Marlon Wayans Suffers Sibling Static!


Wayans Brothers Sibling Rivalry Takes Toll

Beefing Brothers?

HSK Exclusive – Marlon Wayans may be celebrating the recent release of his movie “The Haunted House”, but that doesn’t mean his brothers are doing the same. That’s because a source exclusively tells HSK, Keenan and Shawn Wayans are raining on their youngest brother’s parade.

We’re told Keenan and Shawn Wayans have been hating on Marlon since he began filming the movie, saying the project was “a bad idea” — insisting Marlon wait for them to do another movie. Now, with a blockbuster under his belt, sources say Marlon is getting the last laugh.

Here’s the drop:

“Keenan and Shawn are the same people, and they are both jealous of Marlon. Those two are constantly hating on Marlon, I’m happy he’s getting the last laugh.”


  1. What da hell he gotta wait on them for? Why he can’t do Haunted House AND work on a project with them? This shit too childish.





    • Shawn and Marlon should really be close because they are only like 1 year apart. I heard that same thing about Kenon and Damon how Kenon would always try to put down Damon and bully him they are all talented so why act like that. For some reason I think that Kenon started a lot of this mess or maybe it starts with there parents.

    • IKR? I came in here to post something along those lines. WTF is wrong with him? Is he ill? Is he on that narcotic? He’s looking all sucked up and scrawny. That’s not the Keenan I remember. The fuck?

  3. This makes no sense. Wayans Bros. Entertainment was one of only two production companies on the credits for Haunted House. With the other being a financing company its likely the Wayans company was responsible for filming.

    If that is the case they stand to make as much or more money depending on their positions within the company. The budget for the movie was only 2.5M so there is not much chance that Marlon made very much for his acting role and writing. To date the film has grossed just shy of 20m. Statistically, this is a blockbuster but in the light of the gross of Paranormal Activity, the flagship of the genre this film satirizes. Which was made for the minute sum of 15,000 while taking in over 105m.

    At any rate, this story is highly doubtful when Keenan is more than likely the highest ranking Wayans within the company. This is the company that did hire him to direct Scary Movie, a film with a budget nearly ten times of that of Haunted House.

    • Marlon said on Wendy Williams that they gotten a Brooklyn Bridge deal on the Scary Movie franchise. They were only in two and got paid way below what the next series of actors and directors got. Im proud of Marlon to step out on his own. He didn’t need Shawn around after all.

      • That may be so but you’re talking about getting smaller percentage points on a film that grossed 200 m. It is impossible for Marlon to make more money on this movie. Nor does it preclude the fact that both Keenan and Shawn own a stake in Wayans Bros. Ent, which stands to make a higher percentage as you noted based on Marlon’s interview. No one was saying anything about needing Shawn rather that this article is faulty because Keenan and Shawn still stand to profit despite their lack of involvement in the actual production due to their role at Wayans Bros. Ent.

        While everything you may have presented may be true it is not related to my statement. Please read first. And research.

        • Look smart azz! I was making a comment which is my 1st amendment right. I was adding my point. You don’t have to agree to my response. When was the last time Keenan put anything out. He’s gone like the wind with the 80’s and the old comedy stuff he wrote for Eddie Murphy. Shoot even Eddie don’t want to do stand up anymore cause he knows Keenan is played out. He rather stay present than trying to revitalize his stand-up routines with Keenan stale jokes.

  4. Why does Shawn do over 30 minutes of “ass” jokes in his standup gigs? I guess that pic you used Jacky explains why. But at least they don’t beat women like that punk ass Chris Brown.

  5. Just saw marlon on an espn shorts show this morning. He hugged the yt male host three while the female blond host looked on in horror while honting she needed sa date. It was awkward and gay.

  6. Marlon is the only one that really ever seems normal. Like a normal dude with a normal life. I would not wait on them to eat either. Dude has kids to feed.

  7. Don’t know why he has to wait on them. He has to do what he gotta do. All Keenan want to do is be in control, but to me Marlon is the funniest one yet.Keep up the good work Marlon and phuck your mitch ass brothers, they hatin’ on you.

  8. Marlon and RIck Alvarez are executive producers of Haunted House. They also EP on the Second Generation Wayans series as well. Marlon is about getting his paper.

  9. omg when did marlon start looking sexy did he get some sexy plastic surgery or somthing wow! any way back to topic im not surprised i think every body knows about marlon brothers being some haters accept marlon himself. every interview he does he always big upping his brothers and there projects idont know i think its a long time over due marlon should have been came up from up under his brothers light long time ago he is a bigger name and more talented for it im not surprised his new movie popular niether marlon is talented!

  10. I hate this family, there work and all of these no talent arseholes. And the 2 youngest bros. Shawn and Marlon and the least talented and least funny of the bunch!! LMAO…at the silly hoodrats in here talking about how “hot” Marlan Wayans is. He wouldn’t give any of yall the time of day. He and his bros are known haters of Black women. They are also very gay. The Wayans make the Jacksons look like Malcolm X and his family.

    Little do you guys know is that the Wayans are the ones who started the “No Sista allowed” parties back in the early 90’s during the “In Living Color” days. If you even look at there comedies you will see how they portray all of the Black women as ugly, fat, angry and stereotypical!! Yet all of the White non-Black women are portrayed as beautiful, feminine etc.

    I think you silly Black clowns in here who are talking about supporting this idiot need to get a “clue.” These arseholes are no different than you claim the racist White Jews in Hollywood are.

  11. I saw the movie, very funny….but the second half took it to a whole other level of gay. I always assumed Marlon was the straight one, but Im convinced they all take dips in the man pool..@ Loosey, he was attractive until his entire ass was plastered over the screen at least a half dozen times.