Macklemore’s Male Escort Past Surfaces!?


Macklemore is Gay for Pay!

HSK Exclusive – Yo!!! We’re gettin’ word “a wealthy, unnamed, gay male sponsor” covered Mackelmore’s studio bills … before the lyricist landed mainstream success!

It’s no secret unsigned recording artists can face costly production bills. That’s why some slang while others get their P.I. on — but Macklemore [real name, Ben Haggerty] is being exposed for selling sexual services to gay clientele! That’s according to our insider who says dude “definitely isn’t 100% straight.”

Here’s the drop:

“He used to be a male escort in Seattle during his pre fame days, mainly to pay his bills.”

That could be why Mister Macklemore once took the homophobic stance …

Check it:

Macklemore Hurls Gay Slur Macklemore Bigot


  1. Just look at his DSL. It’s so obvious. BTW anyone else remember hearing about Tim Allen sucking cock for cocaine when he was an addict?

    • What a beautiful article, full of crap. The tweet about the ‘dykes vs. drag queens’ is actually the name of a gay baseball fundraiser event in Seattle. A simple Google search could have revealed this fact..Yo! Learn to check your facts, cuz your source is starting to smell like straight up horse shit. Peace out.

      • Go back to Queerty, boo. We don’t like your kind around here. And I don’t mean the gay kind, I mean the pointless kind.

      • Yeah. Just like Vanilla Ice did for 15 mins in the 90’s. Macklemore is no different to the women people love to call out who sucked and f*cked for tracks. He’s probably still a bottom bitch for various execs.

      • You call ALL black men DL, and call me an idiot?? LOL.

        Go back to Datalounge or Queerty, boy. You’re clearly out of your depth.

  2. This isn’t because he’s white, because I am a big Em fan, but Macklemore just grosses me out. I cannot find one good thing about him or his “act”. It is a mystery to me that he got put on at all.

    • He’s supposedly not signed to any major but I find that baffling because artist usually don’t win Grammy’s and do world Tours as independent Artist.

      • Um, Nora Jones… 5 Grammys in one night on her first album with 3 for a “don’t Know Why” which was recorded as a demo track and released as is… Bon Iver obscure til he won, Esperanza Spalding… it doesn’t always take a major label…

        • Norah Jones “Come Away With Me” Album sold like 25Million so you’re not gonna tell me that album was independent with sales like that.Ain’t No Way because I bought that record.

    • Co-Sign. He seems uber manufactured and whatever he’s saying/preaching/teaching – I’m not trying to hear. Not a fan and probably will never be.

  3. Well, that explains his pro-gay song that, along with his being a white cog in the machine to take rap (Not Hip-Hop) away from blacks, led to him winning all those Rap Grammies over Kendrick Lamar the other night. I’m sure the Grammy committe could…agree with his song choice *shrugs*


  5. Now I understand his stunt on the Emmy Awards. Having same sex couples getting married on live TV, where innocent impressionable children are watching.

    Why they pushing their agenda so hard? We surely are living in the last days.


    • Agenda? Really… Speaking your beliefs’ doesn’t mean you are trying to “brainwash” the masses… You guys sound so ridiculously uneducated… People used to protest mixed race marriages… Do you really think equal rights is some perverted scheme to manipulate the children into being gay? God go to class, go read a book, you media wiped morons… This article isn’t even true… Macklemore has been around for a while his music is uplifting and positive. If you want to twist that into something nasty and racist, by all means, its a free country… But just realize anyone with half a brain can see through all of this ignorant bullsh*t…

      • @ 5 31 …mOstly white people had a problem w mixed marriage, mainly because they are just a mutation anyway and terrified of being wiped out. Tell me since we all sound so very uneducated, and you are so much better, what is your educational background? Are you familiar with Hasty Pudding Club or skull and bones. If so, how can you claim that there is no gay agenda? Huh my little ruling class scion?

  6. Gay for Pay, so what. How much studio time can you buy waiting tables?

    Answer this: is it better to decide to sell yourself [choose your own john] or get pimped/raped by producers/execs. Either way as a young male artist, gay or straight, you’re getting f***ed by a grown man.

