Love & Hop Hop NYC Season 3 Well Underway…


Love & Hip Hop NYC - Season 3 Preview

More Drama, New Crew…

HSK Exclusive – Get ready for more VH1 chaos, clashes, and bottle-throwing behavior. Know why? Because Love & Hip Hop producers are getting ready take out the trash for the upcoming third season. Sources say four episodes are now a wrap, after two months of shooting.

Olivia Longott, Yandy Smith and Eric Mena are back before Love & Hip Hop cameras — but there’s a whole new crew set to replace original LHH cast members, Kimbella Vanderhee, Chrissy Lampkin and Soraya Reese.

Here is Love & Hip Hop’s new list of cast members:

  • Joe Budden and his girlfriend Katalyn
  • Joe Bidden’s ex-girlfriend, Tahiry
  • Olivia Longott
  • Erica Mena
  • Rich Dollaz
  • Fabolous’s assistant, Winter
  • Raqi Thunda
  • L’Oreal
  • Yandy and her baby daddy Mandeecess Harris
  • Consequence
  • Jen The Pen

Here’s the drop:

“Tension between Olivia and Erica has led the pair to kick-off. And, there’s already been at least six incidents of bottles-throwing fights between some other cast members.”


    • He does. Tahiry and Kat are just beards. He really lives with a guy from Def Jam who he’s been with since ’00/’01. Don’t believe me? Ask Jaheim!

  1. These fools are going to be serving 25 to life for throwing bottles. Did Mona put in their contracts that X number of bottles must be thrown and that X number of punches thrown? While they are in prison Mona is going to be grinning all the way to the bank. I see another Joe Francis in the making. When Mona falls it is going to heard around to world.

  2. Did she say, “Don’t panic?”


    Go sit down somewhere. Ain’t nobody thinking about you.

    • I agree with you & Emily needing to have a seat, but these chicks have tons of pseudo fans and younger girls that look up to their awful behavior. They were the ones that were hyperventilating on twitter over them not being on the new roster for the show.

  3. This mistreal show should be called ” Hate and Baffoonary Of New York!!!!!! People will do anything for them ” Green All Seeing eye.”

  4. Yes, Joe Budden does swing for the same team he is batting for, smh. I remember when I was in college at Wilberforce University, he stayed for an entire week with a guy Braylon, who was a known purse carrier. It was really unreal. This man was in his campus apartment, at the house parties with him and arms clearly around him.
    The sad part about it is that I am very good friends with his ” former best friend” from Jersey and I had to break the news to him. Apparently he knew because the Jersey kids, came back and told him what happend.

    This was 2003…I just don’t get why he tries to lie. It is well known! Joe Budden plays the tambourine.

    • LMAO!! Forreal??? LOL, I don’t get a sweetness vibe from him, but the way he treats women makes me thinks he hates them so I might believe this, wow. Google I go!

    • @heyboo!
      This is really new to me! I really liked his first song,”Pump it up”! Now the title makes sense! He was hot and pretty back then too! I was so blind, my gay-dar didnt even go off back then…I’m slipping!
      Dang! ….And come to think of it… It was the main song on You Got Served…Boom…another connection to sweetness! It’s just…I’m speechless!

  5. Emily pleez,im glad she’s not coming back looking so stupid for the whole world to see. She represents all those females who will do anything to be with a rapper , athlete,etc. never be a walking mat for ANY man.

  6. I really wont miss Chrissy.. she’s such a bully. Wont miss her crying about Jim all the damn time either.

  7. puhlaaze!

    What happened to Kimbella? We know she needs the money. Yandy, have several seats. That rowdy Spanish chick, kill yourself.

    The Chrissy and Mr. jones show will not have a season 2.

    Somoya, no one is checking for her outside of reality TV. That show was her platform to advance her career and she blew it. Ditto for Olivia! She wS down with Clive Davis and was passed over and ended up with 50cent? Huh, I take it she refused to sign her name in blood. Sucs for her.