Mariah Declares War On Kanye: “Yeezus! Who calls themselves Yeezus?”


Mariah Carey vs. Kanye West & Def Jam

Battle Of The Def Jam Divas?

Record execs at the label housing Mariah Carey and Kanye West are said to have their hands full — as word surfaces of the label pair being at the center of a classic real Chappelle story: The battle of the “Skirts and Blouses”.

“Mariah threw a temper tantrum and accused execs at Island Def Jam of not making the same investment in her as they do in Kanye. “

Reports reveal it all boils down to Mimi having a big problem with Def Jam’s golden boy stealing her shine, leading the “Shake it Off” singer to lash out at Yeezus.

Here’s what Star Magazine is reporting:

“She blew up in a meeting and called Kanye a ‘self centered cry baby’ and said his music is angry and misogynistic. When word got back to Kanye that Mariah was trash-talking him, he was furious. He called her several times, but Mariah never returned the calls.”

Is Mariah a hypocrite, known as the industry’s threesome sex Queen — who like to lick the ladies? Of course! Just ask Bobby Brown.


    • Im glad som1 had the balls to call him out, and I’v heard Carey is a diva herself, kanye needs to sit down, only females call women to set them out, he’s so feminine…..y don’t he call fiddy, who called him a punk over and over?! real men don’t argue with women….so that says a lot about him

  1. Oh please. Mariah bitching about Ms. West’s music being ‘angry and misogynistic’ is the double standard of the decade, considering the fact that about 95% of the rappers she’s worked with and/or fucked (Do I really have to go down the list here? lol) made/still makes ‘angry and misogynistic’ music. She was right to call Def Jam out for over-promoting that garbage ass album of Ms. West’s, but still–Clean your own front yard (And apparently backyard) before you go stomping around in others.

    • Again, a Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin or Vibe worthy analysis/critique. You really missed your calling…unless perhaps you DO write for a living?
      Hmmmm? 😉

      • lol Thanks, Christa, I appreciate that, as always. In regards to my writing for a living, I don’t (Mainly because I never knew/still don’t know how to get started or what to write about lol), but this isn’t the first time someone has told me I should do that, both in and out of school. But now that it’s been brought to my attention again, I’m going to consider & look into it again–Can’t knock a(nother) potential hustle, right? lol

        • It’s your ineffable talent to analyze and get to the meat of the issue COMBINED with your wicked sense of humor Rah. I do a little moonlighting myself on a sports blog, and I know rich potential when I see it!

          Now I will dismount from your leg and return to my sofa.

          • lol@Dismounting from my leg. Again, I appreciate your words. I know the tone of my comments is often aggressive, sarcastic, & blunt and therefore off-putting to people, so it’s always good to have people who see past that and get what I’m conveying. As for you, Christa, moonlighting on a sports blog, huh? That explains your vast sports knowledge (And a certain South Beach Blind Item you dropped a month or two ago lol) and well-written comments.

            Now to find something to write about…lol

    • @ Raheim – Yes please go down the list – that’s why we come here to HSK to see the lists – come on with it.


  2. Mariah’s been in the biz for 30 years. I am sure in the beginning of her career record execs have accommodated her before they did other talented singers on their roster.

    I guess Mariah, this goes with the territory. Can’t be on top forever. I love her music.

    • I see what you’re saying, Black Pearl, but I highly doubt Mariah had any trouble being accommodated by record execs until her ‘breakdown’ while on Virgin Records (And even then she was given tens of millions to leave the label–That’s a helluva Severance Package), as she was not only married to and guided by racist Industry Exec extraordinaire Tommy Mottola from nearly the beginning of her career, but sold enough records (And herself & her music as racially ambiguous as possible) to have (Extra) clout at Columbia.

      • Her “break down” was an industry invention because she went against the grain. She’s still standing I might not like her music but she is a strong woman and I respect her survival skills.

        • How exactly did she ‘go against the grain?’ By switching her music to R&B & working with all those rappers & R&B singers? Other than that, I don’t see it, as Mariah pretty much plays by the rules of the Industry.

          • Yes, yes…The constant use of Butterfly motifs in both song (The eponymous song and album) and appearance, naming one of her albums ‘Rainbow (MK Ultra victims are often told to go ‘over the rainbow’ when dissociating),’ her tendency to act like a 10-year-old white girl…But again, Mariah typically ‘played by the rules’ of the Industry, so, other than what I described in my last comment, what would spur her bosses/handlers to punish her w/that ‘breakdown?’ of hers back in 2001?

            • Mariah is another industry hoe , she had threesomes over the years with industry chicks that worked close with her…..That will remain nameless for now. She was only with Tommy for more and fame . I guess a celebrity can never have enough money or attention. She’s the most obnoxious and arrogant person I have ever met. Mariah is an alcoholic since the 90’s and her twins have fetal alcohol syndrome.

  3. They both are cry babies / divas …. Well nick cannon here’s your chance to WILD OUT of course pun intended…

  4. mariah and kanye both bipolar.

    mariah was so conceited what was that video where her boyfriend dated her alter ego and she got to fihghting with herself in the bathroom.

    both egomaniacs.

    kanye thinks he’s the son of the most high while impregnating one of the biggest white whores ever.

    congratulations kanye you did what no other black man before you has done.

    phukk ray j too cause he’s mad cause he did’nt impregnate kim.

    mariah’s gonna call mimi to woop ye’s ass.