Lou Rawls Jr. Caught Smokin’ Meth!


Lou Rawls Jr. Crystal Meth Video

HSK Exclusive – We’ve got word of 15-minutes of video footage of Lou Rawls Jr. allegedly smoking crystal meth!

Insiders tells us the tape is now on the bidding block. It’s reported to feature Lou Rawls Jr., “hitting a crazy amount of crystal meth from a glass stem pipe.” That’s before we’re told dude “lays on the floor and disses Marvin Gaye Jr.

Here’s the drop:

“It was on New Year’s Eve at Lou’s apartment.

Lou is on tape doing Nitrous Oxide and an obscene amount of meth. Lou Rawls didn’t leave [Lou Rawls Jr.], a penny when he died because he knew Lou would have smoked up his inheritance.”


  1. That boys daddy was so damn crazey and humiliating to them! It’s no wonder he got issues. If you dont believe me, just check out TV ones episode about how crazey that negro Lou Rawls was. Beating his wife up, and the kids, plus womanizing. I mean just totally abusive man. I feel bad the way my mother use to love to listen to this man on her eight track. You just never know w/the public persona of some of celebrities.

    • Oh I remember that episode. Hell yeah, Lou Rawls was a crazy ass motherf*cker! I’m like is this same Lou Rawls with the same baritone voice that was hosting the United Negro College Fund? Hell, he was worst than Don Cornelius and James Brown put together! And look what happened, karma got the asses and all three are dead.

      • Damn, I had no idea Lou Rawls was such a monster, though I guess we all should’ve known there was a(nother) dark side to all that shuckin’ and jivin’ he did back in the day *shrugs*

  2. This isn’t new. Watch “Unsung”, this boy had a history of drug problems most of his life. Nothing to see here ,folks.

  3. So, sorry to hear this. I too remember watching Lou Rawls “Unsung.” That man was crazy as a road lizard. I hope he makes it out of this.

    • I see we’re on the same page vishnu. I held back earlier because I didn’t want to fall into the “everyone is gay” thought process which seems to pervade so many stories here, BUT, when you are talking serious Daddy issues and copious quantities of meth…u just know dude is gay. Sorry to engage in stereotypes, but, when the shoe fits

  4. What a handsome young man and he looks like his father also. Hope he can straighten himself out before he loses too much of his life.

  5. Got Damn Lou Rawls was a crazy ass muther fukka! To bad that his son is still suffering from dealing with that Ike Turner ass nigga. Lord what you learn when you read the comments. I never knew of him to be such a Low Down piece of crap….

  6. Completely false. He is a close friend and I was suppose to be with him that night but plans changed for me. He has worked hard to stay clean while dealing with the demons from his past. We support you my Brother!!!

  7. Whoooo caaaares I see no actual footage or photos. Just words. 1 in 5 Americans are on some drug or substance anyway so what makes this dude any special. Everyday bullshit like this is made up in media world. Big deal. Who cares and it ain’t real or can be judged until we see actual footage or clear pics.


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