoke to anyone in the building, whenever a neighbor would walk past her she would look right through them and keep it moving. Her name was Louella Rawls, and she was heard on that infamous voice mail left by Lou’s white widow shortly after Lou died.

  7. Gave the white hoe everything – wife title, house, trips, money, cars but the black mother of his his daughter got nothing, no money, no aknowledgement, nothing. The biracial daughter talked about how she was daddy’s girl, yet the black daughter could not even talk to her daddy Lou. You knew that white women was a hoe because she was f**king Lou at the motels throughout the south at that time. And to add insult to injury that white woman talked about how Lou bought her that castle, and in the same sentence said how he beat her so badly that she was hopitalized. Disgusting.

    And finally if Unsung shows another episode where these black men have beat their white wives or girlfriends I will be through with them. I am sick of seeing these white women talk about how their black men abused & mistreated them!!

    • I personally don’t worry about a man that’s not worried about me. he made his choices, whether we agree with them or not, we all have the right to do that..choose to be with who we want! Do i think its kind of strange when men who rally so much for the black cause Quincy..Lou..etc Richard Pryor choose to “exclusively” date white..perhaps..but I’m not going to lose sleep over it, and I’m a black woman! There are plenty of other successful black men who date and marry black…but I do want to see this episode.Many of the posters in this thread make interesting and even valid points.Just enjoying reading the different posts within the thread!

      • To my knowledge, Lou Rawls did not go around cooning for whites, but a guy like Richard Pryor has always disturbed me because he freely used the “N” word around whites and on TV, which they proudly allowed on. Have you noticed that faggot(which used to be allowed on TV without issue), kyke, dyke, chink, spic and even godDAMN are considered bad words, but nigger is not? It took them this long to even call it the “N” word, but all others are referred to as “slurs” that they do not say.

  8. I wish some or one of you out there can answer these 2 questions: 1. Why does a black man marry white but want to play around on the side with a black woman; and 2. will there ever be another million man march or is that concept irrelevant? Thanx

    • It is not uncommon for Uncle Toms/narcissus to marry what they think is the ruling class in order to get a come up. They use the black woman for sex and usually they make sure that they only get white women pregnant, but sometimes things happen. They have a white mind and they treat black women like white men do – as sex objects, not wife material.

      I had a buddy who is an Uncle Tom negro who did the same thing. He treated white women like he was getting the top prize of all women, but but would have sex with some black women when white women turned him down. He preferred white women and he was light-skinned, which is rare for an Uncle Tom. He felt good with any white women even if they were uglier than the average black woman, as long as she was white.

      One black girl wanted his baby and he made sure that did not happen. When he was with whites or a Chinese, he tried to get them pregnant. He even tried to get to get down with his sell out ways. He loves living in the white world with his white woman for protection against racism. When that shield does not hold up, they go crazy like Richard Pryor and others because they realize that whites hate them no matter what. You can have white kids, marry their women, but they still hate you.

      Who needs another million man march? The first looked impressive but did nothing but stroke that other Uncle Tom, Farracon’s ego. The powers that be wanted affirm his standing as black leader who could lead black men to their doom! This is why Khalid Muhammad was not allowed to speak because Farracon did not want him to outshine him. Now the NOI is under the (white) command of the Church of Scientology.

    • A black man once told me that black men hook up with w/w because w/w can walk in doors that blacks can’t. Thus he can reap the benefit of the places he would otherwise have no access to. Another reason is because the black man is stupid. Some will tell you that they want what was denied to them. My mother said that there will come a time when we will all look alike.. having said that, I have noticed a lot of interracial couples lately. But I do know that they are never comfortable as a couple. There is always something being said about one race or the other in their presence and they constantly get dirty looks. My grandmother once said, that God did not want us to mix with those that were not our kind. Like Sampson and Delilah of the Bible. Something about the mixing of the blood is not good. I know a man who attended the million man march and he said that all they did for the most part is just stand around, he said he would not attend another gathering.

      • Thank you, Josh and Sher, for your responses. You both made excellent, valid points. Was just curious, that’s all.

    • I do not believe there is only one or even one hundred answers. Each man is accountable for his actions and the reasons behind them. It is my opinion that only a fool takes the word of one person or five people and makes up their mind about a subject. It takes a lifetime of thouknowledge seeking and introspection to sort out one’s feelings on race. As black people, our first and foremost task should be to rid ourselves of our own baggage about race. That is to unlearn what we have been taught by society AND our parents. We can begin with ridding ourselves of this good hair/bad hair stigma. Why? Because you cannot have good without having bad. Good in most folks definition is white-like hair. Thererin lies the problem and fallacy. We have to stop exalting white before we can appreciate black. Same with complexion. Unitl we see light and dark as equal we are unwillingly saying that closer to whiter is somehow better. We gotta fix us first yall. Just my .02

      • Dark and light are not equal and are not really the same. The only reason it was made to be the same is because of white racism rejected the mixed. Now dark guy willing mix themselves away because they cannot stand what they are. Don’t believe me, just observe for yourself who you see with white women the most, is it light or dark men?

