Mariah’s Star Vandalized!



    Mariah Carey’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandazled by a “fan” following the singer’s New Year’s Eve struggle performance.

    The girl goes by the name of sirenofla on Instagram, and she proudly showed off her graffiti art on her social media account.

    Initially, the caption read, “My first graffiti ever and it was totally worth it #idontknowher #jkthoilovemesomemariah” in reference to Mariah responding “I don’t know her” during an interview when she was asked about Jennifer Lopez.

    The fan later changed the caption and kept the hashtags only.


    Mariah Lambs are savage. How long before this girl gets locked up for being dumb?


    1. If MC would take a year off and get sober and do a complete overhaul of her image(it’s time that she stops trying to be sexy in the manner of a 20 year old cause it makes her look old and desperate) she would be welcomed back in a grand manner.

      The public loves redemption and she could be much like Tina Turner was in the 80s. A new career starting in her mid-late 40s.

    2. Hey Downlow queen. Get a job loser punk. Nobody wants a broken Downlow jailbird. Absentee dad. High school dropout. Hiv aids infested queen mad his white dick won’t marry him. Bitter loser punk LOL!!!

      Get a job bitch get off welfare!!


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