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Louis Farrakhan Makes Headlines Again

February 28th, 2011

Gaddafi Crazy Dictator

Louis Farrakhan is back making headlines again. The Muslin leader shocked many during his “Savior’s Day” speech, given yesterday.

Here’s what Farrakhan had to say:

  1. L.Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every white person on this earth.
  2. Gaddhafi has always been a friend and I won’t distance myself from him.
  3. The way Rihanna performs is filthy and you are swine if you like her.

Though I disagree with Farrakhan’s support of Gadhafi (supporting oppression or oppressors is never a good look),  I applaud him for checking Rihanna and her fan base.

Given the fact that Rihanna’s fellow artists Jamie Foxx and Will Smith are followers of the Church Of Scientology, I wonder how they felt when Farrakhan said every white person should value L. Ron Hubbard.

What are your thoughts?

4 Responses to “Louis Farrakhan Makes Headlines Again”

  1. SMH @ Clueless Sheeple |

    Its funny you guys have an Opinion as to what you ASSUME Gaddafi is guilty of based on what our gov’t has convinced you, yet you hold no guilt or responsibility to our OWN Gov’t for killing millions of americans (including 9/11)

    Has anyone noticed that we became “aware” of these “Bad African & Middle Eastern Leaders” right before we attacked them for their resources?


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