Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Cancelled: Hate Separates Cast!


Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion Canceled

UPDATE: Mona Strikes A LHHA Reunion Deal, Cast Members Collect

Word from the streets of Atlanta…

HSK Exclusive – It looks like there won’t be any reunion show for the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Sources say that because LHHA cast members can’t get along, Mona Scott Young is left with no choice but to conduct one on one interviews with each individual from the show – for the LHHA finale.

Here’s the drop:

“There’s only four episodes left, and we’re not going to have a reunion show. The cast doesn’t get along. The boys hate the boys and the girls hate the girls.

Mona will do sit down interviews with each cast members, at separate times. None of the cast want to do a reunion show.”


        • Yep. Ask Delaware people if it’s that serious. Ask Chicago if it’s that serious always being left out of the NYC or L.A. discussion as if they are about nothing. Ask Sudan is they get tired of hearing Egypt being in the middle-east when Egypt and Sudan go hand in hand and Sudan is right there! Ask Mexico if they get tired of being a North American afterthought or not even thought of as being North America, but grouped with Latin America. Oh, it matters. Lol.

    • I can. I think the dynamics of the relationships (Mimi-Stevie J-Joseline and Scrappy-Erica-Bucky)is what makes this show so popular. As sad and dysfunctional as these relationships are, I think a lot of people can relate to them. Remove the men from this show and it would be another stupid Basketball Wives.

  1. No suprises here. Mona Scott can’t seem to get the cast members from any of her shows to do a reunion. Chrissy and Jim were right about Mona, she’s a piece of shit.

    • Exactly! She creates so called “good tv” by putting people in situations that would bring out the worst seems like in the end it bites her because the cast members hate each other and her.

  2. Stevie J. is a bully. He is an abuser of women.
    Lil Scrappy is a user. He’s using his baby’s mother.
    So much female drama over undeserving males–FEMALES not WOMEN–MALES NOT MEN.

    At least Hollywood Ex are WOMEN–LADIES.

    I’m so disappointed with reality show members behaving immature.

  3. it should of been in their contracts ,no reunion no pay,why cant they do the reunion ,pease.learn to get along im sure they all know each other very very well. enough of the lies half of them grew up together .if only people knew

  4. No reunion show that’s cool. But they ass would not get a season 2. All them broadbroke and know they need that Mona Money. So if she tell them this is the 1st and last season, bet they change their minds.

  5. Mona doesn’t give a damn about a reunion show cause she’s counting those dollars all the way to the bank. She’s good at getting mess started and capturing it on film she knows how to pick a cast filled with drama.