    You do a lot less time in prison selling your body than drugs. If you get a rich “sponsor” instead of standing on a corner, you won’t be arrested/dead. If you don’t have protection selling drugs, it’s easy to end up dead.
    Some people would rather sell themselves than sell poison to the community & feed the addiction disease.

    • In a weird way you do make a point. Those straight dudes who bent over for Puff or Dre are no more or less gay than ugly Mack.

      I heard today on Wendy that he instagrammed an apology to Kendrick Lamar saying he was sorry that KL was robbed of his Grammy. IF it was sincere, it was a somewhat gracious move.

      • He doesn’t owe Kendrick an apology the Grammy voting committee does. If Macklemore was so sorry for winning that award he should have gotten on stage and said he didn’t deserve it.

        • He could have pulled a “Ving Rhames” and insisted on giving the Grammy to Kendrick. But then folks clowned poor old Ving for doing that for Jack Lemmon.
          Truthfully it was a class move, as Jack was about to die, and he had been an inspiration to many studying theater in school. But Ving has never been able to live it down.

          • Hey Christa, glad you’re back! Hope you’re not freezing your butt off down there in N’awlins! Keep Warm!

            I remember Ving giving his Golden Globe award to Jack Lemmon too. It made me cringe. As little shine as Blackfolks get from Hollywood when it comes to handing out awards, homes did NOT need to do that shit. He could have handed it over off camera if he was just that compelled to do so. And I’m pretty sure Lemmon was embarrassed for him when he did it

            You will NEVER, EVER see a White actor get up on stage & announce that he’s giving his award to somebody Black who deserved it more — period.

            • Ving married a white girl.

              Not surprising that he would give that award away to a white man.

              Made me cringe too, esp. knowing the history of Hollyweird vis a vis black folk.

          • I don’t remember that one but that’s what Macklemore should have done IF he truly felt like he didn’t deserve his award.

          • Thanks RC. It was a little cringe worthy, but I chose to believe that Ving was perhaps especially drawn to Lemmon as a personal “idol” in the acting sense. It prolly should have been done on the QT if he felt so inclined. Oh, and by the by, I am from New Orleans but I live in south FL now. It’s hot as always here, although the orange grove country up north is fixin’ to get a hard freeze tonight so the farmers of the state are losin’ their minds right now.

      • I doubt it was sincere,Christa. He’s doing that faux humility, and faux self deprecation act. Eminem never had to make apologies, for being white in Hip Hop because his talent was undeniable. Macklemore has rattled people with his career acceleration, because true hip hip fans can spot a phony when they see one.

  7. Fuck Wacklemore and his crappy gay ass music, these homosexuals are a trip, always pushin their gayness on people, Stop it, it ain’t right and never will be!

  8. I don’t care how many Grammy’s this guy wins because he’s not hip hop and hes nothing but a walking Novelty act.

  9. He’s a rapper right? So of course he’s gay,ofcourse he was and escort! Sounds like he fits in perfect,he’s amongst his own kind tasting the rainbow..

  10. Your right…..this man is working for the agenda it’s not a coincidence he is where he is. Think about it, how in the HECK did he beat out Kendrick Lamar? He’s just a “plant” he’s been trained to do his part for the agenda & he’s succeeded.

  11. Yep. The last time I actually sat down and watched a Grammy broadcast Aaliyah and Left Eye were still alive and Beyonce was a member of some tacky looking girl group.

  12. The Grammy’s always made odd winning selections. Look at Milli Vanilli, or the group back in the 70’s that made the song Afternoon Delight (they were a one hit wonder).

    There’s an old clip on youtube I think dated 1971. Best R&B female Aretha in her prime won it. But it was a shock to some of the old school folks because they thought Esther Phillips deserved it.

    The only difference now is that we live in a music generation where everything that is on airwaves sound like computerized garbage. KL should have won it but Im sure they thought they made up for last year’s Frank Ocean sweep.

