Maia Campbell’s Back On Crack!


Maia Campbell Back on Drugs
HSK Exclusive – Maia Campbell was spotted buying crack-cocaine – in L.A.’s Baldwin Village (aka The Jungle) area, this past weekend. That’s according to sources with personal knowledge. So, you may wanna disregard any rumors of the actress being sober and fighting to make a comeback.

Here’s the tea on Maia Campbell’s return to the rock:

“Nobody knows this, but Maia Campbell lives in the fucking Jungle.

On Friday night, I saw two dudes and a chic parked in front of her building. The dude who got out the car is a well known drug dealer, he went to Maia’s door. The drug dealer knocked the door, Maia opened the door, came outside and paid for her dope.

Jacky, I saw the whole transaction. Maia is like 34, but she looks like a 48-year-old pretty black woman. The bitch ain’t clean, she’s back on drugs.”

Maia Campbell While Sober 2012


  1. people places and things can be triggers.i am a recovering addict(female) been clean for two and a half years. did it cold turkey.and this is how: everytime i got the “itch” i would think back to how i felt 7 in the morning, no money no more drugs and how i have to go the rest of the day pretending NOT to be a crackhead but making crackhead moves .i hated that feeling. so now when im feeling itchy, i let that fucked up feeling come over me and scream THANK YOU JESUS!

    • You are so right, she has to remove herself from the enviroment that triggers her addiction. Until she does that she will always backslide to using drugs.

    • may you continue to win your struggle….god bless you….been clean 12 years and growing….they say it takes a weak mind to get hooked….dont believe that shit….all it takes is a good hit….i wonder what type of mind it takes to get off crack ??

      • It takes a strong mind with strong will to get off crack. My father was an addict for over 25 years and I know now that he is clean why he did and why he stays clean.
        Addictions have nothing to do with being weak or strong but at a weak moment we get caught in situations that lead us into temptation.
        Be it peer pressure or whatever, people succumb. I smoke weed and peer pressure or it being in my social environment caused me to smoke. Never done hard drugs and plan to never.
        Maia like others needs support and help. Not trying to be Captain Save a Hoe but I would take her and get the job done.


  2. Praying for the both of u @mas118 and @dontsmokeitnomore. Glad to hear ur stories. I hope ur testimonies of recovery encourage others to seek help, treatment and kick the habit as well…

    • if i am not mistaken, her mother passed away from cancer a couple of years ago. her mother was Bebe Moore Campbell, very smart author of many books about african americans and did a lot of articles in essence magazine. seems like when she passed away is when i start hearing bout Maia doing drugs. i wonder if Debbie Allen, who played her mother in that show, has ever reached out to her. i hope she can beat this.

  3. Im the same age as Maia, and also had an issue with addiction. I have a young child also like Maia. Drugs are the DEVIL. The “all things in moderation” saying does not apply here. NO ONE on this earth can save Maia but Maia. She has to want it, and chase it harder than she chase the high. She needs to put them big girl draws on, stop the self pity, and and the self medicating….I’m only 1 year clean…it ain’t easy but mann, life is way to beautiful to go back to all the crazyness it takes to get a high. It ain’t worth it. Like big boi said, at this point in my life, “I just wanna watch my lil girl blow bubbles”. I pray for the day when Maia seeks that type of high also…

  4. I wish I could take Maia Campbell to Ghana, up in the lush rural area and put her on a clean vegan diet with fresh coconut waters for about 40 days and get her into yoga and meditation.

    • Maaaan stop lyin nigga you want that crackhead box like the rest of us maaan what that mouth do maia for this rock hahaha

      • lol Dice is full of shit. He wants to take advantage. No body practices yoga in Ghana. And what medical science told Dice coconut water and fish can cure Maia’s problem in 40 days? lol if he knows all this shit and stands by it then buy the coconuts and fish and go knock on her door and help her instead of wishing to cart her off to a foreign land

        • The state she is in now, she would probably sell the coconuts and fish for crack rocks.

          She needs a vacation from her present environment in addition to physical and mental healing…

      • so you are really gonna be doing this for sex?? lol you have a resort in Ghana and you cant’ get a girl on Maia’s levl out there? lol which part of Ghana is this resort?

        • I got a woman. I would do it because shes a sister and she needs help…I dont know what her level is..All I know shes in danger and she needs to try something different and she needs to take a few months away from her present environment..

          Theres plenty of beautiful and very healthy sisters in Ghana….Im just a very patriotic humanitarian who loves his peeps.

          • lol you said you would smash if she passed the std test lol who the hell are you tryna kid? lol i hope your girl checks out this site to see the bullshitter that you are lol Dice you got the perfect name lol you hustler lol

      • Come on then…My resort is very rustic but clean and we only charge $30 a night USD…

        Your main costs will be airfare.

  5. This morning had to go to court and pay $733 after getting arrested for a $5 bag of weed. Haven’t touched a bud since. My turning point wasn’t the money it was sitting in a jail cell all alone surrounded by white cops. It was awful, never want to feel that feeling of emptyness again. I know it’s not much but 4 months clean and never felt better.


  6. some demons only come out by much prayer and fasting. (and not in only a religious way). I agree with @dice. She truly needs a renewal of the mind,body and spirit. Hell im not in her situation rite now and i can use a new renewal of my mind body and spirit. Total deliverance can b a process.she hav to face the truth on life way before the drugs. Things that perhaps happened (not always abuse) wen she was a child or things she havent truly forgiven herself on. Sometime people who she known all her life who never dranked or use drugs can b a trigger or no good for her.some people like 4 u to stay messed up so they can feel superior to u. Maaia never giv up fighting and always keep ur faith, for the kingdom of god is only given to the overcomers.neva forget what god has already done for u.(ur still current testimony). We all r struggling with somethings. U r not alone.