        Also, we who have given the answer observed and experienced many things that allowed us to give a more factual answer on the matter. We are not simply talking out of our asses. Each black man dating white women does not have a different situation because the patterns and players the same – dark men with white women. Most of these guys are anti-black or they are anti-black trying to pose as pro-black, but their actions show that they do not respect blacks because blacks have no real power.

        Just like whites can make polls to gauge reaction and feelings or conduct studies to see why people act a certain way, we can too you know. The only way to tell us we are wrong is to prove us wrong.

        • I do not agree. For you to say dark and light are not equal proves my point. They dont have to be equal to society at large but they should be equal to us. Any other value means we have bought their bullshit. Just my opinion.

          • Well form a black point of view, light and dark should be equal, but by the nature of how the light came about, they cannot be equal with the dark since the light came from getting cream in the coffee! Cream and coffee are not the same you know.

            • We as blacks have to make it equal. If u have 1 light child and 1 dark child u cant favor the light one. Especially cus society might. We gotta fix us by unlearning the bullshit willie lynch and our captors cursed us with. We have to eliminate terms like good hair and nigger from our vocabulary. White is not special. Nor is white like. Until we believe this and live this we are doomed to think of ourselves as second class. I read some of the comments here and wonder if the klan wrote them. Black men aint shit. Blk women are whores. Wow. We are muthafucking kings and queens. Act like it.

        • To answer your question Josh, I have seen light skinned and dark skinned brothers equally with white women. Where I grew up was probably 70% light skinned blacks. Many had white mates. Many emulated whites in other areas of life. No biggie. But I take issue with your assertion that dark skinned blacks have some monopoly on wanting white girls. Its inaccurate. In your experience perhaps but you cannot speak for anyone but you. In my experience I have seen mostly dark skinned gang members. Would it be appropriate for me to make any sweeping generalizations based upon my observations? No. They are only my observations.

          • You mentioned “mates,” so I assume you are in the UK? Well, the racial dynamics out there are different as well as the culture. Out there since whites are the majority and the history of blacks (both indigenous! and immigrants such as Africans and Jamaicans) is very different, race missing out there is normal. You cannot even begin to throw a blanket on black an white mixing in all countries, although one core fundamental applies – whites are in control and blacks are not, so blacks want to be a part of the white world and system so they get white ‘mates.’

            • Nope. Im from the hood here in the states. Just happened to be in an area where black folks was gettin their paper in large amounts.

  9. When black men marry white and fuck around on the side with black women, they are appropriating the ways of white men.

    Personally, I don’t care if he beat the cave bitch, that was at one time exclusively a white male domain. Cave bitch shoulda known that the rage of the black man against racism was gonna come out somehow.

    YT is workin’ some serious magik on black folk, but of course they have us believing that we are the sorcerers.

    What Lou didn’t know was that a non-melaninated bitch can fuck you up big time by draining the melanin, which is the source of our power, from you. When black men realize this, it is too late, the cave bitch done took not only his money and possessions, but his soul as well.

  10. How does a non-melanin individual drain the melanin from one who carries it. Can you explain the comments that you made? Just curious…

  11. who is giving u this information im n process of contacting my lawyers and im planning to file a lawsuit against you for publishing these lies about the deal i did with my father uve got one day to remove this my fathers relationship went through some things like many other ppl the only difference is he was a public figure

  12. Hey Lue why do you not tell every one one here how you tried to rip me off, took
    A book you know I owned 1/2 of and tried to sale it behind my back to make money, and please do try to sue me for this due to I will counter sue you for every thing you own! Looks like the movie never got made? Now did it, oh a d maybe I should give the person that you are saying you are going to sue copies of the e mails where you a d I talked or may e the phone recording of where your mother and I talked, I have no prob doing that, you see I know the real you. And all you dirty little lies, sand I have documents backing me up, so you want to sue any one please try that with me! Due to I can show that even Fter you know the rights where mine you still tried to sale it so I am sure I will win in court, if I hear my book name come out of your mouth I will be the one suing you. And please you have my e- mail have your attorney contact me!

    • aww dimi its ur bitch ass that’s tried to cause this shit now I know its you I most definetly will be vsuing ur lying ass