  13. I nevet listened to his music but if he is not calling women bit*he’s and h*es. If he is not talking about getting turned up in a club. If he is not talking about strippers and popping bottles. If he is not talking about i got this and i can buy that then i say its all good. Now if the “black” rappers or hip hop, flip flop or whatever you want to call it now, take note. Public Enemy i miss you guys!

  14. No surprise there. When I saw the Grammys clip of all the homosexuals getting married, I wondered why him and his lover (Ryan Lewis) weren’t up there getting married too. Maybe they are already? And even Macklemore himself admitted Kendrick deserved the award. Maybe the white privilege ticket he’s been riding is finally getting to him?

  15. Well we see how he REALLY got discovered,it was through his customers,I’m sure a few of his custos where rappers and other DL types guess it pays to be connected…

  16. I can tell all you black niggas, Kendrick is the biggest fag of al itme. Double dick in the mouth is his favorite.

  17. I lol’ed. Yeah, he’s got that fugly Jew look. If someone really paid to hit that, they should be hit!

  18. Man, I swear, you Yanks can be so damn petty sometimes. “Aww! _________ didnt get the award; some white kid did! I’m gonna spread a rumour just so people will think he’s even more awful!” (insert the sound of a three-year-old stamping his foot and rolling on the floor screaming)

    Honestly, get a life, huh? He won. You lost. Do better next time. It’s that simple.

    • Uh huh, and if those awards dont mean anything, then why are you guys whining so much about an idiotic rumour? Ph wait, I know: it’s because *you* didnt get one, right?

      And if “get bent and take one in the face” is your best shot, boy, maybe it[‘s time for you to grow up a bit.

      An “unnamed source”? Uh huh. Got it. What a pathetic bunch of losers.

      • You are the pathetic loser, fake ass imposter.”yanks”? My ass. Take yourself back on over to the other side of your imaginary pond. How are you on here spewing and hissi g like somebody slapped your momma. You ain’t no better than anyone else on here fake brit so Stfu

        • Aww… poor liddle boy. Cant come up with anything better? You morons are the ones taking this “unsubstantiated rumour” and pretending it’s full of oh noes!!!

          Grow up, loser. If you got something of *substance* to prove this “unsu7bstantiated rumour”, then let’s see it.

          Oh yeah, cold day in Hades before that happens, huh.

          You Yanks are so f*cking pathetic, No wonder you’re a has-been nation.

          • Lol…at least we are an actual nation not some desperate little island with a broke ass queen. But don’t take offense bloke, you aint British anyway. Fake ass.

  19. Hey kinda already is. Everyone knows he’s an industry plant. And the Grammys thing is probably the best thing that could happen to Kendrick Lamar. Now everyone’s on his tip because they hate Macklemore so much. The gay agenda just pushed a bit too hard this time. But yeah, he better stay somewhere over the rainbow because I don’t see him ever getting any respect at this point. I think he’s just the puppet though. Someone else is pulling all the strings.

  20. Why ya’ll keep talking about this handsome man! He looks like a white Denzel Washington and he is the best rapper ever! He raps as good if not better than the late Tupac Shakur!…(just almost got struck by lightening and now I’m on my way to the mental institute)…lyinggetsyouintoaheepoftrouble!

  21. Exclusive bunch of bullshit! Where’s the proof? You did not post it because you don’t have it. Making this one big pathetic lie.

  22. Many Caucasian men who offer these services don’t think of themselves as gay. Doesn’t mean they’re a top or a bottom, some oral stuff.
    I worked with a guy who did gay escorting while he was in college. He saw nothing wrong with it to survive. He was very handsome too.

    • Some black men think this way too. They will get head from a dude, or be topped by a dude but because they have plenty of women, they don’t see themselves as gay, let alone bi.

      DL men are crazy

  23. ryan lewis macks band mate is beyond gay did u see his soft ass at the grammys he looks like a str8 fag

  24. So, not one drop of proof, just someone saying some. Who’s your “insider”? Please enough trying to bring a guy down who’s putting out positive music…and this comments section is full of racism and hatred. Sad.

  25. Great reporting here. Just some shit someone made up…right AFTER he wins some awards. Sounds like sour grapes. Let’s see some proof, evidence…ever heard of it?


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