  7. Damn shorty got a pair of nice tiittys maaan I let that crack ho do a line off my diick I love buying crack whores they have the best box money can buy lol hope I see her in the streets

  8. Maaan yall need to chill with all that God and Jesus talk a ho gonna be a ho and if you a good ho be the best ho cuz I buy hoes haha Jesus saved hoes but God want Maia to continue serving up cuz maaaan I want that box! Druggy box be the best maaan jacky let a nigga know where I can roll up and buy this crackhead bitch maaan

  9. Omgeee jacky you are a demon stop the lies on maia she is NOT back on drugs you are mad she refused a invite from your cryptkeeper looking ass asking to serve up some pussy and she declined so you decided to bash her? Get some help and no one mainstream takes this joke of a blog serious go back to telling us tales from the crypt creep!!

      • Maia ain’t never stopped doing drugs…Joke on the fool who believed that…I’ve had my fun did the best coke in Holywod. But when I seen it becoming more than a weekend, more than a club, more than a house party, and sunlight hitting me…Makin real bad decsions, accidently fuckin the drug dealer..and being thankful I didn’t have aids or anything else…that was it. I was raised by a good family, I know right from wrong, I like to be aligned and dependable. And I cannot guide the kids and teens in my family if I’m fucking up. It is the devil and te devil destroys…I want better for my mind body and soul…I know better and so does she. In addition, maia was in thes streets ho’n I was told she was trickin w a cpt gangbanger w that bug…don’t give up, even when you fall I’m gone still pull for you…; have a cousin right where you are now. I won’t ever give up… you just have to want it!

  10. @man of god,(all my keys on my board cant capitilize) however everyone does may not hav the same measure of faith as u.u r correct god can do any and everything, but everyone wont always stay “set free”. Sometimes the same ones who act like they want u set free will discourage u if u happened to make a mistake again. People will run u out of the church if r not strong enuff. Sometimes u need a lot of support with god also in ur corner, and people r very hypocritical & self righteous now in days, in the church &out the church.

  11. The Most High ain’t with ya Maia….keep smoking crack bitch. U already sold your soul to be in the entertainment world… people fuck feeling sorry for those who don’t give a halfway damn about ya

  12. How you going to idolize the dealers and hate the addicts..can’t have it both ways..if she gets clean, then she gets she doesn’t Fuck it..there are 7,000,000,000 folks out here..don’t have time to worry bout some chick who had it all..

  13. People always trying to blame the devil for their dumb ass choices and decisions. You was feeling yourself one day, got curious enough to try it, and you hooked up with a drug that changed your brain chemistry to crave it. Some shit that was bigger than you.

    Who knows if this one on dope still, but that habit must be a bitch to kick. She is known in the streets though all up and down California and her rep ain’t good.

  14. 1st time I meet Mia was LAX she was sweet calm beautiful the series just wrapped however she had alot of offers from Ruben Cannon to Benny Medina her press release stated she was my generation Dorothy Dandrige she met her very own Kfed Bobby Glen Turner etc $ can erase love Bi polar presents in various ways paranoia or suicidal thgts. YES she currently choices drugs over proper medical help her children etc but keep your friends close and your enemies in your pocket applies to her how many of us cld withstand our husbands best friends Co stars keeping us high motivated by jealousy bcuz we have good HAIR!!

  15. Maia is bipolar. Her addiction is not the same as other addicts. She’s battling a chemical addiction in addition to a chemical imbalance in her brain. She’s fighting two very powerful medical issues. I think I read that her father passed away recently and her mom died several years ago. I don’t know what family she has left but I hope that someone gets her to a medical in-treatment facility that can work with Maia on getting off drugs and getting her mental illness in order. I hope she makes it.

  16. I feel so bad for Maia. She got lost along the way, and has no parent left or any one else for that matter, to look out for her…Instead she’s got folks recording her demise. Maia I will pray for? you girl!

  17. First of all, get your facts straight……. She does not live in Los Angeles……….If you knew her that well then you would know that!! Fuck off!!

  18. I pray this young woman make it. Some of these comments are horrible. Be careful what you wish on someone, it may come knocking on your door. What I witnessed on those videos I couldn’t wish on anyone. Her actions were worse than those of a crackhead. Its way deeper than crack. There is nothing worse than your mind playing tricks on you.

    • Totally agree… Be careful what you wish for people, you’ll be the one on your knees blowing for the next hit.. May God bless Maia and keep her safe in his arms… Many blessings… and to those that wish harm upon her, may God forgive you… Obviously, you’re the one’s that need Jesus

  19. maia’s a junkie either she stop doing drugs or she’ll die.

    watch when she passes everyone will say the elite turned her on to drugs when she was a child they put something in her drugs.

  20. I pray for Maia and all my brothers & sisters on crack. Crack had me after the 1st good hit and after 15 year of smoking and 12 inpatient rehabs it finally took a made up mind. So now when the craving comes (and it does)I use the tools I learned. I don’t fight it, I postpone it until tomorrow and leave it up to God. Before tomorrow gets here God has removed the craving. This may not work for you but it works for me. I’ve been clean for 4 years now with the Lords help. So my prayer for Maia is that she make her own mind up for herself and no one else. Until then I also pray that God will keep her safe.

    Remember John 3:16

    We all have sinned

  21. It’s great seeing so many positive comments versus what I normally see on posts like these. Great advice and prayers are needed rather than hateful words…..#KudosGuys!